Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meri Kurisumasu!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I know I'm too late, but let's just forget about that fact for a second. I can't exactly say I've had much to do, but it was a bit confusing at some points. First off, I actually wanted to visit my dad at the first Christmas day, but then he said he won't be coming because of the snow. I actually planned this post on the second day, so I didn't do it on the first day when I actually now had the time to. So at the second day I visited my dad, we went to some relatives and stuff, visited them for Christmas, the stuff you do every year, basically. He has a cracked X-Box, so when we got home, I played a bit of Tekken 6 there. The game is pretty fun, I especially like that they keep the customization part of the game. The only dumb thing is, the bosses are still fake difficulty. They aren't especially good, they're not skilled. No, they are stupid as fuck, you can hit them all the time with the same attack and they won't dodge it a single time. The only thing that prevented me from killing him, is that his attacks hit the whole screen, they do massive damage, and he actually blocks if you try to interrupt him in his attack. Clearly, what the developers wanted to achieve here is that you combo him to death. I'm no big fan of "Play a game once, learn thousands of combos", but the only combos I had are for the Kangaroo, and those weren't working properly for him.

Back to Christmas. I've got a bit of money from everyone, no big amount, but it's at least something to live with. I'm usually not getting much for Christmas, so it's no big surprise. The one thing that was totally different is, that so some people on my friend list suddenly decided to buy me a game. I'm just gonna take this chance to mention them for the sake of charity. Kumiko bought me Super Meat Boy, and Mirodir suddenly decided to get me Monday Night Combat, an awesome game, if you haven't heard about it, check it out. Yesterday he also bought me Global Agenda, because it was only 6 Euros. Pretty neat stuff.

So, I didn't want to write too much since I was in a hurry, but now I'm at it so I can at least finish what I'm writing. I finished watching Panty and Stocking. Surprising end, gotta say. A bit unexpected, but there'll probably be a second season. They also released their totally awesome OST, which I have to get at some point today. Played a lot of games, so much to do, so less time. Been still watching Conan, will still continue.

Anyway, dinner's ready right now, so I'll put an end to it. See you all around!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The time! Where did it go?!

So, yeah. I haven't really noticed that time was passing by THIS fast. I just wanted to do a quick update before the christmas post I'll be doing. I also just noticed that I have a limited space regarding uploaded pictures. I am currently using 5% of my 1000 MB I can upload. Considering all the hundreds of pictures I already am hosting here, I guess that's a pretty good deal.

What's happened, let's see... I've watched some more Detective Conan and Panty and Stocking, and I apparently have to tell you that P&S will stop airing soon, at episode 13. A sad thing, because I really liked the style of the anime, but if it sold well enough I am pretty damn sure we'll see a Season 2.

As for games, well. It's Christmas, what do you expect, everyone goes nuts about Christmas changes and updates. TF2 released the Medieval Mode and more weapons and hats, Killing Floor added a new skin to the monsters, new achievements and a map, but only during the festives. Minecraft went out of alpha and is now beta, that means the prize has changed and you won't get all following expansions for free, just the updates. Well, that is, of course, only if you haven't bought the game during alpha. And Pirates, Vikings and Knights II will soon release the new mode and the new class voices, and soon after that the new classes Sharpshooter and Man-at-Arms.
Elsword will also release a big update at the 5th of January, adding 5 dungeons and a new town.
League of Legends added skins for some heroes which you can only buy in a certain time.
I guess that's really all I could keep in mind for updates. Miro recently bought me (yet again) a new game, called Swords and Soldiers, and it's so sick and awesome. Of course, it's not a game for everyone, but if you like sidescrolling RTS you should look into it. Not getting too much into it now.

I've been having headaches two days straight, and I can't seem to get rid of them. It's annoying, but I guess I'll have to deal with it.
We'll see each other next time when I'm back with the Christmas update, I don't know if I'll have much to say then, and I'm not sure when I'll be posting, since I'll spend a day at my dad's house. See you around!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stupid DLLs, how do they work?

So I apparently had to reinstall Windows because of some shitty DLLs not working.

You probably want to know why so I'll get right on with it. It all started with League of Legends not working, it crashed whenever it was supposed to start, so I did some research. So I've been informed that you can fix this issue with reinstalling Direct X. Seems like an easy enough task, wouldn't you say? Well fuck that. Direct X wouldn't install because of some nasty bug where it kept saying it wouldn't be able to install. So yeah, so much for that. So I googled about that issue and eventually found out that many have that problem, but nobody found a solution. The only workaround was to remove Direct X, install Direct X 9 b, and then copy paste the older DLLs from 9 b into an older version of Direct X 9 c. That did the trick. So I finally had 9 c on my computer again, even though an older version. Back to League of Legends. Still didn't work, still crashed. Fuck. So I eventually figured out I had to download a d3x9_39.dll and copy it into the System32 folder of Windows. And there, League of Legends worked again. Great, right? NO.

After I restarted my computer the next day, it didn't even boot and just freezed on a screen saying my loading process needs DLLs for Kernel. Kernel my ass, I said. Apparently that didn't do anything, so I spent 5 FUCKING HOURS searching for a solution, and ended up just reinstalling Windows. Luckily, I haven't lost any of my files, but I don't have a registry so I have to pretty much reinstall everything anyway, except for music and pictures. I'm just glad I've got a working computer again. Also, Elsword.

Elsword is a korean game, similar to Grand Chase, where you beat up shit and level up, and do quests in the dungeons where you are beating up shit. It's like Grand Chase 2, just better. And more awesome. "But wait!", you'll be saying, "isn't it korean?". HECK NO. Germany recently released a Closed Beta, and today they're switching to Open Beta. I've been waiting for this game for years, obviously I've played CB already and am more than happy with what I experienced. Even though the game is German, most of you might still understand what to do, and like all the people ingame are talking English, so it won't hurt to ask. And if the German Version is doing good, you'll get your English Version, soon, too. Here's a link.

So, besides doing the stuff I just told you about, I, of course, played some more League of Legends and watched more anime, namely Detective Conan and Panty & Stocking.
Oh, and I totally watched a movie yesterday, called Megamind. Albi told me about it while we were walking backt hen, you should remember her from my previous post. Movie was pretty awesome, nice animation, funny, and had that little something. So yar.

I guess that is, again, all I have to say about myself as for now. If anything happens, you're the first to know. See y'all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gotta keep walkin'

Just imagine it WOULD be Saturday today. This was supposed to be written at saturday but I was too tired to write a whole Blog Post by then, so I simply delayed it.

SO, yeah, main reason for me to write this post was to tell you that I actually had real life this saturday. YES UNBELIEVABLE I KNOW. No, it wasn't because there was an Otaku meeting right in my town (though that would be reason enough, too), no, I met a girl I've known for... 3 years? I mentioned her before, no idea how, though. I may have said "Albi", which is a nickname she had because of her name "Albtraum", German for "Nightmare". I'm not sure if she's fine with the fact that I say her real name, so I better don't, she'll be embarassed enough that I do a whole post because of her. And she'll probably punch me next time we meet.

So anyways, we met. I pretty much spent all my spare money on that meeting, too. I thought it would be worth it. Well, we live pretty close to each other, so we figured it might not hurt to actually meet once. And so we did. Oh, and just so you know, we're not together or anything. We spent the whole day walking in that city, it was fun, really. Usually I hate walking, and my feet hurt after a few hours because I'm not used to it, but just talking with her totally made up for it. I really like talking to her, I think she's one of the few people out there who can really appreciate me, and she actually laughs about the nonsense I talk about (Well, she talks nonsense herself that I laugh about, so I guess we're even). We went into a few stores here and there and browsed through various shops, one being a certain bookstore which she knows from her own town, which is where we spent at least 1 hour. She likes to read, so it's probably obvious that she likes these kind of things. It's not like it was boring, they had a lot of Mangas, too. I know, I said I don't like Mangas, but it's the closest thing to Anime an Otaku can find in this cold, cold world (Aside from DVDs, but I haven't seen those anywhere.) The day was much fun, and I loved spending time with her. And I know you're reading this, I hope it was just as much fun for you.

