Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boredem reigns~ Part 3

My my. Yes, you don't have to tell me, I noticed on my own that I really am not making many posts lately. Heck knows why. Is it because I got vacation? Is it because I'm too busy? Meh.

To keep you guys up to date, I began to watch animes again, which I didn't do for quite a time, so I have enough stuff to watch for now. Besides the animes Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Umineko no Naku Koro ni, I will now watch Basquash! to the end and maybe even K-ON. Also, I played the game Borderlands a while, and, of course, still Grand Chase and League of Legends. I'd suggest if you haven't already, try out those animes and games if you don't have anything better in mind.

As for the rest of my life, sigh. I'm alone for 3 weeks now, means I gotta feed the cast, water the plants, buy stuff, wash the dishes, clean the house, feed myself and all those nasty stuff you don't wanna do, but have to. And school's starting at Monday. Boy, this'll be the hardest 3 weeks in my life. I got an F in maths lately and I basically have no idea how to come up with that, and I'm afraid my other marks aren't all that pretty as well. Heh, I'll make it through somehow... hopefully.

And this means we are at the end of today's boredom post. I hope you liked it, if not, meh, nobody writes any comments anyway so I'm used to just hear no feedback from you. Well, rather no comments at all than bad comments, like, how much this blog sucks.

Farewell, fellows!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sieghart Release!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Sieghart has been added to the game as a playable character and can be acquired with a cash or GP mission!
Acquiring Sieghart through either Cash or GP missions will award Gladiator Sieghart's Signboard (permanent), Gorgos' Gladius (200 Uses), and Gladiator's Dark Wings (15 Days)
Upon reaching certain "milestone" levels during the event as Sieghart, you will automatically receive certain items.
A 30-day timed cash armor set will be given to anyone that acquires and levels Sieghart to at least 20 during the event, the set received will be based on the highest level they reached.
Armor sets will be awarded after maintenance on November 3rd.
Round 3 of the Halloween event has been added
If every player in a full dungeon or PvP room types in "trick or treat" (all lower case) after readying up, EXP and GP will be doubled.
In Dungeons, a witch will periodically fly across the screen, dropping pumpkins with valuable powerups in her wake.
The Elven Forest and Outer Wall of Serdin PvP maps have been redecorated in the Halloween Spirit.
At first login, all players will receive a Jack-O-Lantern Helm (7 Days) for all characters.
Ghostly Armor Set and corresponding first-job weapon has been added to the VIP shop for Elesis, Lire, Arme, Amy, Jin, and Sieghart.

Sieghart Mission is available for cash purchase at Level 0 to acquire the Sieghart character.
New Cash items have been added to the shop in support of Sieghart.
Sieghart's Halloween, Jiang Shi, Requiem and Zombie Armor Sets have been added to the shop until November 3rd.

Worn-Out Sieghart Mission is available for GP purchase at Level 0 to acquire the Sieghart character.
New GP items have been added to the shop in support of Sieghart.

Sieghart has been added to the scripted events of various dungeons, indicated by a Sieghart icon next to the dungeons he appears in.
Sealed Gems have been removed from dungeons and Seal Breaker Scrolls have been removed from the shop.
Unopened gems may be used with unused scrolls to contribute to the current set until the next set is released.
No mission scrolls for Sieghart can be found as dungeon drops, this is intentional.

