Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This times Game: League of Legends

This game rocks. Holy hizzles, I didn't have a game for a long time who enjoyed me like LoL did. The gameplay is almost perfect, and it will be perfect once the beta ends. The gameplay is like DotA, since the original creators are also the creators of LoL. Anyways, I can't describe this awesomeness in words, so I'll post some trailers.

I hope you do like the gameplay at least as much as I do. For more infos, like how to get a beta key to play there, visit their homepage or contact me.

New Dungeon: King Guan's Fen Release!

Grand Chase Patch Notes


The second Seal Breaker Gacha set has been added, featuring the DK-MARK 3 pet and Evil Templar, Evil Lord, and Evil Kaiser/Kaiserin sets.

The King Guang's Fen dungeon has been added to Silver Land continent. 

King Guang's Fen dungeon added to Silver Land, Lake Aurora dungeon completion is required to unlock this dungeon. 
Completion of Lake Aurora Champion Crest is required to acquire the King Guang's Fen Champion Crest. 
Until October 6th, completing King Guang's Fen in 3-star difficulty will award players with the Water Dragon's Blessing signboard for 3 days. This time will stack as many times as you finish the dungeon! 
Until October 6th, a miniature accessory version of King Guang and Mystic Golem may rarely be found in King Guang's Fen for 1 day each, this time will stack if you are lucky enough to get multiple drops. 

Seal Breaker Scrolls in packs of 1, 10, 20, and 30 have been readded to the Academy in support of Seal Breaker Gacha. 
500-use packs of the skill for DK-MARK 3 have been added to the Pet Shop. 

100-use packs of the skill for DK-MARK 3 have been added to the Pet Shop. 

Sealed Gems are once again dropping in dungeons. 
Gacha Dungeon 1 - Trial Tower has been closed, Casanova is no longer available. 
Gacha Dungeon 2 - Gorgos' Dungeon has been closed, Saku is no longer available. 

--Grand Chase Team

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jin 2nd (Shisa) Release!

Yo. As I told you, Shisa got released today. Apparently, I didn't find an english video this time again (seems like the original uploader stopped doing this, and Ntreev takes weeks for an introduction video). However, everything is showed, in korean.

[Basic Mode]

True Strike Dragon Tail (1st Grade)
Shisa’s 1st grade attack combines a quick combo of rising kicks and punches before delivering a final powerful jump kick.

Power Rising (2nd Grade)
Shisa’s 2nd grade attack delivers a quick combo with Tonfa, ending in an uppercut that throws the Shisa’s enemies into the air.

The Glow! (3rd Grade)
Shisa’s 3rd grade attack delivers a punishing flurry of Tonfa attacks that throw the Shisa’s enemies into the air where they are subject to a small explosion of chi.

[Burning Mode]

Burning True Strike Dragon Tail (1st Grade)
Consumes 1 bar of the Burning gauge. Added Chi gives Jin’s combo more power.

Burning Power Rising (2nd Grade)
Consumes 1 bar of the Burning gauge. The upgraded Power Rising blows enemies into the air before delivering a near-fatal flurry of Chi-imbued punches to the helpless enemy.

Burning The Glow! (3rd Grade)
Consumes 1 bar of the Burning gauge. Increased Chi makes The Glow explode with Chi energy! The final attack in the combo is a massive Chi explosion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tigrlilly is back! >.<

Geez! I wasn't that happy for such a long time! A really good old friend, Tigrlilly, suddenly logged on today, just like nothing ever happened!

I guess you guys need to know the backstory. Well, I know Tigr for... about a year? I'm not sure. I remember we met each other at Xfire forums, when I made the X-Blades support thread, and when I checked her profile we almost played the same games! So, of course that was a reason to add her. We talked so much and got to know each other pretty well, also I told her any problem I had and she most likely was always there for me when I needed her. Anyway, 5 months ago, she didn't come on again, I mean, yeah, that is no reason to worry but she came online EVERY day, all day long, but this time, she didn't. I didn't really think much about it, but when she didn't came online for a week, I started to worry. Weeks passed, months did, and she didn't come online. I really thought something bad happened to her...

Anyways! She is back online, and she is fine! I am so glad she is back, and I hope that won't change soon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I hate my life! :D (Part 1)

I do hope I don't need no 2nd part of this, but since I know my life, there probably will be one. Anyways, I'll begin from the start. So, I was playing League of Legends (awesome game btw, I'll post something about it as soon as possible) and I am used to that my computer overheats sometimes, normally this isn't bad, it just shuts off and then I reboot, but this time, there was no reboot. Seems like something got way too hot and just, well, is fucked. Which basically means I need to get my computer repaired, as soon as possible. You probably can all imagine what a geek is without his computer. Exactly, nothing. So, I'm using my mom's comp, since that way, I'm able to tell you guys what's going on, and so you don't wonder. No Idea when this'll be fixed, and as well, I'll try to stay on my mom's comp as long as possible. I'll inform you guys if anything new happens, so stay tuned. (And yes, I will make the Shisa post when it gets released, even if it costs my life lol)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jin 2nd (Shisa) Announce!