Other than that, Poker Night at the Inventory came out, and I love it. And since I'm such a lazy person, I'll just summarize it. It's Poker with 4 people out of different games and series. Epic. I wrote a full recommendation on Steam, if you want to read more about it. To read it, you need to have an account, though. You can see it here.

Long story short, that's all I have for now. I'll do my best to keep you guys up to date regarding my life. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The playlist has returneth!


Yes! I know! It's totally insane, because it WORKS! Now you can listen to all music I listen to, anytime! You can even download it, but I'm not too sure if that's legal! Anyways, I found this neat site called which lets you share your applications, including music, which is so insane! It's like what I've been looking for so long! But it's white! MY EYES. THEY HURT.

Right now, I only completely uploaded my K-ON Album, I'll continue to get more stuff up there that you can eventually listen to. It's easy to navigate, just choose the Album and pick a song you like.

This is just a quick update to introduce the new and amazing EXTRAORDINARILY WHITE Playlist. I hope you all have a good time, and enjoy it. That's all for now, dewa mata!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I tried to think of something catchy, but nothing came to mind.

Yo, how's everyone doing? I hope you're all fine, otherwise you can't read my blog.
Just kidding, I'm really worried about you! Or am I...?

Nah, kidding again. Well, where to start this time... Oh, right, the artist. Do you see the picture above? If not, I'll explain it to you, it's uh... a black haired, fox lady with a purple at her hands and eyes, wielding a slightly unusual weapon which resembles some sort of mix between mace and scythe. Half her face is covered in a black scaled substance. Weird stuff when you come to think of it. I found this artist, Shirogane Usagi recently on gelbooru when I was staring at almost every picture in there. I was so amazed, I downloaded half of them at the first sight. He does great stuff, and I'm sure there's more coming. Above picture is also my current desktop background, in case you've been wondering about that.

Why am I posting today? Because I've got to visit the dentist in an hour and got nothing else to do right now. Also I've been reading through comments in my blog. You know, it's neat if friends comment on your profile, but somewhere, somehow, their minds have already been tainted with an opinion of you, meaning, they like you, they'll post a nice comment. Usually, 'course there's always exceptions, but usually it's like that. I think you should value you those comments and treasure them. But what really catches your attention, and what really makes you smile out of nowhere, is when there's a stranger commenting on your blog and telling you to keep up the good work. It was so out of nowhere, and so unexpected, I just don't know. You can tell they really mean it, because they've got no other opinion of you. They don't know you, basically, and still say that. Of course I'm just that sort of stranger. I found a blog while, while back and started reading it randomly, commenting and hoping for a sign, because as it seemed, the blogger stopped blogging. Well about a month ago I noticed that there's been new posts and I read them eagerly. I don't know why, I don't know that person, but I wish I did. I somehow like the way he blogs. Oh, and to quickly show you what I mean, you might want to click here.

So, that aside, I've played EVEN MORE League of Legends recently. I still enjoy that game and won't give up so easily. But also, I've played the Tales of Monkey Island. No, not the old games (I already played some of them, though), I mean the new one. It's pretty neat, made my TellTale Games (Which I've come to admire, somewhat). The graphics are fancy, the humor is genius, and it's got everything what a good adventure game would need. If you like those kind of games OR the Monkey Island Storyline, you really want to check that shit out. Also, that game Two Worlds II came out. Yeah, well I've been getting so many stories about how awesome it is, I've really decided to test it myself. And... I'm not impressed. Sure, it has an almost open world like Fallout games, and the graphics don't look too bad. But the fighting system isn't really what you can call good. Remember Fable? A game that came out... I don't know, 2004? That game had a better fighting system than Two Worlds II. Seriously. And the game, IT HAS NO AUTOLOCK. Meaning, you have to face the opponent, your character doesn't actually lock the target to hit properly. Remember Zelda: The Wind Waker? That game had a better autolock system than this shit. Such small mistakes make you want to rage. The game has potential, but I seem to obviously fail to grasp it. Did I mention that there's literally NO EMOTION in the faces while they talk? Especially the main character. I should stop talking about this, bleh.

So yeah, Anime. Hm. Detective Conan, currently episode 205. And obviously Naruto Shippuuden, episode 185. Conan's as entertaining as always, can't wait to continue it, and Naruto's just been meh the past few weeks. Filler after filler, it's like they want us to drop the whole shit. Oh, and I've looked into Panty & Stocking. Yeah, uh, I'm not usually the person that follows hyped shit, but...

Anyway, that's it from me! I need to get ready for the dentist. We'll see each other next time. Well, seeing as in, reading. Catch you later!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Horrible Harrowing, everyone.

I figured it was about time I posted something again, since some of my friends worried too much about my after they heard I actually cried. Also, I hated that it gave my blog such a depressive look. Not like it's usually any different, but, you know.

So, yeah. What happened, let me think. It's been weeks, hasn't it? There's no way I can say not much happened, but I somehow feel like that's exactly the case. Let's see if I can't somehow summarize the things I've done.

About the work, I looked together with my mother through the newspaper, but there was nothing really fitting, most of the stuff required that you already knew what you're going to do. Such as a Call Center Agent, I applied for that. Or at least tried to. I called them, asked if it were okay if I'd apply even if I have no knowledge in such a job, and they said no. Their loss, I guess, probably would've been good at it. Hm, so yeah, still nothing new. I do intend to get things going though, so I'll tell the Job Center that I have no job to receive some extra support money to get along with my mother (something which I should've done moths ago already, but I was sometimes to lazy and everytime I tried, nobody replied there).

Anyways. I've been asked what I'll watch next, as for animes. I wonder. I definetely had something in mind a while ago, but I just can't seem to remember. For now, I'm still busy enough with Detective Conan, since it has about 500 Episodes and I usually just watch when I eat. Oh, and I just remembered what I was going to watch afterwards. Panty & Stocking, I think that's how it's called. Everybody I know seems to be talking about that now, it's rather famous, yet many people haven't heard about it. From what I've been told it seems like an anime I could grow to like, so I'll see into that.

Hm, about games. I've played much. Like, really much. Team Fortress 2 had a Halloween event going on, you were playing on a new map and there was a Boss Map spawning every now and then. Of course new Halloween achievements, too. Then, I played Fallout: New Vegas. I've been waiting so long for it, and by now I've already played and finished it twice and am not fully done. It was obvious that this was going to be just as genius as Fallout 3. You really should look into it. I love it. Another game I played, while still waiting for FNV release was Black and White 2. By now it's almost old again, but the graphics aren't too bad and the possibilities are still as amazing as they were when I first played it. Almost at the same time, Sims 3 released a new add-on, called "Late Night". For those who've played Sims 2 it's pretty much the same as Sims 2 "Night Life". Bunch of new features and stuff, and a new map, which was pretty neat. Also, a rather unknown game, but unbelievable epic nonetheless and just released recently, Shank. Now Shank is a game like any other Beat 'em Up with storyline, but it still didn't fail to amaze me. It's pretty much what you'd expect, and it was quite fun to play. I'd say the boss battles are a bit weird. They are usually incredibly hard and take you ages unless you figure out the trick to it, then they're too easy. The Blood Bowl Legendary Edition came out, too, and is just as awesome as the previous one. I think they doubled the amount of races available, and added some neat new stages to play on. Not something for anyone, but definetely something for me. And last but not least, League of Legends. Now I've been playing that a while now, and they just released the new champion LeBlanc. I guess that game never gets boring.

