Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ryan 4th (Vanquisher) Release!

And just as told, there comes the release of Ryans 4th job. Was about time anyway. Also I'm sorry, but I could not find a english sound video, therefore, the video is korean, but if you listen closely, the skill names stay the same.

[Storm Blade Mode]

Gatling Spiral (1st Grade)

Vanquisher’s 1st grade attack delivers several quick jabs and then a final blow to finish off his opponent.

Flash Impact (2nd Grade)

Vanquisher’s 2nd grade attack hits his enemies in the legs to cripple them before delivering a series of magical explosions.

Power Strike (3rd Grade)

Vanquisher’s 3rd grade attack is a series of powerful jabs followed up with an aerial magical strike that will burn anyone in the way.

[Storm Pike Mode]

Fatal Drive (1st Grade)

Vanquisher’s 1st grade pike attack hits high, low and then delivers a fatal blow to the chest.

Furious Boomerang (2nd grade)

Vanquisher’s 2nd grade pike attack has the Vanquisher throw his Storm Pike like a boomerang, slicing anyone in front of him to ribbons before he catches it again.

 Xenocide Lancer (3rd Grade)

Vanquisher’s 3rd grade pike attack throws two magical bolts before calling down a flaming pike imbued with Nature’s wrath to purify evil.

[Magnus Dan Mode]

Turning Breaker (1st Grade)

Magnus Dan’s 1st grade level attack is a quick 1-2 combo hitting low and then high, launching his enemy into the air.

Binding Cross (2nd Grade)

Magnus Dan’s 2nd grade attack sends out a powerful shockwave of Nature’s wrath in a cross pattern.

Lord of Valhalla (3rd Grade)

Magnus Dan’s 3rd grade attack summons a guardian of the Palace of the Gods to strike down your enemies.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Miroblog

Rawr. A good friend of mine started to blog as well, and since he linked me, and some of my first AMV's on his site, I'm literally forced to also link him here. Nah, no forcing. I just feel like it isn't fair. So if you look on the right, you will see a picture leading to him. Also, as you can read there, he will post an anime review every sunday, and a gaming review every saturday, so keep it in mind.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jenny's Blog of Game Information

Mhm. Some of you may have noticed a new picture at the side bar leading to a place called "Jenny's Blog of Game Information". Well, Jenny is a friend of mine, and since she was the one who gave me the idea on making a blog, as well as she supported me as good as possible, I want to thank her with this little link to make sure she gets even more famous than she already is. After all she deserves it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ryan 4th (Vanquisher) Announce

Yo. I know, all thought Ryan's 4th will be "Xenocider", but from the official Ntreev site says, it will be renamed in "Vanquisher". The release will be next week, as always. He also has the ability to split his weapon into two, somewhat like daggers. Just like his previous classes, Vanquisher has the power to transform, however, the only change is that his transformation actually comes and is a automatic skill when equipping Vanquisher, not to mention when transforming, Vanquisher can be in his transformation for as long as he wants with no time limit (including portal zones), and you can change back to Ryan just by pressing X. His transformation for this job is Magnus Dan. Unlike his other job, Magnus Dan wields a sword and has 3 skills to him. He can also equip Wolf or Nephilim as his 3rd level skill.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gleam of Force Patch Release


This is an interpretation of a machine translation from GoF's update page.
Hitstun generally shortened, characters' speed during infight was improved, a decrease of infight time, super meter gain decreased overall, lets you play arcade mode while waiting on the matching server.
In VS mode you can select a fighting style:

1.33x damage while in infight, as well as received damage halved
Super meter gain when next to the opponent
33% less endurance gauge loss
Strong attacks can be put out with guard cancel

2x speed when evading
When you land a counter hit the damage is increased 1.5x
Advancement and retreat speed improves (forward dash not included)
Can cancel into backstep from guard

Old style 
For those who prefer the way it was before

Objection! x.x

I think I never was that pissed in my whole life. I don't even know how to put it in words. It's like, each and every person acts up somehow, most get pissed at me for no reason, and at the top some people think it is fun to block me, though I really liked them. Anyway, I'd so mention their names, but because some might calm down, and some might read this blog, they probably would block me again.

So let's start with the first part. One girl is like damn choleric. She denies it, but nonetheless it's true. She acts up for every small thing, if you just make a joke about anything, she misunderstands it and flips out. Also, she likes to let her anger out at anyone who talks to her, even if it's not your fault. Rawr. She knows I really like her, and she does so as well, but with this attitude, our friendship won't last long.

Some other girl, well, she was busy all day anyway, and I didn't get to chat to her much, but still I liked her. She was really fun to chat with, and helped me lots. However, she kinda began to hate me because I helped the girl from the first part to find out she was cheating on her. Or something like that. Anyway, today, she blocked me, and oh well, I'm getting used to it.

Oh, and not to mention this "I-pretend-to-like-you" guy. I thought we were good friends, we fought in a game, and he was fun to chat with, however someday, he suddenly deleted me, and obviously blocked me as well. Don't ask me why, I'm starting to wonder what's wrong with some of those Xfire users.