--Grand Chase Team

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Character: Sieghart Announce!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Halloween Extravaganza event has been added until November 3rd
Receive a Creepy Pumpkin Roll game board at first login
Creepy Pumpkin Roll is a board game within Grand Chase that is played by rolling two six-sided dice
One roll is earned for every hour of gameplay, up to a maximum of five rolls per day
Up to three additional rolls per day may be purchased from the shop
Prizes will be given based on the space your marker lands on
Try to get around the board as many times as you can for special prizes at the end!
If every player in a full dungeon or PvP room types in "trick or treat" (all lower case) after readying up, EXP and GP will be doubled.
Inside dungeons, a mysterious witch will periodically fly overhead and drop pumpkin treats with power-ups inside!
The Park has been redecorated for Halloween
A cursed Jiang Shi lower armor accessory will be given as a timed 2-day item every day you log in during the event.
If you log in at least once each day for 10 days or more, the Jiang Shi will be yours to keep once the event ends!
Special brand new Halloween sets Jiang Shi and Zombie will be sold in the shop
Elven Forest and Outer Wall of Serdin PvP maps have been redecorated for Halloween
The popular team PvP mode "Smashing Pumpkins" has been temporarily re-added during the event with special rewards to the victors.
The Kanavan Colosseum is open for BATTLE!
Kanavan Colosseum is a world premiere system of competitive PvP ranking that utilizes skill-based ratings similar to the "King of the Hill" tournament.
This feature may only be accessed from the Colosseum server, a special new server in which there is no shop, no dungeon, no chat, just BATTLE!
To enhance the competition and increase the pool of available competitiors, this server will only be open from 1 PM to 10 PM PST/PDT each day. However, during this open beta, the server will be available ALL THE TIME for testing, so get in there and BATTLE! (notice a recurring theme?)
To play, click the BATTLE! button; this will place you in a room with a randomly seleced opponent. You will not be able to see your opponent's character or stats.
All matches are fought on a random map with a format similar to tag match which requires players to select three characters (you can pick the same character multiple times though).
Ratings will be reset every week, with prizes given to the best gladiators and gladiatrices.
For this inaugural event, ratings will NOT be reset, so to recognize the achievement of being on top after TWO weeks, extra-special prizes have been arranged:
First Place:
Any 1 weapon (limited event weapons will be timed for 30 days).
Any 1 armor set (includes sets in the Shop, Gacha sets; limited sale sets will be timed for 30 days).
Any 1 accessory (includes accessories in the Shop, no longer available accessories, mission accessories; limited accessories will be timed for 30 days).
Any pet (includes pets in the Shop, Seal Breaker Gacha, Refer-a-Friend, and Gacha pets, including those no longer available, all permanent).
Second Place:
Black Champion Armor Set (30 Days)
Warrior Weapon (10 Days) [Based on your ranking character]
GC Club (7 Days)
Third Place:
White Champion Armor Set (30 Days)
Warrior Weapon (10 Days) [Based on your ranking character]
GC Club (7 Days)
4th~10th Place:
Warrior Weapon (10 Days) [Based on your ranking character]
GC Club (7 Days)
Please refer to the website for more details.
The Refer-a-Friend event has been re-added until November 3rd
Players who participated in the previous Refer-a-Friend event have had their referral records cleared and may participate again.
New and Returning Knights will have an option when logging in to name the friend who referred them.
A "Returning Knight" is any player who has not logged in since September 1st, 2009.
A "New Knight" is any account created during the event period.
Prizes will be given out upon login to new, returning, and existing knights.
The player who refers a new or returning Knight will receive prizes when that Knight performs an attendance check.
New and Returning Knights will also receive prizes for their first attendance check.
A player can refer up to 12 new or returning Knights, and will receive progressively better prizes for each one that performs an attendance check.
As an added bonus, friends receive a 30% bonus to XP and GP when playing on the same team in PvP or Dungeons for 45 days.
For a full explanation of the event, please visit the event page on the official website.
A new character, Sieghart the Gladiator is coming!
Sieghart NPCs have been added to the park to promote the new character's upcoming release!
Sieghart's Big Head (7 Days) will be distributed to all players on first login until October 27th

Creepy Pumpkin Roll Coins have been added during the event. Only three may be purchased per day.
The special level 55 Zombie armor set has been added for all characters until November 3rd.
The special level 25 Jiang Shi armor set has been added for all characters until November 3rd.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boredem reigns~ Part 2

Aye. As promised here is my second boredom part. Though I am not as bored as I was in the first one, I do have many things to talk about, most regarding my current situation in life. Well, as some of you still know I was pretty much a single who didn't get the girl he loved and all that stuff. Well, guess who got a girlfriend.

Her name is Natasha Przybyla, and I know you do not know how to pronounce "Przybyla", and I beg you, don't try. It's polish and the "Prz" is pronounced as "Psh", go figure that. However, she is 18 and lives, just like me, in Germany, kind of far away though. Still, we intend to meet at Christmas, and my best friend, Mirodir, intends to come then, too, since we all know each other. At this point I'd like to say, yes, his blog does suck, but I didn't make that much effort into a picture for nothing, so go visit his blog! xD. The same goes for my channel, which basically almost dies away, and, of course, Jenny's blog, she is my mentor after all.