Phew, I didn't know I had to tell you that much about games, but I'm finally finished. Oh, and since I'm at it, Happy Halloween, I'm a bit late for that but I did not have the time (or patience) earlier on to do so. Don't hate me for it. Unless you already do. I guess then that's fine.

Oh, and just to quickly mention it, I haven't met many fun people this time, but at least someone, called Ronrinesu, which I recently started spending more time with. He's a weird sort, somehow really sympathetic, and he thinks my profile text in Steam is "wondrous". I felt a little honored so I chatted him up and that's how we met.

So, that's it for today. I hope I get around to write more, it looks so abandoned if the last post is weeks back. Farewell!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a sad world we live in...

I'm actually rather teary the second I'm writing this...

I feel terrible. All around me, people are having trouble with their life, some even wish they'd be dead rather than to continue living. They seem to have an even worse life than I do. I don't even know what to type, my head feels completely empty... It's really dragging me down.

I usually really want to cheer them up. Of course I want them to be happy. I'm trying to talk to them, help them, give tips, whatever comes to my mind, but it's usually all useless, they won't listen and stay as sad as they are... Sometimes I don't even have any tips and it makes it even more depressing. I just wish my friends could be happy.

I'm starting to cry the more I type... I feel horrible. Life might not be great for me, but if my friends are having worse problems and I'm not even able to help them, I just don't know anymore... Some of those mentioned people don't even read my blog. Those who read it... you know what I'm referring to. Maybe it's a special thing, maybe it's a person. Something in your life isn't going to way you'd want it to go, and it's eating you up from inside. I can imagine you spend countless nights crying your heart out, until finally falling to sleep from exhaustion, just to wake up the next day, knowing nothing will change.

Just so you know, it really gets me sad, too. To some I don't even mention it at all, to some I talk about it all the time. Whenever you're feeling bad, talk to me. Because if there's one thing that I hate more than my life, than it's the fact that others are having it worse.

I would really wish all of those mentioned friends would read this, each and every one of them. I think this is so far the only post I've been writing while crying, and frankly, it gets a bit annoying to rub your eyes every 20 seconds. This is going to be so embarrassing.

And to just round this thing up, nothing really happened. I looked for work, but there's nothing really good. I will try to get a job at REWE next year, for sure. The earlier I am, the better chances I have. Other than that, I finished Mitsudomoe and have no anime I really want to watch right now, except for Naruto which takes one week to release a new episode. Luckily, Mirodir mentioned Case Closed, or rather Meitantei Conan, today, so I'll watch this 300+ episodes anime for now, even though I'll not watch ALL episodes. Have been trying to get people to play League of Legends more. Without any success.

I guess that's it for me, my eyes seem to have calmed down and I can think clearly again.
See you, everyone.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hooray! I was so busy thinking of what to write in my new post that I almost did not notice that I've achieved 50000 views today! This is amazing, I've never ever expected my blog to be so famous, but obviously, I simply rock -that- hard.

It took me quite a while to look for a fitting picture. I kept looking around, surely browsed about 30 pages of pictures, and then went back and looked through all of them again just to find a picture that works well with my post. Of course it had to be something I have a relation to. Something that is funny to me, because I know it. But on the other side, it had to be something which is also funny for anyone who sees it. After I noticed that I spent 1 hour searching for a picture, I just said "Fuck this." and took a cute one I had. Hope you like it.

Anyways! It's great you guys still hang around here. Not much's happened except for the fact that I met a bunch of great new people. Also, guess what, I have still no job. Maybe I'm just a failure? Thinking about it won't help either. I'm getting sick of the fact that I mention that in every goddamn post in the last weeks. And I'm pretty sure it's starting to annoy you, too.
So, yeah, played bunch of games, L4D2 DLC "The Sacrifice" is out, and it brought some new stuff to that game, so I played that, too. This weekend League of Legends offers every hero to play because they won an award.

Oh, before I forget it. To celebrate this awesome event, I've thought of something. Nothing big, really, I'll just show you guys some music I usually listen to. One thing at the start, if you do not like J-Rock you probably shouldn't even bother listening to it.

Death Devil - Genom

Houkago TeaTime - Girls in Wonderland

And, because that's also one track I listen to, I'll just give you the opening of Mitsudomoe, even if it's the full version. It's apparently the only good one on YouTube.

Yes, I watch that kind of stuff. Deal with it.
See you next time!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Living on.

I guess there's always hope. Not that I'd find life worth living for again, but I guess all I can do is to hope for things to get better.

Some people do not seem to like the fact that I feel so bad, and at least for their sake I can try to cheer up a bit. Life was okay for now, I mean it's not like I'm suffering because of the fact that I get no job, I mean I have a perfect life for now, but still I won't have an easy life if I don't have any job in the future.

Pokémon Black and White is out in Japan, and I've played the Japanese version a bit. It's pretty awesome and just as fun as every other Pokémon RPG. Especially the fights make the whole game a alot more lively, since the sprites are all animated, constantly. I've seen, but of course, all of the new Pokémon, and there are quite a few pretty amazing ones. But enough about Pocket Monsters.

I've played a lot of League of Legends with Mirodir and the others recently, I've really grown to like that game again. I also played some Sims 3 while I was bored, and a whole bunch of Team Fortress 2. Especially because of the new Mann-conomy update, where they added the long awaited trading system, new items, and a shop where you can buy items. The good thing is, all items you can buy are not craftable, and you can find them all the usual way, with the same stats. I think that's a very good decision.

I... haven't really found a job, yet again. I'm still looking, but there's so much stuff which is no-good, and if I find something cool, something just doesn't work out for me to get that job.
My parents don't really like that fact, as you can probably imagine. My father is just really pissed off at me, and my mother is too worried about the fact that I'll ruin my life. Or so she thinks. Well, I can't do more than to just keep trying.

Anyways, yeah. Haven't made a blogpost in a while so I figured I might as well do that again. I really somewhat stopped caring for my blog since I lost a lot of motivation for obvious reasons. Oh, yeah, I've read a lot of stuff on TVTropes, a very interesting site with a very addicting impact. I really like it, but once you start reading you'll stick around for at least 30 minutes. I can't really think of much else that's happened. Oh, yeah. I recently visited the orthodontist again. Why? As I've recently noticed many of you do not know the fact that I indeed have braces. Nothing too new or interesting, except for the fact that they fucking screw my whole mouth, and I since a few days ago constantly bleed at least a tiny bit in my mouth. That thing's scratching my tongue open again and again, and I can't even stop it, I "have to get used to it".

Well, no idea what else to say. Have a new avatar in Steam. Traded alot of shit in TF2. Bought some heroes in LoL. Created new Sims in Sims 3. Started watching Mitsudomoe. Still suck at life.

Good luck in your life, see you around.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shattered Pieces

It's not like I haven't been saying all along that it's just a matter of time unless this whole stuff collapses.

It's a lot less worse due to the fact that I've seen it coming, though. It was obvious that my life was going too good, something just had to happen yet again and ruing fucking everything. It's like a total waste that I try to get a good life going, over and over, and it's getting constantly ruined by some fucking overpowered unknown force.

"We're afraid we have to tell you that your mathematical abilities are insufficient for this job", my ass. I've seen what they do in that job, no calculating at all. All they do is just listen to people, configure their hearing devices and send them home again. It's easy, and I knew how to do it just by looking at her screen while she did it. I have to admit that it was a little more tricky to actually build those little devices, but it was my first time, and that's why I fucking go to school there, to learn how to. But no, it'd too easy to not take maths. Fuck it, honestly.

