Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Yo! As I said, Merry Christmas to all of you!

Hope you got lots of presents, because I did not. Well, that's common, we don't really have much money so we never really give ourselves anything. It's like a usual day, we didn't celebrate anything at all. But hey, not like I'm angry about it. That way I have more time for myself.

Anyways, I'm sure you all had a great time with your families and friends, and maybe some awesome present which you can't wait to test out, so make sure to do so!

I don't really know what else to say. Don't die and stuff, lol.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jin 3rd (Asura) Release!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Third Job for Jin has been added! Now Jin can train as an Asura with the completion of a Cash or GP mission!
If you complete an Asura mission (Cash or GP) by January 5th, you will receive Guardian Knight's Chamma (7 Days) and Fighter's New Cont. Amulet (7 Days).
These prizes will be distributed on the January 5th maintenance.
Relay Dungeons have been added to Bermesiah and Ellia continents until January 5th!
In a relay dungeon, each boss found on that continent is fought sequentially.
There is no difficulty setting; all bosses are fought in the same condition.
When a boss is defeated, a chest is left behind for your team to collect loot from and continue.
While Aging Cores are guaranteed, chests in relay mode may rarely contain Golem Rings (3 Days), Guardian Knight's Armor Sets (3 Days) or even some cash items!
One Die for the Treasure Hunt game will be distributed each day at login, five dice will be distributed for daily attendance checks.
Part 3 of the Missing Santa mission may now be found in dungeons.
Part 3 of the Path of Honor mission may now be won from PvP.
Special Gacha Dungeon - Gaikoz's Castle has been updated with a fearsome new creature
This special dungeon features the North American Grand Chase world premiere of the Tian Long pet and Tian Long Guard's armor for Amy, Jin and Sieghart!
All rare items from this dungeon have a required level of 35, the rare weapons in this dungeon are designed for first job.
Please note that Special Gacha Dungeons carry different "common" items and award 2 VIP Badges for completion, but also require 2 Gacha Coins per egg!

The Asura Mission for Jin characters level 30 or higher is available for cash purchase.
Chamma have been added for cash purchase in support of Asura.
Asura Armor Set has been added to the shop.
500-packs of the skill for Tian Long have been added to the shop.

The Worn-Out Asura Mission for Jin characters level 30 or higher is available for GP purchase.
Chamma have been added for GP purchase in support of Asura.
100-packs of the skill for Tian Long have been added to the shop.

--Grand Chase Team

I hate my life! :D (Part 3)

Meh, it's somewhat settled. I'm over it, and I did not really get in too much trouble. I somewhat tried to befriend that "guy", and I'm fine with my "girlfriend" as well, we both are pretty much best friends now since we actually can't forget each other, after all what happened.

Anyways, it still sucks the way it is, and my marks won't get any better due to that, so meh. I still will keep the lifestyle I do, and I probably will see how it works out in the future, hopefully well.

Btw! I just have to say that the matchmaking in League of Legends is bullshit! I mean, I lost the past 10 games and keep getting way higher enemies! That is so not fair, and why me? Why not them? It used to rock, the matchmaking, heck knows why they changed it...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I hate my life! :D (Part 2)

See. I told you. Of course there will be a Part 2. There always will be more parts than necessary. I hate my life, I really do. Why? Where should I start...

Let's start with the fact that my girlfriend broke up. Yup. That wonderful girl I would've been happy with in all eternity. The reason? I don't wanna say it's because of some other boy. But it has to do with it. We had much trouble besides that, too. We discussed things pretty often and since she's pretty emotional she took it harder than usual girls. Anyway, it's pretty ironic because I didn't notice the "thing" going on between her and him. Nothing is for sure, but what the heck am I supposed to believe? She broke up with me, we're barely phoning, they probably talk somewhat much, and she said that he's more than just a friend. Geez.