Anyway, it's weird to admit but I do love Tasha. I never felt something like that, I did feel feelings close to it, but I never felt as good as with her. And those who think I'm too kindhearted now are probably just jealous of me because of their loveless life.

So much to say about Tasha, my real life is pretty much okay as well. I still do suck in school sometimes, just got an F in Maths, but besides that I'm not the nerd I'm used to be. Well, as long as I'm in school. Of course I still just sit on the computer all day, and I'm happy that this fact won't change for a long time.

Enough of this chit-chat, I'll keep you guys updated about me, my life and Tasha, and of course about my internet doings, so keep cool!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lass Skill Tree Release!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Lass' Skill Tree is here!
Until October 20th, play as Lass for a 50% EXP/GP boost in all modes
Get an Empowered Lass Sign (1 Day) for winning in Dungeon/PvP
All players will receive a Lass' Lucky Box at first login, and then another for each attendance check
Lass' Lucky Box may contain useful items for Lass ranging from crystal equipment to 2-Day timed Level 9 necklaces.
Until October 20th, pre-existing Lass Armor Sets will be discounted by 20%
In honor of Halloween, we have reintroduced the Halloween Armor Set and Requiem Armor Set.
Gacha Dungeon 1 - Trial Tower has been reactivated!
This dungeon features the North American Grand Chase world premier Halloween-themed Dokaebi pet and Ghostly armor for Lass, Ryan and Ronan!
All rare items from this dungeon have a required level of 30, the rare weapons in this dungeon are designed for first job.
Wearing the full Ghostly armor set does not bestow a special effect.

Halloween and Requiem Armor Sets have been added for all characters until November 3rd
Shadow Step Armor Set + Dagger has been added for level 30 Lass'.
Packages of consumable Skill Tree items have been added to the shop for a week:
Skill Tree Power Package 1: Skill Keys (3), SP Reset Cards (10)
Skill Tree Power Package 2: Skill Keys (6), SP Reset Cards (10)
Skill Tree All-In-One Package 1: Skill Keys (3), SP Reset Cards (10), Expert's Skill Ring (7 days)
Skill Tree All-In-One Package 2: Skill Keys (6), SP Reset Cards (10), Expert's Skill Ring (15 days)
3 Skill Keys Package
6 Skill Keys Package
500-packs of the skill for Dokaebi have been added to the shop.

100-packs of the skill for Dokaebi have been added to the shop.

Corrected an issue with the timing of Tengu Ears and Tails. These items have been redistributed to those who purchased them previously.

--Grand Chase Team

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lass Skill Tree Announce!

With the newest upcoming Skill Tree Announce for Lass, Ntreev also changed Grand Chase's homepage. I pretty much like the new layout, it's a bit too white and stuff, but it looks more pro.

However, since the Homepage isn't fully worked out yet, you cannot read the patch notes for some reasons, so I can't copy paste them and have to write them myself.

For the time between 10/7 and 10/13, every player who plays Lass, and any player who plays in a Lass team, will receive a 30% Experience bonus. Any player who unlocks Lass in that time period, or already has unlocked him, will get a Lass signboard accessory. Also, the shop has for a limited time only special Power-Up packages for Lass and all of his jobs to make it easier to do a Job change. Cash only.

Oh, and they have some cash event going on, you'll get somewhat amount of cash for free if you spent I think about 30$ into that payment option, I don't know. Not really interested in it anyway. Check out the homepage for more infos.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I am back!

Rio, rise! That's right folks, your prince is back!

How come? Well, today, my computer got repaired, which means I am goddamn happy and there's so much stuff to do which I wasn't able to do the last weeks. Geez, I can't describe this feeling.

Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated about stuff I'm doing just as you all are used to, so cheer up!

For now, that's all I have to say, I do have so much things to do and so less time, but I just wanted to tell you guys what happened so you can stop worrying, which you actually probably didn't anyway.

Sincerely, Rio