I've been talking with Elizabeth about the meaning of life, and why we actually live. Back then, I was seriously trying to convince her that life is somewhat worth living for, but oh irony, now I'm definetely on her side. I don't why I'm doing this, I don't know what's stopping me from just suiciding. I'd be done with everything, it's not like I'd actually miss stuff. Yeah, I'd lose a few friends here and there, and yes, gaming sometimes is worth living for, but really, I don't even have a girlfriend, I have nothing to basically live for. But yet again, I'm not going to suicide just yet, I know that I'm dumb enough to just try again, being the stupid human I am.

Sigh... Moving on. I've uploaded the orginal soundtrack of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale to YouTube, and yes, I know that there's still more than enough Game Facts to be posted, but as you can probably imagine I'm not really in the mood for that right now. I've also basically completed the game, even though there's an endless mode which is just as much fun as the game itself. I've also completed Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and I must say that the ending of the game is not like I'd expected it. It was brilliant to the very last minute, and I'm glad I've played the game. And ever since Mirodir bought me Blood Bowl, I've been playing that with him all the time, too.

Of course I watched some anime, too. Namely being K-ON!!, Rainbow, Highschool of the Dead and Naruto: Shippuuden. While I am writing, there's currently the German Dubbed Naruto: Shippuuden running in the TV, and I must say, the censorship is a bitch. It's not even logical what they do there, but whatever. K-ON!! is as random as always. As for Rainbow and Highschool of the Dead, the last episode of both animes is coming out, soon. So I'll finish those two. I don't know if I'll watch many more animes after that. Maybe finishing Clannad. And also Shangri-La. But then, I really got nothing more on my list. Not feeling up for Katekyo Hitman Reborn since 50% of the anime (being I think 200 episodes so far), is annoying filler and not worth watching.

My head is so full of fuck right now. I haven't put so much hatred in one blog post ever. Sadness, too, but my sadness is getting a little overwhelmed by the insane amount of anger. I could just smash everything in this very room, and still wouldn't be satisfied. I just really hate life right now. I'm honestly trying to give my best, but if everybody just keeps rejecting me, I don't know if it's all for nought.

Eh, I think that about sums it up. Good bye, and stuff.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Cicadas and Sofas

If things keep going like this I might be enjoying myself just like the precious lady in the picture.

Just without the cicada... Anyhow! I've finished Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale and I've continued playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Once I feel like it, I'll review both of them, but yeah, that might actually take a while.

So, I was at that store yesterday. Work there was fun, much like I expected. You simply sit there, manage stuff, once some customer comes you listen to him and help him with his needs, then you eventually fix some hearing devices here and there (which is by the way much harder than it looks like), and he's free to go. So I'd work from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM my time, if things go out like I hope they will. The only real problem is that the only school that teaches this kind of job is... about 6 hours away. Or more. Meaning I'd be in some other town at the other end of Germany for about 1 month. No computer, no internet, no blogspot, no friends. Nothing, just that job. But I suppose that is a sacrifice I have to make if I'm going to take that job... Those are going to be hard. Really hard.

Parsee's bitching around in Steam, ever since a certain incident happened which I'm not going to mention. He's like literally searching for a reason to ban me. Since he's not going to listen to me when I speak to him, I'll write to him here, and maybe he'll read it sooner or later. Parsee, I'm sorry for what's happened and I actually were fine with the fact that we weren't fighting about this 24/7, so could we please stop with this? I don't personally hate you, and I'm sure you don't particularly hate me either, which leaves us to the point that this whole fight is pointless. I'm just saying.

So I've met even more people here and there and things are going just fine. Also, I've been playing a lot more Leage of Legends and I've started playing Blood Bowl. As for LoL, it always was a fun game, but it's hard to get a friends-only game going. And Blood Bowl is genius, it's basically football in a fantasy world, with orcs and elves and shit. Going into detail later.
All you need to know is that I've been playing these games with a certain person yet again. And I'm sure some of you know who that is. Yup. Another thanks right to my best friend of all time, Mirodir. Did I ever mention Miro and I have the same real life name? It's funny, in a weird way, since we've known each other for so long. I guess we'll forever call each other Rio and Miro.

That's it from me, so far! Don't sulk, guys, I love you all equally, Miro just has an early start! I'll be seeing you guys around. Dewa mata!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Realism, ho!

Greetings, everyone! Life's been okay for a while now, I can't wait for the next time when everything's ruined again!

Just kidding. I think things might work out as they are now. Currently, I've been asked if I would happen to want to test that new job I'll be working as, so I'll go introduce myself next week tuesday. Other than that, much stuff has happened. I've met quite some new people, some more, some less interesting. Also, I've chatted quite much with Patty recently, and he and I, well, mostly he, set up a Team Fortress 2 Melee Only server, so in case you're interested, my Steam Group should hold all the info you need.

So yes, Amnesia: The Dark Descent finally came out recently, and it's certainly the most fucking scary game I've ever played in my entire life. I'm sometimes scared to continue playing, because my heart just can't take anymore. Maybe I'm overdoing this, but even F.E.A.R wasn't as scary as this is. In F.E.A.R you could shoot if you're scared. Here? All you can do is run. Run and hide, and hope to survive, hope they lose interest and move on. Sometimes it's just plain scary, dark places, that kind of stuff. Not much happens and you just move on, just knowing that something might happen any fucking second. And then? You hear some kind of monster, then you see something coming around the corner, and all you can fucking do is run. You hear the screams behind you, your character starts to breathe heavily, because his sanity drowns slowly. That's the kind of game it is. Enjoy with caution.
So, on the exact other site, Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale came out two days after. I'll make it short. Basically, you have an item shop, gather items with your adventurer, and then sell them in your shop. You can customise your shop and all, and the story is pretty cool. It's anime-styled, of course. I've been playing it quite much recently, too, mostly to calm myself down from the creepy situations in Amnesia before. I have yet to complete both games, however.

I've watched a lot more of K-ON!!, too, most of the time when I'm eating or not doing anything else. I sometimes really do not know what to do, and that is when I start chatting, watching animes, or just stare at the screen for an unknown amount of time. I wonder if that's a bad thing, that I have nothing that really interests me in life. I mean I do have things that interest me, and things I enjoy, but I don't know. I really just don't know.

Ah, whatever, I guess. Life's good so far, might as well make the best out of it. See you later!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ritsu's the name!

Yo, how's it going, everyone?

I've been doing surprisingly good. I don't know why, but I somehow feel that I still have enough time to make things right, it's a weird, overwhelming feeling I haven't really felt before. I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that my mother made my favorite food today.

So anyways, yeah, I've been doing really good so I have decided to make yet another blog post. Some stuff happened, so I have a little bit to talk about, too. First off, I've watched more K-ON! recently, I have totally forgotten how amazing and adorable this anime is. I've almost completed season one now and after that, I might as well start the second season. I have also talked with Albi (or Lara, how I should call her from now on) and we got along really well. It's great to see that even your old friends are still as awesome as they were when you met them. Talking about old friends, I've had a fight with Eliz about how my advices make things worse for her. I can't blame her, since that actually was the fact for her once, but the whole argument was somewhat pointless, and I'm glad we're over it by now.

I have been downloading Final Fantasy XIV the past days, since the Open Beta just got released. Rather, I have been trying to. First off, you have to open ports in order to get a decent download speed, otherwise you'll be stuck at 20kB/s with a 3GB patch. Good luck with that. Secondly, I have been installing this very game since yesterday. Yes. By now, it is almost finished with the first 5GB, I think about 4 GB are left. I don't think I'll grow to like the game very much, and the sole, and only reason I actually went through all this effort is because you can create a race which is called Lalafell. In anime terms, that would mean you're able to create lolis.