Besides the trouble I had with Nia, and which I clarified, there were good things to happen though. Like Katha. I'm scared of saying how much I like her, since she might check out this blog and then... xD. However, I really like her, and besides Nia she is one of the key persons of my life. I'm glad I met her, and I'm glad she's not so easily irritated as the others are.

Well, so far for my life in the last week, I'll keep you guys up to date if something new happens, especially regarding this "first" girl...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lass 4th (Striker) Release!

Just as promised, today is the day of Lass 4th release. Here is some gameplay to show off is his coolness (omg his taunt is epic).

Rage Cutter (1st Grade)

Striker’s 1st Grade attack delivers a single hit cut from a quickly unsheathed Nodachi, a close range combination skill that involves rushing towards the target at light speed.

Phantom Blade (2nd Grade)

Striker’s 2nd grade attack is so named because the speed at which one gets cut by the Nodachi is like seeing the soul of the weapon. Repeatedly drawing the blade, a Striker inflicts crippling wounds with repeated blows.

 Blade Spirit (3rd Grade)

Striker’s 3rd grade attack summons a ghostly blade that slices through all material objects.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

There goes the playlist.

Gah. Again, Imeem ruined everything. Seems as they have noticed the bug in their playlist, so that means I only can embed 30 seconds of each song. Dude. Wtf. What shall I do with 30 second songs!? I mean the songs are most likely all about 4 minutes, just 30 seconds are just crap. Nothing else. I probably will remove the playlist untill I either find a better one, or find a way to embed the full songs in it. Rawr.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This times Game: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Yus. I finally managed to complete the game, since I played it for a long time now, just not non-stop. The gameplay is basically a Court game. You gather up information, find evidences, and defend the culprit from a crime which he or she didn't do. Simple gameplay, yet, it is amazing. Not just that every single case is just amazing itself, no, they all are related to each other. The storyline is so amazing, I couldn't believe someone really imagined this. Everyone who likes to think in games, has a DS, or at least has an emulator to emulate the downloaded file for the game, should play Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I really, really appreciate this amazing game.

Lass 4th (Striker) Announce

Yup. I was pretty busy last week, so I nearly forget to mention it, but Lass 4th Job finally has been announced to be released in next weeks patch. As most of the Lass fans already know, he will be holding a Nodachi, which simply could be called a Katana. However, against all expectations, Lass 4th will be called "Striker".  The original translation would be "Evan Striper", which is why most of the english player thought he will be called "Striper". Well, happens. More info following on release.

Boredem reigns~ Part 1

Mhm. Looks like the boredom has reached critical limits. I'm so bored, I feel like writing a random blog. No idea about what. I just feel like writing. I probably will do that more often.

So, I probably start with the games I'm playing right now. Games are like my life, besides chatting of course. The bad thing is, I get bored of games so quickly, so I often need new ones, which bore much more because I just randomly choose games. The only Game which I stick to is Grand Chase. Why? No idea. I sometimes wonder why I play this, it often seems to utterly boring, but still I play it everyday. Other games I play from time to time are S4 League, Tales Runner, Gleam of Force and yet new Street Fighter 4. Oh and I started playing Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery. About the chatting, dude. Last week happened so much, I would probably need two blogs to summarize it. Let's just say, I found some new friends, and lost some. Even then I feel like explaining the whole thing, but it's too personal and I don't feel like writing 2 pages.

By the way, come to think of Grand Chase...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This times Game: Street Fighter IV

Aye. The game Street Fighter IV just got released recently. For those who will say "But it got released long time ago!", that was for Consoles. It got released for PC now too. And I just have to say, it's epic. The gameplay is just so amazing, the graphics and all that. The special moves are the best. The animations look so smooth, it's unbelievable. But just have a look for yourself.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amy 3rd Job (Siren) Release!

Correct. The time has come. Amy's 3rd Job got released today as promised. And also as promised, here are her attacks:

[Fighting Mode]

Fly High (1st Grade)

Amy’s 1st Grade Fighter Attack. A 2 kick combo that sends an enemy into the air and then slams him down with Amy’s Kleiophone for a decisive finish.

Rockstar  (2nd Grade)

Amy’s 2nd Grade Fighter Attack. Amy sends a massive magical attack out of her Kleiophone and through her foot for a devastating kick.

Oracle  (3rd Grade)

Amy’s 3rd Grade Fighter Attack. Amy is filled with holy power and shoots lasers out of her eyes across the whole battlefield.

[Dancing Mode]

Pretty Virus (1st Grade)

Amy’s 1st Grade Dancer Attack. Strike a cute pose that withers your enemy’s defenses! Your enemy’s HP recovery will be greatly reduced.

Scream (2nd Grade)

Amy’s 2nd Grade Dancer Attack. Amy screams through her Kleiophone inflicting mass confusion on anyone near.

Center Stage (3rd Grade)

Amy’s 3rd Grade Dancer Attack. Amy summons a massive stage to sing for her fellow Knights! All nearby team mates will receive increased health recovery while enemies will be blown to bits by stage fireworks.