Monday, May 31, 2010


That's right. Tarboy. Recently I've seen this really amazing animation once again, since I've seen it quite a while ago, and by far, the storyline included in this 6 minute video is really one of the most touching ones I've experienced in a long time. It's about Tarboy, a creature created out of the memory-chips of thousand enslaved robots, fused in the tarpit where the rest of their bodies melted away. And all he wants, is revenge.

Watch this masterpiece and convince yourself that you can create awesomeness even without an actual budget!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Touhou Time! - Cirno

Name: Cirno チルノ

Nickname: Cirno

Species: Fairy

Abilities: Manipulation of cold

Age: Implied to be over 60

Location: Misty Lake

Relationships: Daiyousei (Unknown)
| Letty Whiterock (Unknown)
| Sunny Milk (Friend)
| Luna Child (Friend)
| Star Sapphire (Friend)

Cirno is an ice fairy. While she is described as a weak boss in the Touhou series, if we consider the power of average fairies - who appear often as regular enemies - we can certainly say she is exceptionally strong for her kind. Her personality is childish, as you might expect from her appearance, and she is sometimes considered stupid. The small fairy was as agitated as usual. Because today, she had seen something bigger than the mountain. Of course, in reality, it was much smaller than the mountain, but from her impression, there wasn't that big of a difference. It was soon hidden in mist and disappeared from sight, but she was certain. It was definitely the great youkai "Daidarabocchi". She didn't know where it normally lived, but a moment after she became excited by seeing a rare youkai, the shrine maiden descended from the Youkai Mountain. "Have you seen any giant robo... anything big moving around here?" Asking that, the shrine maiden started searching in the mist. The small fairy found itself driven on by an odd irritation, thinking that she saw it first, so it was her thing. "I didn't see any Daidarabocchi." Saying that, she diverted the shrine maiden. From nothing more than simple curiosity, she decided to search for the great youkai here.

Cirno's Theme

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Introducing: Blade Fanatics

Ohaio everyone! It's been a time, I know, but except for the Touhou posts I sometimes do not know what in the world I actually should post. Basically I can just make way more posts about useless stuff which shouldn't be too interesting for you to read. For example, I'll tell you what I had for breakfast, if it was something unusual. "Today I've had pizza for breakfast". Sounds incredibly interesting, doesn't it? I can say that, yes, but I want a little bit more in my posts than just that.

Anyways, recently I've become quite addicted to Steam again, and thus am chatting there more than usual. I never expected Steam to be such fun, especially with chatting and roleplaying. I know the gaming community was awesome, but I had no idea. I have always been thinking about making my own group. A group with only people I want to be there, a group where everyone is nice and friendly, and of course, where everyone likes the same things. For example, Blades.

Yes, recently I have created such a group on Steam, called "Blade Fanatics". You can search for it and join it if you fancy sharp objects as much as I do. Yes, this includes scythes, daggers, swords, nodachi, katana and spears.

Here's a link to the main page.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Touhou Time! - Suwako Moriya

Name: Suwako Moriya 洩矢 諏訪子(もりや すわこ)

Nickname: Suwako

Species: Goddess of mountains

Abilities: The ability to create earth, ability to summon Mishaguji

Age: Unknown

Location: Moriya Shrine

Relationships: Kanako Yasaka (Fellow goddess)
| Sanae Kochiya (Wind priestress, descendant)
| Utsuho Reiuji (???)
| Mishaguji (Underlings)

The true god of the Shrine of Moriya. She is the God of Mountains, and was once the leader of the many gods that lived in the Mountains. During ancient times, she was a god in control of "Mishaguji". Mishaguji were curse gods who had obtained enormous amounts of faith, cursing birth, harvest, military, and many other things. Making light of these fearsome gods would lead to divine punishment. The only one able to tame these gods was Suwako. Because of this, she gained an extraordinary amount of faith, and cultivated a kingdom as its ruler while still being a god. However, many other gods of Yamato (ancient Japan) invaded her kingdom. One of those gods was Kanako. The many gods of Yamato continually conquered the small kingdom for themselves. They said that ultimately, they would unify all countries and create a single country called Japan. Naturally, Suwako resisted and fought with the finest steel weapons of the time. However, Kanako held out a thin vine, and Suwako's large steel arsenal instantly rusted. Suwako realized the difference in their divine powers and her defeat. She valiantly forfeited and relinquished her kingdom. And so, Kanako attained the kingdom of Moriya.

Suwako's Theme

Monday, May 17, 2010

Game Facts - Muramasa: The Demon Blade

As you may have noticed, I changed the introduction name for games to "Game Facts". It just sounds better that way. Anyways, here comes the game information.