Now, where most of my friends already know the fact that I'm Lolicon, it might sound strange for everyone else. It's happened that I've been called a weirdo, or a pervert for thinking so. But I can't help that I really do admire the way lolis are drawn and the way they usually act like. It's similar to any other fetish. Masochism and sadism included. Of course many people are like "But they're little girls! That's wrong! You're pedophile!" Truely, despite the fact that I like to think of myself as a pedophile (that is something where you can call me weird), I am not pedophile. When I think of Lolicon, I don't think of real life girls at all. I don't relate it. Lolis act different than children in the real world. That is where the difference lies.

Enough with that, I'm getting off-topic. Someone chatted me today and showed me something interesting. Not interesting because of its content, rather because of its name. You can witness this very something, here. Don't ask me what it is, as far as I know it's supposed to be an anime. I like their name idea, naturally, even if it does sound somewhat... gay. No offence. Also, Mikun has asked me to create a subbing team with him. I told him that I'd think about it, I'd be a leader after all, but I'm really not sure if I'm to all the time wasting, really. I'll think about it.

When I woke up today, my mom was looking at me, I'm assuming that she was the reason I suddenly couldn't sleep anymore, I don't know how long she's been staring at me while I was asleep, but I don't want to know. Anyhow, she told me my dad was here, and he quickly looked for more work around, since I failed at finding anything that could possibly interest me. Well, he found something in my area. Yup, if things work out fine, I'll be a hearing aid acoustician soon. That are those people who... well, help people hear? They produce hearing aid of all sorts. Not the best job I could've wished for, but its worth the money, I suppose.

Oh, in case anyone wondered about the name, Ritsu is a character of K-ON!, my favorite to be precise, and currently my avatar and appearance in Steam. Do you think I overdid it with the wallpaper? Well, at least you can understand why I love her so much, now!

Geez, I guess that was about all I had to say for this time. I hope I find the time to write some more reviews, soon, because I will have a load of information, waiting to be posted. See you around!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Plasmatic cheese from another universe.

I'm beginning to doubt the reason for my very existence. That, and I'm running out of names for my blogposts.

I don't know where exactly I am trying to get with my current situation. I have no job, I do not visit any kind of school. I have no income of my own, and by now, I am 17 years old. If this goes on, I'll be ending on the street, soon. Don't be fooled by the nice looks of my parents, my dad clearly told me "As long as you don't have a job, you don't even need to think about living here."
As my mother clearly does not get enough money anymore to take care of both of us, even that possibility fails.

Now don't you all come here and say "Yeah, then go get a job."
If it were that easy, I'd have one already. It's not like I didn't try. I admit I didn't even try that hard, but I put a lot of effort in it, and all for nothing. I am unable to find any of the jobs I would like to do around here, since they're either taken, too far away or non-existing. And everybody tells me that I must not ever do some kind of job which I won't like. The heck am I supposed to do, then? I still haven't gotten a reply on the application I've send out regarding the newspaper. I might be able to get that part time job, but still, it'll be just a part time job.

Come to think of it, I wrote this post because I felt lonely. I'm not saying I don't have any friends. I do have quite a few, and I'm proud to have those. But still, you guys aren't always there when I need you. Right now, the only people around are Kumiko and Crimson, because it's in their timezone, and even they are busy being away or playing. I usually stay up this late, which means I don't really share the same sleeping times as you other guys. It's a shame, really. Also, pretty much people deleted me for various reasons. I don't know why, but it was probably because of a lacking conversation. Even though I tried to chat with most of them, they were mostly away or did not reply. It's not my fault, so, whatever.

On my adventureous quest to find a fitting picture for today's blog I found out that you find just as much pictures about Nazrin when searching for the keyword "cheese" as when you search for her actual name. A funny coincidence. Well, she is a Mouse-Youkai after all, so I can't blame anyone. I've been watching Naruto on and on and have finally reached the newest episode. Now, I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode, a new arc will start, and that also means there will be a new opening! I can't wait! I've also played Pokémon, since I don't do much other things nowadays, but I've played less than usual because even that gets boring if there's nobody to play with.

I think I still wanted to say something just now, but I forgot it the moment I wanted to type it. I wonder what it was... Was it important? I can't tell anymore. I'm sure I'll let you guys now once I remember it. Anyway, see you around.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Greetings everyone, how've you been? I've been doing good!

Or so I'd like to believe. Things've gotten quite... unpleasant. The reason for my absence was because of some unwanted mail last week. I was currently phoning with Cheo at that time, and we were just talking about how I'll get that job for sure, when I received their answer that they're not taking me in for it. I was pretty sad, and I really didn't really know what to do now. It was basically my last chance, and there it slipped just away. Naturally, I didn't feel like blogging at all at that moment. Recently many people were asking me "What's with your blog? You should post something!".
There you have it.

However I must say, no matter how depressing the last week was, it's fine again. My very last chance is to get at least a part-time job as soon as possible, so I'll be at least doing something. We'll see about that. Again, I've realized that they're some pretty awesome people around me, which I totally forgot about when I was sulking. I don't know if some of them are fine with me mentioning them here, but I'd like to at least mention some of the people who helped me to cheer up again, especially when I wasn't feeling so good. Some of those might even read this very blog.
Thanks goes to Mirodir, Kumiko, Eliz, CrimsonEcho(I will find out your real name, believe me!), Katie, Steve, Cheo, and alot more people who've just helped out a tiny bit. That doesn't mean all my other friends are less important, though, so don't you sulk now!

Even if, at some point, those guys really annoyed the heck out of me, I'm glad to have them around. Furthermore, I have continued watching Naruto: Shippuuden and I must say I'm loving this anime more and more! The storyline is unbelievable! Also, I've watched a bit of Highschool of the Dead, more about that in a later blogpost I suppose. Ah! Dustin, one of my old childhood friends is back again! He wasn't online for months and I was wondering where he left off, but it seems he was simply on vacation. Maybe I'll tag up with him, Vuur and Mechta for some more rounds of L4D2 in the future days.

At this point I'd also like to thank all my friends for still reading my blog. It's great to have you all around, and I'd like to keep you all as close as you are now! Maybe that will not happen, but remember, I won't forget any of you, ever! That's so far all I had to say, farewell!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boredom reigns~ Part 5

Did any of you guys every notice how often I say "It's been a while, I know!" at the start of those freaking blog posts? Kind of scared me when I noticed. Anyways, back to topic.

If there were any topic. Once again, your Emperor feels a little too bored and thought it might be nice to write another post around here. Since I don't particularly have any idea on my mind, I'll just give you a short review of the past week.

As I've told you, I played Sengoku Rance quite a lot, but I think after the 3rd time I completed the game, it's gotten boring. Not to say it's gotten less exciting, but I just lack the motivation to actually play it. I'm always like "What for?". Speaking of motivation, I've been watching Naruto more and more lately! By now, I'm at Episode 65. It's alot more interesting than I thought it would be. But that's a good thing after all, right? Oh, I also played a lot of Pokémon SoulSilver in the past days. I've had so much trouble with the Steelix being Level 35 and only getting scratches from my full force fire attacks. After some annoying training I managed to OHKO it, and I got really happy. While I was on my training, I suddenly encountered Entei. I was pretty surprised, but I kind of got the idea that capturing Entei would be my chance to finish off that freaking Steelbeast. So I spend 1 hour, I repeat, 1 goddamn hour in catching this Pokémon. Why? Because I'm stubborn as fuck. The Entei was Level 40 and had full HP, after round 1 it would instantly run away, meaning I had to catch that thing in the first round. You know how low the chance is to catch a Level 40 legendary Entei with full HP without any status changes? 1.59%.
I must've been nuts to try and catch it. But well, after 1 hour I eventually gave up on that idea.

Since I didn't have any further troubles in the game I kept playing until, of course, the emulator had to freeze and I wasn't able to save shit. Which made me angry. Really angry. So I gave up on playing Pokémon for the time being. However, I've played a lot more Warcraft 3 again, with all the funmaps it offers it always is a good choice if you want to have a game which you can play to pass time with your friends.

