Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Touhou Time! Review

Hey there! It's Rio again! You see, I've been thinking about Touhou Time recently. As you may have noticed, I haven't posted one this sunday. Well, to be honest, the actual reason is that I forgot it and I wanted to find an excuse now, but then I started thinking about this seriously. Why do I do this? I love Touhou, yes. Many like it, too. But all those who do like it say "We already know it so we don't read it." Everyone else I asked about this topic who don't know much about Touhou are like "Yeah, well, it doesn't really interest me." So now I'm at this point where I'm thinking about even stopping to make those posts. Basically, I know I've gathered quite some amazing amount of people who constantly check my blog, but will it be enough to fulfill my plan?

I wanted to make a poll. A simple poll about wether I should keep those posts or not. But in order to get good results out of, I need votes. And for that, I need people. So basically I need a bunch of people voting about what I should do. Sounds easy, right? Last time I did this I had like 11 Votes. That's not what I'm making polls for. Or posts.

Very well! Everyone, you've got your quest! Now go ahead and tell me what you think is best for the sake of this very blog!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The End of the Line

Yup, yesterday was "the Day".

I finished school yesterday, we had to go to this big event there, where there were thousands of people sitting around, and you kinda felt like "God, please let this end." We had a lot of stuff going on there, also, the classes said "Goodbye" to the teachers in a special way, also all classes had prepared a little video or something to also make it a bit funny. For example our class had a video full of interviews of us and the teachers. When they were going through the interviews, I was so glad they didn't show me how I flipped out about that the "microphone" they were using was just a rattle. But no, they just had to. In the end they showed the "Outtakes", and boy, they sure all laughed a lot about me, and I was never so embarrassed in my life. But it worked out. The only real embarrassing thing was that my mother came, too. And she drank alcohol. Like, alot. And well, she could barely stand, I told her to just get home already, because she wanted to prepare food that we can eat when I get home.

Anyways, our class also has a band. They're called "The All Stars" and they're pretty awesome to be honest. They really rocked the house, and Frederic was completely insane with this awesome guitar solo he made, everyone was like "Omg!", you could literally see it in their faces.

After the event ended, we all still wanted to go into a pub or something, to celebrate. Since I lived right next to the pub I quickly went up to check for my mom, and she wasn't home. Great, I know. Now this is totally not my style, but I went with them anyways and drank a cola. It's not much but at least something. After half an hour or something I went home, since it was utterly boring down there. Well, when I came home this time, she was already waiting for me at the door, wondering where I was. She said she was so worried. It was about 11:00 Pm. I stopped argueing about that and went right to my room. Of course she didn't make food, how can you if you can't even walk straight. Well, the rest of the day I spent time with Miro. We played some games here and there and discussed a few things. I also mentioned he should finally buy Team Fortress 2, what he wanted to do a while ago.

In the end, an old song video of "The All Stars" playing live. I did not find any newer ones, and apparently those are still some of the old band members, but that doesn't matter so much. And usually they sing "softer" songs.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Game Facts - CosmicBreak

I guess this is one of the only cases I can say "Title says it all."

The game is called CosmicBreak, and as I have mentioned before, I've played it recently. The Open Beta just started and it's a Japanese Shooting MMO where you have your own little squad of robots which you can fully customize, be it by buying new parts or colouring them completely like you want it. The wallpapers are amazingly awesome but apparently they don't make up for what the game lacks in graphic. But, however, what the game lacks in graphic, it makes up in gameplay! The fights are incredibly fun and there's 3 Unions you can join, you can then compete against the others in Arena fights for the honor of your Union. You can still play with your friends in other game modes if they are in a different Union, so no worries!

I can't say if it's just me, since I live in Germany, or if it is their servers, but every minute in the game I get a huge 10-second lagspike which makes me unable to see what's going on right now, but still, the game is very fun and maybe they'll even fix that issue someday.

Maybe you want the trailer?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since that thunderstorm stormed around Ichirin's place, he's been having problems with some games. I mean, yeah, that's bad, but we could still play sometimes, and chat. Now? Now it's completely fucked up. He wanted to upgrade his computer, and as it turned out that wasn't such a good idea, in short, he won't be able to come online for some while, which is pretty awful, since I spent much time with him, and I almost have no idea what to do when I have free time now.

Well, I also changed my name a while back in Steam to Luna Child. That's the fairy you saw in my "It's me, again" post picture. Isn't she just so adorable? Well, that's what I thought! Now she's part of my name list, one more identity to identify me, I suppose.

I also played some "CosmicBreak" the past days, if it wouldn't lag so hard I'd love the game so much. I'll write more about it later on, in a seperate post.