I know, I know... They renamed again. We all thought it will be "Grappler", but they called him "Shisa" (I mean yeah, nice name, but never heard of it). After what they made out of the Xenocider (Vanquisher), we are used to get our heroes renamed. Anyway, this so called Shisa is going to use "Tonfas"  (Yup, theres goes another wtf). I can't really describe "what" they are, simply by not knowing how to call them, but as you see, on the picture, he is holding them in his hands, pretty sure you all know them, but nonetheless I can't describe them. Anyway, on next week's patch he'll be released, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Skill Tree arrives!

Well, some of you will say "But the skill tree is out long ago!". Well, I didn't get the timing when Elesis' skill tree got released, so I didn't feel like posting Lire's as well. But since Elesis, Lire and Arme are the beginner characters in Grand Chase, I just threw them up in one single post, describing a bit about the skill tree system itself.

So, okay, skill tree is out. What now? Basically the skill tree changes the way of fighting for each char, as well as updating the specials and, of course, the defensive skills. So, we basically got some skills who change the attack style, some new special attacks each char can learn, and defensive skills who activate automatically. Oh, and, of course, there are cash skills. You need to obtain a skill key for unlocking a bunch of new skills to skill.

For Elesis, she has a nice new combo which makes her actually even effective in pvp as in pve. No more "Lol-I-run-so-fast" tactic, jumping around like some cowboy on crack and hitting each and every second the attack button to always dash attack in all directions, including "Mega Slash". In fact, she has a new dash attack, and/or new combos while doing it, as well as she gets a whole new normal attack combo, includes critical attacks.  As for her new specials, her Mega Slash, Sonic Wave and Air Splatter(?) get updated, such as doing more tactical combo moves and doing more damage. I haven't been able, or let's say, I didn't want to "cash" skill keys, so I didn't try those skills, but, from what I've seen, they are stronger. And to round it all up, she gets a "Spam-me-x3" attack which allows her to swing her sword around without taking any break, just like a 5 year old boy who doesn't get his candy. Important: Every defensive skill counts for ALL  jobs. She can now spam this behaviour as Spearman (Try to imagine that.), Sword Master (You better don't imagine that) and Savior. And, she gains a new "Berserk" skill, making her invulnerable for a few seconds, as well as she can slash firebolts and arrows now.

Lire. Wow. She spams even more than before and gains a few melee abilities. As for her arrows, she gains an extra critical arrow when dashing during combo. And she can air dash now. And she can melee combo out of her arrow shooting. AND she gets a "Hunting Stance" allowing her to sharp-shoot from a locked position, doing BAM damage. As for her specials, I just say, two-timed Big Shot, a Sniper Shot AND a "OMFGWTFBBQ" AoE 3rd skill. Dude. I would say she's too good, but the other chars will get trees as well, so it's fine. Every room is melee anyway. Oh, and guess what her defensive skills are. She can destroy enemies' arrows by shooting them (I know *sigh*). Not to forget her 3 buffs she gets. She can either buff her running speed, buff her Mana Recovery or buff her attack speed. Greet the spam!

Well, Arme finally got playable to me. Lol. Her "Haha-Circle" is changeable to some staff-swirling combo with some magical woosh ending. Crit hit and such get buffed to a woosh and wham magical attack as well. And she can have some doll who's protecting her, haven't tried it out yet. But the true update lies in Armes specials. Holy. In fact, really "Holy" because she get's some nice Holy "insert spell name here" spells. Her "Stone Curse" is buffed like hell and does curse damage WHILE being stoned. Pretty much a one-hit (Yes, I know, 1st skill). She can also have somewhat of a Trap skill instead. White magic goes for shield buff OR Enemy attack or defense decrease. 2nd black is somewhat of a Dragon Knight's "Spell the Rune", only moving towards the enemy. White is an ice trap, exploding after some time doing unknown damage because it hasn't hit yet. 3rd black meanwhile goes for somewhat of a meteor strike, exactly like Lire's "Meteor Strike" skill, just for Arme. Keep Meteor. And for white, either a "Cure" buff or a some holy skill which name I forgot, but it owns. Geez, as if all the specials weren't enough, she gets awesome passive skills. A further dash, an up-and-down dash, a direction-change dash AND she gets a mana buff when hit by arrows. Congratulations.

Meh, when some new skill trees are getting released I'll inform you, but I think (or hope) Jin's 2nd, Grappler, will be next.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

For God's Sake...

Geez. That's around all I can say.

So, that girl. That goddamn girl. I know around some couple of months, we were really good friends but she ever had this goddamn freaking attitude to be choleric. 80% will be like "wth is choleric". Choleric means that a person often flips out for no reason, and can't really control his or her action when pissed off. Means she blocked me often. Very often. For the most faszinating reasons. However, she always came back apologizing or just pretending someone else on her computer was the one who blocked me, but not this time. I am seriously pissed. I never did anything THAT bad that Mrs. Choleric even needs to dare blocking me. I can understand when you are like "omfgwtfbbq" that you delete someone, but blocking someone for saying "Lol, I've won." is just ridiculous. IF, and I just say it because that's highly possible, that person does not know who I am speaking to, I am talking to you, Alice. Goddammit, if you dare to add me again prepare to either write 100 times I'm sorry without copy pasting or think of something else to make up for it.
My life is goddamn hard enough without having to deal with 15 year old choleric girls. So fucking get over it.