Also, I'd like to mention two more important people in my life, who recently (re)appeared. First one would be Cheo. She's unbelievable shy and that's also what makes her cute. She's been a friend of me for quite a long time, until she didn't come online anymore, which made me pretty sad back then. However, she came online again the last week and I was able to chat and phone a whole bunch with her. I'm really happy to have her back since I really consider her a true friend.
The second one would be Kumiko. Heh. I met Kumiko on Steam, we talked, and we liked each other. Kumiko's a lot different than me or many other of my friends, since he's pretty much "into real life". Meaning he's not online often and even if, we do not share the same time zone. However, I enjoy spending time with him despite that he can be a real asshole once in a while, but I'm not any different.

Look how much I wrote again! Geez, how come whenever I want to make something short, it turns out to be so much... Anyway! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Game Facts - Sengoku Rance

Hey everyone! It's been a while, I know!

Well, that's because I was playing Sengoku Rance all along, non-stop. This game has had something which really forced me to play, and still somehow does. Since most of you don't know this very game, it's my duty to introduce this game to you.

Sengoku Rance isn't the first part of the "Rance" series, but by far the best one. I know, I did not want to talk about Hentai games, but Sengoku Rance is a game where you ignore the fact that there's nude women scattered all around the place because the actual gameplay is way more fun than looking at the naked bodies of all those beauties. Not like it'd be any bad to add sex to a game, if it weren't for the 18+ tag. I have to be pretty careful about what I show to you regarding this game, so I decided to show the Opening and a simple gameplay action.

It takes place in the medieval Japan, you are Rance and you've basically come to Japan to fuck all women there. Sounds cool, yeah. Since I don't want to go into detail, I'll make it short. You have a province in Japan, you have an army, and you want to conquer Japan. Easier said than done, since there's quite some harsh enemies, but with such an amazing fighting system, which is actually just as simply as genius, it's even fun to lose sometimes! The game surely features about 50 characters, about almost all coming with their own little storyline, and you're able to recruit and fuck all of them. Well, at least the girls. Almost every commander you fight against can be recruited, some have really nice and unique abilities and some just look awesome.

I think I can't really say much more to the game than this if I want to make it short. Have some!

And here some gameplay!

And before all of you go like "That's Japanese! I can't read that!". There is an english patch available, which can be found here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rio's Randomness~ Part 6

Yo! It's been a while, I know, I know. I just don't always feel like blogging, but you should know about that. It's not like I don't want to, it's more like that, especially recently, there's always a lot of stuff going on and after all that, I just don't feel like writing about my day anymore.

I've basically reunited myself with all those old friends I had back then, you know, that streaming site, Randaris-Anime. Did I tell you about it? Not like many of you are going to visit it, anyway, but still, most people are somewhat okay there. Some are really weird, though...
Also! It's german, so you won't understand a single bit of it unless you manage to read that language. Which is kind of obvious... isn't it?

As for the games, I've played a lot of Warcraft 3 again, fan maps of course, and mostly with those I hang out in Teamspeak all day. It's pretty funny, yet sometimes utterly boring. Also, like everyone else I know, I've played Alien Swarm. Yeah, that new free Alien Shooter thing on Steam. I like it. It's gotten boring again, though. After finishing the campaign about 5 times and maximizing my level, I just don't feel like playing it all over again. Say... do you guys like Pokémon? You do? Well, so do I! Of course not the crappy animes they created, because those are far away from being any good. I'm talking about the games! And, of course, the fighting system! The variety of creatures, the amount of attacks, and possibilities in the games... that always gets me! I'm already looking forward to the next one. However, that was not why I mentioned it! Recently, Mirodir showed me some kind of Battle Simulator software, called Shoddy Battle. It's a JavaScript which lets you create your own Team out of almost all Pokémon and fight against other folk! It's pretty fun, since it comes with a very descriptive database, containing many strategies and builds you can use to improve your Team.

Talking about Pokémon and its anime, I've also watched anime recently again. Yes, I have! I'm proud of it, too, since it's been a time I last watched an anime. This time, it was Clannad, and I'm very impressed of how good the characters are, you just have to love them all! I didn't quite finish it, I think I'm at half of it, but while watching Clannad, I suddenly felt like watching Naruto, too. I started with watching Naruto, since I'm basically up-to-date when it comes to the normal one. I'm so far at episode 5 of Shippuuden, I'll see how it goes on and'll let you know!

I guess that's about all I had to say, I think I'll talk some more about the people I play all day with, and describe them a bit here, since by now, they surely are somehow a part of my life. Anyway, farewell friends, see you next time!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miro's Comeback!

What are you saying? You don't know him? I'll show you!

I am talking about my probably best friend, Mirodir! He went to France last week, yes, just one week, and I missed that bastard more than anything else. Even though I had lots of fun when I played games and watched videos with all sorts of people, nothing can replace him. I never really missed him, because he actually was always there, everyday you just saw him coming online and were like "Oh, it's just Miro." But I really realized how much he meant to me, and even if it sounds unbelievable gay to say so, and I will kill him if he thanks me for writing about him like that, I just have to say that.

Now that he's back, I can finally tell him all the stuff I wanted to tell him, can play all the games I wanted to play with him, and am finally not feeling all too bad anymore. Of course, without Ichirin, life's a bit more boring by now, but Mirodir has never let me down in the past years, and I've known him for I think about 4 years by now.

Come to speak of him! You have to check out his blog. I know he's not updating it, and I know he's not as awesome as I am, but he's a friend of me and thus an important part of my life, and I demand that you respect him just as much as me! Also, I'm doing this to force him to be more active. With more viewers he just has to do something. And he will. Watch and learn.

Anyway, folks! Have a nice day, and see you next time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life ain't that bad

I know. I should be depressed and sad by now, but recently I've realized a few things which kept me alive.

First, there's a lot of stuff which is fun and worth living for, even if it's just that tiny amount of joy it sure makes up for all the sadness in my life. Second, there's plenty of people who have it worse than I do, I'm crying about being lonely and having a shitty life, but really? I don't think I deserve the right to cry about that. And last, well, I know that this will end someday soon. I don't know how long this'll last, but it won't last forever. Which I cannot say to all the other people who have worse lives. Who knows when their pain will end?

Anyhow, even if I'm often lonely, bored to the extreme, and feel like crying constantly, I'll get over it. Maybe the girl I had a crush on suddenly has a boyfriend, maybe the people I spend most time with are unavailable, and maybe I have nothing else to do than to waste all my time sitting in front of a screen, but guess what? It could be worse!

Imagine if I were like, really poor, like even more than I already am, and we'd have no internet. Boy, would I be screwed. Or if I'd live in some bullshit country, where there's no actual system like you know it. Like living in Vietnam or something. People there really have it hard.
I should stop complaining so much about my life and try to find happy parts in it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anybody there...?

Recently, I've been very lonely. Ever since me and Tasha broke up I've been having this feeling. But about the time I met Ichirin, things started to get fun again. I actually started playing games again. I started playing games again I usually don't play. And the reason for that was Ichirin. It was so fun playing with him, but I never noticed that he was the fact it was so much fun. Usually I thought it's because of the game, and Ichirin is an extra. But I was wrong.

When Ichirin and I had that fight, things started to change and life became really boring again. I suddenly didn't know what to do with all that free time I have now. I mean, I still had Mirodir, I started spending more time with him again, since we always were friends and all. And from that moment on, everything kind of started making fun again. But Miro had to work everyday and he was always online pretty late which means I had no idea what to do in the time where he wasn't around. And well, right now Mirodir's on holiday in France, which means I have basically nobody to do anything with me. Red and Vuur are constantly not there, wondering what the heck they're doing so long, but then again I know that they're often working pretty hard and long. Lukas, my cousin, is currently the only one spending time with me. He's the only one who talks to me when he comes online and plays a game or two with me. But he isn't so much into game so that's just about 2 hours of my day.

