Sunday, June 28, 2009

Playlist arrives!

Hey there. Here is the playlist you all wanted so badly. I already added a few songs which I quite like, however I'm going to add much more. If I gather enough readers on my blog, I'm planning to add a wishbox, where you all can wish a song which I am going to add. If possible japanese music, but I'll add any english song I like as well. Make sure you post the whole name of the song, if you don't know, google. If it's from an anime that should be fine. Like some of you may have noticed, the site is now sidescrollable, which was not planned, but I knew this was going to happen. I don't really mind it, it's a bit annoying, but fine. But what about you? I hope you don't mind it, since there is no possible way to fix this box, then thinking of a completely different way to embed. And that's hard to do.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This times Game: Ragnarok Online

Aye. I'm not talking about the official girl, but about a private server which gets most likely hosted by one of my friends. I never really liked the game, however, playing with friends, and enjoying the beautiful style of the game makes it worth trying. I started a while ago, and I'm hoping to get more people on the server! Everyone who might be interested, post a comment with like an email, some instant messenger like MSN, ICQ or Xfire or any sort of way how to contact you back.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This times Anime: Basquash!

Yo. I recently found out about an anime called Basquash!, and it really is great, long time ago I felt so addicted to an anime. "Basquash! (バスカッシュ! basukasshu!?) is a sports and sci-fi anime production currently airing on Mainichi Broadcasting System. It involves characters playing basketball while riding mecha. The series premise was created by Thomas Romain and Shoji Kawamori, with the animation produced by Satelight. Shoji Kawamori is handling the project direction, while the series direction will be done by Shin Itagaki. On July 10, it was reported that director Shin Itagaki was to be replaced by another, as yet, unnamed director starting from the eleventh episode." - From Wikipedia. I really tell you all to watch this anime, since it's not just about Mecha Basketball, but the storyline and the cast is great, too!

Watch it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dyyno works again!

Finally! Lately, Dyyno has had some problems regarding their new server update, causing huge loading screens and black boxes instead of live videos. To those, who don't know Dyyno, find out about it!

Dyyno is a broadcasting software, which allows you to stream your favourite application without any registration needed online. After having a chat with Spiritrazr, one of the Dyyno supporters, he told the engineering team to fix this issue. It took about a week but finally it's fixed! I'm so glad, I'll be broadcasting any game today, no matter what, but I just have to!

Amy 3rd Job (Siren) Announce

Yo. Today it has been announced that Amy's 3rd Job, called Siren, will be released with next weeks patch. About her weapon, she will be using a Microphone which can be broken into two parts for her second fighting stance. I'll post more about her attacks when she is released, though I already know them I don't want to post them here because then I'm lacking information at the release post. As well as the announcement, new accessories have been added to the shop. Including a lvl 30 and 40 GP set, and one lvl 25 cash set.

Monday, June 22, 2009

No more korean...

Gah. As if learning korean would be that easy. He lied. I mean, I knew he lied, but I didn't want to believe it. Now I do. Well, again, I stop learning this faszinating language, I'm too lazy anyway, and the fact that he is rarely online makes it even harder. Means I'm dropping Korean Grand Chase for now, including any other korean game.  Well, life goes on, there are many games in english to play, so it's not that bad.

Arigatou gozaimashita!

You heard right. I'm really thankful to all those who visit my blog so often, and like it, especially Allen, Ellie, Lukas and Pascal. So, since I haven't much to post anyway, I kinda thought to mention this. Also, I thought of some events just because I have nothing better to do. Like, some may have noticed I experimented with an Imeem Playlist in here, but since I don't really have much knowledge of Html, it didn't look perfect, and the already scripted player to embed is limited to 30 second songs, which sucks. So, I'd like you to vote on it. Shall I try to figure a better way to embed the player correctly, or should I just embed it the way I did? Or should I just have no playlist at all? You decide.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Speaking korean?

Ohai. Well, today, I finally got to play Korean Grand Chase. It is so much better than the English one, yet, it has one big problem. It's korean. So, in fact in order to understand the game you actually have to understand its language, which isn't that easy. Or is it? A friend of me speaks korean. Or so he says. He learned it from the koreans ingame, while he taught them english. I envy him. Anyway, he told me I am able to learn it as well. He said, he could teach me. Well, I highly doubt that but I have no choice. So, I'll see what happens and let you guys know. Maybe, I'm able to play all those great korean games soon.

Gleam of Force Patch Released

Well, Gleam of Force just released a new patch. I bet, most of you guys won't know Gleam of Force, heh, don't worry, Rio will tell you everything you need to know.

First of all, Gleam of Force is a fighting game like Street Fighter, however, it's completely different. The style of the characters is chibi-like and they all look adorable enough to even just download the game to see them fighting. However It'd be great if you have a liking on fighting games.

The Opening:

And here some gameplay:

Well, as for the patch, you can download it here.

This patch seems to reintroduce combos to the game. Before with good resists you could recover from a combo quite early. Now it lets you chain strong hits longer at reduced damage and if you are counter hit the damage is great. During infight those negatives are not present. Guard break should be easier to inflict, parries that didn't attack like ruki's upper, along with Futaba and Madoi's lower parries will now counterattack. A "Mind's eye" system that displays a target on your character to indicate if an attack will hit high, center, or low was also implemented. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a feature to turn it off.

Rio goes Blogspot!

Yo. I finally decided to register here, since I think I may catch some more viewers if I write my blog here instead of Xfire. But I guess I'll post at both sites.

So, since I just wrote the Introducing Blog of myself in Xfire, I won't do the same thing here, so feel free to check out my Xfire Profile for more information.

Now for the rest of the post. A great thanks goes to Jenny, who inspired me to do this, since I so liked her blog, which you can visit here - Jenny's blog of game information

And another great thanks goes to Nia, who helped me a few steps in here - Nia's Profile