Anyways, so I'm pretty desperate at this moment, I lost my love, I fail at school, and I fail at everything else as well. I'm down. If I wouldn't be so fucking cowardish I'd probably suicide, but still do not. Things will work out somehow... again. Like always.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jin 3rd (Asura) Announce!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Asura is coming!
Additional rewards will be given for players who unlock Jin and Shisa
These rewards will be given to players who have already unlocked Jin/Shisa
We're hosting a Pep Rally for the Grand Chase World Championship (GWC)!
2009 GWC Team Spirit Badges may be won randomly by completing dungeons.
Click "OK" on the badge(s) in your inventory to automatically donate to our team!
Check the scoreboard in the Park to see which team is getting more support.
Players who donate 500 badges will receive a 2009 GWC Team Spirit Sign.
A new dungeon in Silver Land has opened, King Fang's Lair!
Part 2 of the Missing Santa mission may now be found in dungeons.
Part 2 of the Path of Honor mission may now be won from PvP.

King Fang's Lair dungeon added to Silver Land, completion of Primeval Island is required to unlock this dungeon.
Completion of Primeval Island Champion Crest is required to acquire the King Fang's Lair Champion Crest.
Completion of Silver Land dungeon Champion Crests is *NOT* required to acquire the Gorgos Dungeon Champion Crest or beyond.

Grand Chase World Championship (GWC) Pep Rally Uniforms are on sale for all characters until January 5th.
Until December 22nd, the Shisa Power-Up Package will be sold in the Academy.
Ellian Wings are on sale until December 22nd!

Sealed Gems have been removed from dungeons and Seal Breaker Scrolls have been removed from the shop.
Unopened gems may be used with unused scrolls to contribute to the current set until the next set is released.

--Grand Chase Team

Monday, December 14, 2009

ChiruMiru Cirno!

That's right! Kneel down to Cirno! The most epic Touhou person, and at least as awesome as I am! You don't believe me? How dare you! To prove how amazing she is, I have quickly looked up a video of her, showing off her coolness, so prepare for awesome!

Side note, maybe it's just me but this song is for Touhou fans or anime fans rather addiciting, so watch it on your own risk, I will not pay for any harm done during playtime.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rio's Randomness ~ Part 1


I really don't have much to tell you but the fact that this blog is more about games than me or anime kinda annoys me like hell. Though my life is so goddamn boring, something actually always happens, but it just is never good enough to post it.

Screw that! From now on, I will post any tiny happy event that's going to happen to me, maybe a video who made me laugh or an anime opening which is just omfgwtfbbq.

For now, I'll show you the most epic AMV I've ever seen. I'm not much into AMVs, made a few myself but all in all they're pretty boring, I think. But this one ain't. Got it from a friend, I thought "Won't kill you" and it certainly did not! The details in this video are just amazing, it took the guy who made it 8 months! 8 months! Now tell me about wasting your time! Oh, most people hate the music for some utter reason, though I admit I really love it! It's J-Rock, by the way.

Well enough talking, let's show you some of the awesomeness this video has!

Ronan Skill Tree Release!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Ronan's Skill Tree is here!
Until December 15th, play as Ronan for a 30% EXP/GP boost in all modes
There is a chance to get an Empowered Ronan Sign (1 Day) for winning in Dungeon/PvP
All players will receive a Ronan's Lucky Box at first login, and then another for each attendance check, two on the weekend!
Ronan's Lucky Box may contain useful items for Ronan ranging from crystal equipment to 2-Day timed Level 9 necklaces.
More Winter Events available until January 5th
Santa's gone missing! Search for clues in dungeons...
A new PvP mission is available, but you can only search for it by winning in PvP!
Christmas Gift Bundles
When you finish a game, you'll receive a number of stockings based on the mode you played
PvP: 1~3 Stockings
Dungeon: 2~4 Stockings
Trial Forest and Trial Tower: 1 Stocking
Stockings may be redeemed from helper NPCs in the park
There are three helpers and three bundles, sorted by color, each one having better rewards than the last
Blue Bundle: 10 Stockings
Red Bundle: 30 Stockings
Gold Bundle: 50 Stockings
Honor Guard mode has been re-added to PvP until December 22nd
Special Gacha Dungeon - Gaikoz's Castle has been re-added!
This special dungeon features the return of the popular Havoc pet and Cerberus-themed armor for the boys this time: Lass, Ryan and Ronan!
All rare items from this dungeon have a required level of 30, the rare weapons in this dungeon are designed for second job.
Wearing the full Cerberus armor set bestows a special effect on the wearer that prevents MP loss when counterattacked.
Please note that Special Gacha Dungeons carry different "common" items and award 2 VIP Badges for completion, but also require 2 Gacha Coins per egg!
Royal VIP Shop has been updated with Cerberus items for all other characters