In Muramasa, you fight with your character through thousands of enemies, in realtime fights which are full of action, use 100 different Swords with all unique abilities to slash your enemies with ease! The storyline is brilliant, you have two adventures with their own stories and characters included, Kisuke is a Ninja who lost his memory, and now he's on his way to get to know his past. Momohime is a young princess who is possessed by the soul of an evil swordsman, and is forced to do whatever he wants her to. Tons of regions to explore, forge your own new weapons, cook your own meals, and equip yourself to defeat all the awesome bosses this game offers! This game surely amazed me.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Touhou Time! - Shou Toramaru

Name: Shou Toramaru 寅丸 星 (とらまる しょう)

Nickname: Shou

Species: Youkai, Tiger

Abilities: Power to attract treasures

Age: At least 1000 years

Location: Temple of Myouren

Relationships: Nazrin (Underling)
| Byakuren Hijiri (Helper)
| Minamitsu Murasa (Captain)
| Ichirin Kumoi (Ally)
| Bishamonten (God)

A youkai representing good fortune. Byakuren had long been a devotee of Bishamonten. So, she thought she'd summon Bishamonten to her temple. But Bishamonten was very busy, and so was practically never there. Byakuren realized that the youkai around the temple had always been afraid. They must be afraid of Bishamonten. They must think that they're going to be exterminated. Bishamonten was too busy to hang around the temple much, and the youkai were too scared to come around. So, Byakuren came up with a cunning plan. She introduced the most honest and straightforward youkai on the mountain to Bishamonten and had the youkai gather faith in exchange. That chosen youkai was Shou. A youkai in the form of a tiger, she was also the youkai that other youkai on the mountain trusted the most. The busy Bishamonten quietly took her on as a disciple. However, she hadn't yet earned Bishamonten's full confidence. So, the mouse that acted as Bishamonten's helper, Nazrin, was selected to keep watch. But, in spite of Bishamonten's worries, she didn't cause any problems at all. She was an excellent assistant. Still, she was perhaps too excellent. When Byakuren was sealed away, she was completely focused on carrying out her duties as Bishamonten. She kept the fact that she was a youkai a secret from humans. She had her regrets about this, but it would have been self-destructive to reveal her true identity.

Shou's Theme

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rio's Randomness~ Part 4

Yo! It's been almost a week since my last post, but I had seriously no idea at all what to write in my next post after I've posted the Touhou Time post. I thought I'd come up with something, but seriously, nothing. Now, since it's almost time for our next Touhou post, I though I'd better make a new post since it doesn't look too good if there are two Touhou posts after another.
For me, I didn't do much, had a free week, played some games, well, did the things you do when you don't need to go to school. I've met some nice new people around this week whom I'm often playing L4D2 with. Speaking of L4D2, my other friends who went to London for a week are back, too, I'm looking forward to play some rounds with them!

Well, except for the usual bullshit I've been up to, I also played Portal again, since it is now free to play until the 24th of May, so better download Steam and grab a free version on your account as long as it's possible! Remember, anything free is good!

That's it for this time, I don't have anything else to tell you, you guys stay safe and see you again!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Touhou Time! - Utsuho Reiuji

Name: Utsuho Reiju 霊烏路 空(れいうじ うつほ)(通称:おくう

Nickname: Okuu

Species: Hell raven, Yatagarasu

Abilities: Manipulation of Nuclear Fusion

Age: Unknown

Location: Hell of Blazing Fires

Relationships: Satori Komeiji (Master)
| Rin Kaenbyou (Best Friend)
| Koishi Komeji (Master's younger sister)
| Kanako Yasaka (Giver of nuclear powers)
| Suwako Moriya (???)

Utsuho is one of Satori's pets, a Hell raven who has lived in the underground world since before it was separated from Hell. Her job is to regulate the flames of the Hell of Blazing Fires. Before the events of Subterranean Animism, she was told by a voice (presumably Kanako Yasaka's) that she could swallow the god, Yatagarasu, that was hidden in the flames to gain a power that would fulfill the wishes of both the worlds below and above the surface. This power was nuclear fusion. Utsuho misunderstood what the voice had told her, and decided that, using these powers, she would take over Gensokyo. Her friend, Rin Kaenbyou, became worried about Utsuho, and drove evil spirits to the surface to cause an incident among the strong youkai above ground, in hope that they would come down to do something about it and, when they got there, defeat Utsuho and bring her back to her former self. What came, however, was not a strong youkai, but a strong human.

Utsuho's Theme