You can't imagine how many hours I sit in front of my screen, waiting for someone to chat me. Yeah, it's easy to start conversations, but I once want people to think of me first when they chat me, I want them to think "I wonder what Rio is doing...". It's a silly thing to desire, but yet that's really all I want and I only want it because I feel so lonely.

Since my mother is currently in hospital for whatever reasons, I'm all alone at home, too. Sometimes I feel like crying, and I'm just walking around in my house, doing nothing. Whenever I want to call someone, I get rejected, not the evil way, just a kind "I currently have no time, I'm sorry, we talk later!". It's not that I'm angry for that. It just hurts.

When times are hard like this you usually see who's really your friend and sticks to you, and the currently only "person" doing that is Sandy. Yes, Sandy. Sandy is the name of my cat, and for some reason she really wants to be close to me now. Whenever I leave the room she instantly follows me, she always tries to couch around me, and when I sleep she even sleeps on or next to the bed. At least someone is worrying about me. That's a good thing. That made me feel much better.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Touhou Time! Poll Review

Yeah. To make it short, the poll was fucked up. I knew not many would vote in there, but I didn't know out of 100 people daily, only 7 persons care about my posts. And also, those are friends, so no freaking random person did ever bother looking into this kind of shit. That makes me rage. Actually, it just makes me angry and sad, but that's as worse.

Well, 5 said they want the post, 2 said they don't. Or something like that. But you know what? I'm dissapointed. Really. I didn't ask for the opinion of my friends, I asked for the opinion of everyone. And if only my friends vote, it was so obvious most wouldn't want me to stop posting. Could've just decided by myself from the start. So for now, I won't be posting anymore reviews of Touhou Characters any time soon. I'll think about it, and I'll think about how I make people actually care for this blog.

Also, today's weather was a total bitch again. I was playing Sims 3 again with that new add-on, and played for about 4 hours and saved somewhere between. Well, somewhere after 4 hours my computer suddenly crashed because it was too hot, again. That's some bullshit, because now I even lost the mood in playing that game. Because I would need to do it all over again. This game seriously needs an autosave.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing lasts forever

Indeed, this title seems to fit my whole live-style for some reason. But of course, like always, there was a recent event that triggered the decision to post something.

Yesterday was the first day I didn't tell Ichirin a common "Good night!". Well, that is, if you do not count the times he wasn't available, since he was available this time. Short version, me and Ichirin had a fight about some things concerning me, some things I already knew and I still need to change otherwise this won't be the last friend I lose. We basically broke up our friendship, which is sad, since it was great spending time with him. But I guess that's how things are. There's no point crying about it too much, since it's my fault. Oh well.

Also, since we're at it, the heat also doesn't seem to be lasting forever, since it got a lot colder the past days, which rocks since I'm able to play Prince of Persia and all other games as long as I want. Too bad those games ALSO do not last forever, Prince of Persia is glitching around and freezes at certain times and Dead Space has an unbelievable annoying camera bug which makes the game unplayable.

Also, Engineer Update is coming soon! I'm really looking forward to it, also it's more motivation to play TF2 in the following days! More than usual, that is!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Greetings, again! Today, it's a bit of a useless and senseless post, and I actually wanted to post it right after I woke up, but there was so much happening today, so I just went with the flow. Right after I woke up, I felt a breeze. Wind. Cold, refreshing wind. The past days it's been incredible hot outside, making my room to something similar to a cooking pot. I swear, there's surely 30°C or more in here.

So sleeping also is kind of... Well, you get the point. But this morning, my mom seemed to have opened the window while I slept, and I felt a breeze I haven't felt the past weeks. Everytime you opened the window, there was just hot air coming inside, so it felt amazingly good this time.

Due to the hot tempatures, well, it was very hot in here, causing my computer to get really hot, too. And some know what happens if a computer gets 100°C. Yeah, it shuts off. So, everytime I played Singularity, it crashed after 30 minutes. And recently that has happened with Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, too. Usually I have a fan here to cool me down, but I'm afraid that doesn't help my computer so much. I'll just hope it gets a bit colder in the next days, because I'm sick of this heat.


Transformice. A title which doesn't make too much sense when you know what the game is about. You basically are a mouse and need to get some cheese and bring it to your hole. Sounds easy? There are a lot of obstacles to hinder you doing so, also, sometimes you can't get to the hole. If it weren't for the shaman. The shaman is a special sort of mouse which can spawn all sorts of planks, boxes and anvils in order to help his fellow mice achieve their goals. However, being shaman is not always as easy as it sounds, not just that the controls are something you really have to get used to, the other mice won't make it easy for you to build, because sometimes they just don't go where you want them to, so you can't help them.

I better get you guys a gameplay video, there's a lot I can't describe and is easier to show.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Touhou Time! Review

Hey there! It's Rio again! You see, I've been thinking about Touhou Time recently. As you may have noticed, I haven't posted one this sunday. Well, to be honest, the actual reason is that I forgot it and I wanted to find an excuse now, but then I started thinking about this seriously. Why do I do this? I love Touhou, yes. Many like it, too. But all those who do like it say "We already know it so we don't read it." Everyone else I asked about this topic who don't know much about Touhou are like "Yeah, well, it doesn't really interest me." So now I'm at this point where I'm thinking about even stopping to make those posts. Basically, I know I've gathered quite some amazing amount of people who constantly check my blog, but will it be enough to fulfill my plan?

I wanted to make a poll. A simple poll about wether I should keep those posts or not. But in order to get good results out of, I need votes. And for that, I need people. So basically I need a bunch of people voting about what I should do. Sounds easy, right? Last time I did this I had like 11 Votes. That's not what I'm making polls for. Or posts.

Very well! Everyone, you've got your quest! Now go ahead and tell me what you think is best for the sake of this very blog!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The End of the Line

Yup, yesterday was "the Day".

I finished school yesterday, we had to go to this big event there, where there were thousands of people sitting around, and you kinda felt like "God, please let this end." We had a lot of stuff going on there, also, the classes said "Goodbye" to the teachers in a special way, also all classes had prepared a little video or something to also make it a bit funny. For example our class had a video full of interviews of us and the teachers. When they were going through the interviews, I was so glad they didn't show me how I flipped out about that the "microphone" they were using was just a rattle. But no, they just had to. In the end they showed the "Outtakes", and boy, they sure all laughed a lot about me, and I was never so embarrassed in my life. But it worked out. The only real embarrassing thing was that my mother came, too. And she drank alcohol. Like, alot. And well, she could barely stand, I told her to just get home already, because she wanted to prepare food that we can eat when I get home.

Anyways, our class also has a band. They're called "The All Stars" and they're pretty awesome to be honest. They really rocked the house, and Frederic was completely insane with this awesome guitar solo he made, everyone was like "Omg!", you could literally see it in their faces.

After the event ended, we all still wanted to go into a pub or something, to celebrate. Since I lived right next to the pub I quickly went up to check for my mom, and she wasn't home. Great, I know. Now this is totally not my style, but I went with them anyways and drank a cola. It's not much but at least something. After half an hour or something I went home, since it was utterly boring down there. Well, when I came home this time, she was already waiting for me at the door, wondering where I was. She said she was so worried. It was about 11:00 Pm. I stopped argueing about that and went right to my room. Of course she didn't make food, how can you if you can't even walk straight. Well, the rest of the day I spent time with Miro. We played some games here and there and discussed a few things. I also mentioned he should finally buy Team Fortress 2, what he wanted to do a while ago.