Ellian Shield is on sale in the Accessories shop until December 15th
Santa Big Heads for all characters are on sale in the shop until December 22nd
Cozy Eskimo Gear for all characters level 35 or higher are on sale in the shop until December 22nd
Packages of consumable Skill Tree items have been added to the shop for a week:
Skill Tree Power Package 1: Skill Keys (3), SP Reset Cards (10)
Skill Tree Power Package 2: Skill Keys (6), SP Reset Cards (10)
Skill Tree All-In-One Package 1: Skill Keys (3), SP Reset Cards (10), Expert's Skill Ring (7 days)
Skill Tree All-In-One Package 2: Skill Keys (6), SP Reset Cards (10), Expert's Skill Ring (15 days)
3 Skill Keys Package
6 Skill Keys Package

--Grand Chase Team

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This times game: Left 4 Dead 2

This game is the most epic game ever. I know, I say this about every game I play, but in the genre survival shooter this game is just epic. Epic. The game is a team-game, you can't play it on your own, when you run head long into a zombie horde while your team is somewhere behind and a Hunter gets you (Quick jumping zombies.) you won't be able to free yourself. And while your teams leaves everything behind to try to rescue you, the Hunter will rip you apart before they are even close. I think I made a post about the first Left 4 Dead, but I'm not sure. Anyway, some gameplay info.

The Characters:

Nick - The Gambler

Age: 35
Hometown: Unknown

A lifetime of drifting from city to city, finding back-alley card games and trying to stay out of jail has taught Nick two valuable lessons: Don’t trust anyone, and look out for number one.

He’d come down to Savannah looking for some gullible fish on the riverboat gambling cruise circuit. Instead he found a city about to be engulfed by infection. Now he finds himself forced together with three complete strangers in a fragile alliance that goes against every instinct he lives by. But he’s going to have to learn to trust them if he wants to survive.

Rochelle - The Producer

Age: 29
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

As a low-level associate producer for a big-name news station, Rochelle's job mostly consisted of lugging cables and fetching coffee. But when the outbreak hit and staff started calling in sick, Rochelle got her break: producing a segment from Savannah about the evacuation center located there. She was still setting up the cameras when her big story became a war zone.

But that doesn't mean she's letting go of her dream job yet. Surviving a zombie apocalypse is just something else she can use her wits and drive to produce the hell out of.

Coach - The Coach

Age: 44
Hometown: Savannah, GA

Coach has a big heart, a healthy appetite, and a wicked swing with a chainsaw. After a knee injury ended his career as a defensive lineman in college, Coach salvaged his Physical Education degree (barely) and landed a job teaching health at the local high school in his hometown of Savannah.

Working as a defensive coordinator for the freshmen team might not have been the best path to a pro coaching career; but it’s come in pretty handy in guiding a group of Survivors to safety. Coach has watched his beloved hometown get ravaged by infected—now it’s time to deliver his own brand of Southern hospitality.

Ellis - The Mechanic

Age: 23
Hometown: Savannah, GA

Ellis is a mechanic with a love of life, a firm belief in his own immortality, and the ability to treat any setback as a fun dare to impress his friends. Born and raised in Savannah, Ellis divvies up his time working at the local garage, hanging out with his buddies, and dropping by for Sunday dinners with Mom—why’d anybody want to live anywhere else?

Then the zombies had to go and spoil it. Now Ellis is looking for new things to occupy his time, and finding plenty. It turns out the zombie apocalypse is one big dare, and there’s no shortage of crazy stuff he can try to impress his new buddies.