Other than that, not much happened, besides that I am utterly happy since yesterday. I don't know why that is, but hell, I'm not gonna complain about it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Touhou Time! - Alice Margatroid

Name: Alice Margatroid アリス・マーガトロイド

Nickname: Alice

Species: Magician

Abilities: Magic, Puppetry

Age: Unknown

Location: Forest of Magic

Relationships: Marisa Kirisame (Neighbour)
| Shanghai (Doll)
| Hourai (Doll)

Her ability allows her to use magic. Puppetry is a part of magic too. She rarely goes out by herself, but she had no other choice this time. She has many similarities to Marisa, namely living in the Forest of Magic, being a magician and a collectomaniac. However, they have an absolute difference in that Alice is a magician as a species while Marisa is a human magician. Other than that, they're also different in using forest's mushroom as preference or not. Of course, Alice is the one who doesn't like using them. Because of that and other things, they're on bad terms. Magic is her weapon. A magician's magic is always originally developed by the magician. The greatest difference between Alice and Marisa is that Marisa is a human of magician occupation whereas Alice is a magician as a species.You might imagine magicians as being indoor-type people; in Alice's case, you'd be right. She spends most of her time alone, and the forest is a good place for that. The forest is quite humid, however, and her dolls will become damaged without her constant care. Because of this, she's currently planning to make a doll that will automatically take care of other dolls.

Alice's Theme

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's me, again

Hey everyone! How are you? I'm fine. It's been some time since my last post, but you're used to that, I suppose. Today, or rather, this week, I decided to make an unordinary post. I mean, it's not that unordinary since I write it the same way I do others, but at least I write more in it, or, at least, planned it that way. Basically, I was thinking about my life, about everything, about future, about how I will manage to make it through. This is, of course, not the first time I've been thinking about these kind of things, but I do believe that is normal.

Let's start then, shall we? Since many of your newcomers who now read my blog have yet to read my introduction post, I guess you should do that, first. Read me!

Yes, that's me. My name is not Rio, but Pascal Kammer. By now, my age is 17 and I am about to finish school. I am German, and do live in Germany. As some of your may have guessed, I'm not too fond of my real name, that's why I chose to be Rio. No, that's wrong. Not I chose to be Rio, Mirodir did. My online name was Glamurio, and everyone called me "Glam" or "Glamu". Someday, Mirodir said something like "I'll not call you like your last three letters, "Rio". At first I was like... well, a little unhappy about that fact. I mean, it's not easy having someone calling you completely different after such a long time. But then, I began to like the name, many more started to call me this way, and there we go, Rio was born. Or rather reborn. Whatever floats your boat.

So, since I just mentioned Mirodir, I guess I can talk about him too, right? Mirodir is a good friend, and certainly my best one. I've known Mirodir for, I think 3 or 4 years, if not longer by now, and we still talk together, do things together. We don't do it as often as we did it back then, but it's amazing we still keep contact. Mirodir is a very sensitive person, he can be very empathetic and understands when you have problems, but yet he's also a very strong person who's able to deal with his own troubles and rather solves it himself than with the help of others. Back then, I was really different. I was much more childish, raged much, I was a terrible person. I've apologized several times to him because he was always the one suffering from it, even though it never bothered him. I am proud of having him as a friend, and I really look forward to the day we will meet in real-life.

About the fact that I changed, well. The person who made me change was no other than my previous girlfriend, "Tasha". Actually, her full name is Natascha, and I call her Tascha, but since I wasn't sure many english people can pronounce it right I just wrote "Tasha", wihout an "s". She made me change myself. I think I even mentioned that several times now, but she was the one to tell me "Hey, change yourself, you're an asshole.". Actually, many did that every once and then, but I didn't listen. Why would I? But with her, she was my girlfriend, someone close to my, someone I would've done everything for, why would she try to trick me? So I figured she must be right, and I really am an asshole. That's where I realized a lot of things and became the Rio you know now. She still is a person I treasure as noone else, and we're still trying to be friends, because both of us wouldn't like losing each other forever.

Now, about my past in the internet. Of course, I didn't meet people right at the start, befriended them and that's it, it was a lot more complicated. There's about 50 people I can remember which I apparently stopped having contact with for whatever reason. One I still have contact with, is "Albi". That's just how am used to call her, and for privacy reasons I will not post her full name. "Albi" is the shortcut for "Albtraum", which means "Nightmare" in english. I've known her even longer than Mirodir, or I think about as long. The two of them never really met, though I do believe they had contact. Albi was one of my closest friends back then, but due to some "not-nice" events our friendship kind of ended for a while, meaning we stopped talking and lost interest in each other. Every now and then we chatted each other in MSN, but that did not happen too often. Anyways, recently I've started calling her a bit more often, and we talk with each other, often for a long time and often about completely unlogical topics, but it's fun to have her around.