In the end, an old song video of "The All Stars" playing live. I did not find any newer ones, and apparently those are still some of the old band members, but that doesn't matter so much. And usually they sing "softer" songs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Game Facts - CosmicBreak

I guess this is one of the only cases I can say "Title says it all."

The game is called CosmicBreak, and as I have mentioned before, I've played it recently. The Open Beta just started and it's a Japanese Shooting MMO where you have your own little squad of robots which you can fully customize, be it by buying new parts or colouring them completely like you want it. The wallpapers are amazingly awesome but apparently they don't make up for what the game lacks in graphic. But, however, what the game lacks in graphic, it makes up in gameplay! The fights are incredibly fun and there's 3 Unions you can join, you can then compete against the others in Arena fights for the honor of your Union. You can still play with your friends in other game modes if they are in a different Union, so no worries!

I can't say if it's just me, since I live in Germany, or if it is their servers, but every minute in the game I get a huge 10-second lagspike which makes me unable to see what's going on right now, but still, the game is very fun and maybe they'll even fix that issue someday.

Maybe you want the trailer?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since that thunderstorm stormed around Ichirin's place, he's been having problems with some games. I mean, yeah, that's bad, but we could still play sometimes, and chat. Now? Now it's completely fucked up. He wanted to upgrade his computer, and as it turned out that wasn't such a good idea, in short, he won't be able to come online for some while, which is pretty awful, since I spent much time with him, and I almost have no idea what to do when I have free time now.

Well, I also changed my name a while back in Steam to Luna Child. That's the fairy you saw in my "It's me, again" post picture. Isn't she just so adorable? Well, that's what I thought! Now she's part of my name list, one more identity to identify me, I suppose.

I also played some "CosmicBreak" the past days, if it wouldn't lag so hard I'd love the game so much. I'll write more about it later on, in a seperate post.

Other than that, not much happened, besides that I am utterly happy since yesterday. I don't know why that is, but hell, I'm not gonna complain about it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Touhou Time! - Alice Margatroid

Name: Alice Margatroid アリス・マーガトロイド

Nickname: Alice

Species: Magician

Abilities: Magic, Puppetry

Age: Unknown

Location: Forest of Magic

Relationships: Marisa Kirisame (Neighbour)
| Shanghai (Doll)
| Hourai (Doll)

Her ability allows her to use magic. Puppetry is a part of magic too. She rarely goes out by herself, but she had no other choice this time. She has many similarities to Marisa, namely living in the Forest of Magic, being a magician and a collectomaniac. However, they have an absolute difference in that Alice is a magician as a species while Marisa is a human magician. Other than that, they're also different in using forest's mushroom as preference or not. Of course, Alice is the one who doesn't like using them. Because of that and other things, they're on bad terms. Magic is her weapon. A magician's magic is always originally developed by the magician. The greatest difference between Alice and Marisa is that Marisa is a human of magician occupation whereas Alice is a magician as a species.You might imagine magicians as being indoor-type people; in Alice's case, you'd be right. She spends most of her time alone, and the forest is a good place for that. The forest is quite humid, however, and her dolls will become damaged without her constant care. Because of this, she's currently planning to make a doll that will automatically take care of other dolls.

Alice's Theme

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's me, again

Hey everyone! How are you? I'm fine. It's been some time since my last post, but you're used to that, I suppose. Today, or rather, this week, I decided to make an unordinary post. I mean, it's not that unordinary since I write it the same way I do others, but at least I write more in it, or, at least, planned it that way. Basically, I was thinking about my life, about everything, about future, about how I will manage to make it through. This is, of course, not the first time I've been thinking about these kind of things, but I do believe that is normal.

Let's start then, shall we? Since many of your newcomers who now read my blog have yet to read my introduction post, I guess you should do that, first. Read me!

Yes, that's me. My name is not Rio, but Pascal Kammer. By now, my age is 17 and I am about to finish school. I am German, and do live in Germany. As some of your may have guessed, I'm not too fond of my real name, that's why I chose to be Rio. No, that's wrong. Not I chose to be Rio, Mirodir did. My online name was Glamurio, and everyone called me "Glam" or "Glamu". Someday, Mirodir said something like "I'll not call you like your last three letters, "Rio". At first I was like... well, a little unhappy about that fact. I mean, it's not easy having someone calling you completely different after such a long time. But then, I began to like the name, many more started to call me this way, and there we go, Rio was born. Or rather reborn. Whatever floats your boat.

So, since I just mentioned Mirodir, I guess I can talk about him too, right? Mirodir is a good friend, and certainly my best one. I've known Mirodir for, I think 3 or 4 years, if not longer by now, and we still talk together, do things together. We don't do it as often as we did it back then, but it's amazing we still keep contact. Mirodir is a very sensitive person, he can be very empathetic and understands when you have problems, but yet he's also a very strong person who's able to deal with his own troubles and rather solves it himself than with the help of others. Back then, I was really different. I was much more childish, raged much, I was a terrible person. I've apologized several times to him because he was always the one suffering from it, even though it never bothered him. I am proud of having him as a friend, and I really look forward to the day we will meet in real-life.

About the fact that I changed, well. The person who made me change was no other than my previous girlfriend, "Tasha". Actually, her full name is Natascha, and I call her Tascha, but since I wasn't sure many english people can pronounce it right I just wrote "Tasha", wihout an "s". She made me change myself. I think I even mentioned that several times now, but she was the one to tell me "Hey, change yourself, you're an asshole.". Actually, many did that every once and then, but I didn't listen. Why would I? But with her, she was my girlfriend, someone close to my, someone I would've done everything for, why would she try to trick me? So I figured she must be right, and I really am an asshole. That's where I realized a lot of things and became the Rio you know now. She still is a person I treasure as noone else, and we're still trying to be friends, because both of us wouldn't like losing each other forever.

Now, about my past in the internet. Of course, I didn't meet people right at the start, befriended them and that's it, it was a lot more complicated. There's about 50 people I can remember which I apparently stopped having contact with for whatever reason. One I still have contact with, is "Albi". That's just how am used to call her, and for privacy reasons I will not post her full name. "Albi" is the shortcut for "Albtraum", which means "Nightmare" in english. I've known her even longer than Mirodir, or I think about as long. The two of them never really met, though I do believe they had contact. Albi was one of my closest friends back then, but due to some "not-nice" events our friendship kind of ended for a while, meaning we stopped talking and lost interest in each other. Every now and then we chatted each other in MSN, but that did not happen too often. Anyways, recently I've started calling her a bit more often, and we talk with each other, often for a long time and often about completely unlogical topics, but it's fun to have her around.

I just looked how much I wrote already. Boy, who would've thought it would be THAT much. Besides, since we're just talking about past, I've decided to try to get in contact again with a lot more people than just Albi and Jenny, since they were good friends, and it makes no sense not having them around anymore.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rio's Randomness~ Part 5

Greetings, everyone! I recently was thinking about making an actual life-post again, since I really want to attract people, and the only way to do so is to actually write something interesting here, so, here we go!

Basically, school's almost finished, so I really need to think about what to do in my life. I need a job, of course. But well, I simply started searching for jobs too late, and now everything almost is taken so I do not have much choices left. I still wait for an answer from one job, and all the rest said I'm too late. So fact's, if I don't get a job I can either continue school or I'll sit at home for one year. Of course I prefer the second solution, but I'm afraid my mother does not want that. So all that's left is to wait, and hope.

Besides, I've been thinking about what new stuff I should post, and also have been thinking about whether I should also post Hentai suggestions, since I do watch quite much. However then again, it would be a 18+ topic, even without pictures and just the information. I do not know, I'll think about it again and wait for feedback to this from friends and such. Maybe they know better.

Also, I've recently uploaded a new YouTube video of an full anime opening since nobody else did it before me, might wanna watch it, I'll post it here.