The Enemies:


A quick zombie who jumps around in the area, and while he does that you can barely hit him. His ability is to pounce onto a survivor and rip him apart. You cannot free yourself. Another survivor needs to shoot or punch him off of you, or you're dead.


A somewhat ugly zombie who strikes from range. His ability is to catch a survivor off guard and drag him with his tongue, often from behind. You cannot free yourself. If the other survivors don't notice that a smoker dragged a survivor from behind they cannot free you, unless they shoot the smoker or run to you and free you. He leaves smoke once he's destroyed.


A fat, male or female zombie who surprises the survivors. He strikes while waiting behind doors, upon roofs or somewhere to catch the survivors off guard. He pukes the survivors, and those who are puked are blinded for a few seconds and swarmed by normal infected. When you shoot him at close range you get puked as well.


A small fast zombie who jumps onto survivors and steer them away from the others. You cannot free yourself. The Jockey has very low health and isn't much of a danger when attacking alone, but once your group is splits and a Jockey gets you, you're pretty much done when the others don't notice it.


A pregnant woman which spits acid out of her mouth. She has probably the lowest health, and she has to attack from somewhere where she isn't seen. Once she spits, a large amount of acid lands on the ground and does loads of damage when you don't quickly get out of it.


A big zombie with a giant right arm. Now guess what he does. He charges. He comes from far away range, sometimes from behind, sometimes surprises from the front, but when he gets someone he grabs him and runs really far away, once he's at max range or hits a wall, he starts to smash the survivor into the ground untill he's dead. The charger has a small amount of health.


The Witch is a crying female zombie who either sits on the ground or walks around uncoordinated. Careful, this zombie is one hell of an enemy. The Witch won't attack you until you piss her off. Aim with the light on her, walk really close or shoot her to get her to attack you. When the Witch hits you, you lose 100 hp on instant and land on the ground, and when the other survivors don't shoot the Witch in the next seconds you're friggin' done.


This is the strongest zombie. A giant bigass zombie who has amazingly high hp. The whole team needs to work together to beat a tank, he does loads of damage when he hits you and his high hp makes him unbeatable when you face him alone. He can throw rocks, as well.

And at the end, the intro video of the game.

Boredom reigns~ Part 3

No, it's not boredom. In fact, I've noticed that I only post Grand Chase patch notes for weeks! There just doesn't happen all that much I can tell you guys, just little facts about me playing and so on. I didn't even have time to watch animes! It's horrible.

However, I've finally decided to make a post about me. Well, what to tell... heh, did I tell you about me playing Aion? Well I didn't really play it, I've found some free servers which didn't really work probably so I just tried to play it, but failed. A bit annoying however. The past days I also played Red Faction: Guerilla again, a really fun game when you play it with friends.

Holy hizzles, I just remembered I've been playing Left 4 Dead 2 the past days and didn't blog it! Stay tuned because soon I will post an update about that game, I really forgot about it, geez.

Well guys, that's it for now, as I said stay tuned for the L4D2 post and other exciting infos about me! Not sure when I'll post those, though.

Ronan Skill Tree Announce!

Grand Chase Patch Notes

Ronan's Skill Tree is coming
Until December 8th, receive a 30% EXP/GP bonus in PvP and Dungeon by playing as Ronan or with a Ronan on your team.
Ronan signboard will be distributed to all players who have Ronan unlocked, and has been added as a reward to Ronan's mission for new players unlocking Ronan to receive it.
Ronan's cash armor sets have been discounted by 20% until December 8th
Winter attendance check event!
Claim a Winter Spirit Signboard (7 Days) for perfect weekly attendance during December.
If you perform 20 or more attendance checks in December, the signboard will be distributed permanently on January 5th.

Pet Mittens Card has been added to the pet shop until December 15th.
500-use packs of the skill for Mittens have been added to the Pet Shop.
Ellian Stompers will be on sale in the Accessory shop until December 8th for all characters.

100-use packs of the skill for Mittens have been added to the Pet Shop.

The Park has been redecorated for Christmas, with new festive background music
Elven Forest PvP map has been redecorated for Christmas.

--Grand Chase Team