I just looked how much I wrote already. Boy, who would've thought it would be THAT much. Besides, since we're just talking about past, I've decided to try to get in contact again with a lot more people than just Albi and Jenny, since they were good friends, and it makes no sense not having them around anymore.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rio's Randomness~ Part 5

Greetings, everyone! I recently was thinking about making an actual life-post again, since I really want to attract people, and the only way to do so is to actually write something interesting here, so, here we go!

Basically, school's almost finished, so I really need to think about what to do in my life. I need a job, of course. But well, I simply started searching for jobs too late, and now everything almost is taken so I do not have much choices left. I still wait for an answer from one job, and all the rest said I'm too late. So fact's, if I don't get a job I can either continue school or I'll sit at home for one year. Of course I prefer the second solution, but I'm afraid my mother does not want that. So all that's left is to wait, and hope.

Besides, I've been thinking about what new stuff I should post, and also have been thinking about whether I should also post Hentai suggestions, since I do watch quite much. However then again, it would be a 18+ topic, even without pictures and just the information. I do not know, I'll think about it again and wait for feedback to this from friends and such. Maybe they know better.

Also, I've recently uploaded a new YouTube video of an full anime opening since nobody else did it before me, might wanna watch it, I'll post it here.

Touhou Time! - Suika Ibuki

Name: Suika Ibuki いぶき すいか

Nickname: Suika

Species: Oni

Abilities: Manipulation of density

Age: Unknown

Location: Youkai Mountain, Heaven, Hakurei Shrine

Relationships: Yukari Yakumo (Friend)
| Tenshi Hinanai (Neighbor in Heaven)
| Yuugi Hoshiguma (Fellow "Deva of the Mountain")
| Reimu Hakurei (Friend)

There are supposedly no oni in Gensokyo, but this girl insists that she is an oni. Oni are generally jolly and love to drink, feast, and compete with humans in any kind of contest, from simple melee to drinking games. When they find a human that they like, they tempt that human into challenging them in any way the human desires. Should the human lose, they are abducted. The oni find these games to be great fun, but humans don't appreciate the nature of that fun. Put simply, humans cannot compare to an oni's level of ability. Humans could enjoy themselves as much as the oni if they tried to reach the power level of their opponents, but they don't. Worse still, humans attempt to destroy the oni with underhanded tactics. Abduction by oni used to be a symbol of human fear, which was the oni's reason for being. In a way, that fear was necessary to the human race... Yet, the humans selfishly put an end to it. The oni, growing weary of being duped and killed repeatedly, abandoned humans for all time and moved to a place beyond human reach, or so the legend says. In any case, the oni have not been seen since. This girl insists that she is an oni.

Suika's Theme

Friday, June 11, 2010

Team Fortress 2 goes Mac!

Today Valve finally announced the Mac support for the game Team Fortress 2. Now we all know how awesome this game is, but now we get even more people to play it, and that is just more than only awesome! To celebrate this fantastic event, Valve offers everyone to play Team Fortress 2 this weekend for free! Yeah, that's right! Just go get Steam, download the game and play it as long as you still can!

As a little extra, every Mac-User who plays the game this weekend will receive earbuds like those you see in the picture as a special limited hat-accessory!

Also, coming with the new updates, Valve has made a new interface for Team Fotress 2, as well as added a Training Modus for all new players and finally added Bots to the game! You can check out the new features once you are in the game!

Here's the Mac-Release video, in case you want to see it:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visual Changes

Hey everyone! This is me, again. Like always. Who else'd you expect? Anyways, I've decided to come up with some minor visual changes on the blog. I changed the color of the text, as well as also the color of the links and everything else. I also, as you see, have new link-pictures to the sites of my friends, and as you see I removed two and added a new one, I did not stay in contact with Syn and I don't I really need a picture for myself. The new one is for Wriggle, or Ichirin, however he'd like you to call him, he's familar with both. He's gotten a really good friend as I've mentioned before, so of course I will also support his blog, too. The other two stay the same, Jenny and Miro. Although I haven't really talked with Jenny in a while and she gave up her blog for the time being, I am sure she will have her comeback and if not, her blog is really worth checking out, after all she still has a link picture of me in there. And Miro, well. He probably will always be one of my friends, even though I barely chat with him nowadays, it is a weird bond which connects us. I guess that's pretty much the bond you make with your first internet friend. We've known each other for so many years now that I stopped counting. Of course he also doesn't blog too often, but he's sometimes in this very shoutbox so you might want to try and help me convince him to write more stuff.

So, that's pretty much it. I hope you like the new design and changes, if you have any suggestions about how this blog should look like, feel free to post it in the comments.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Touhou Time! - Byakuren Hijiri

Name: Byakuren Hijiri ひじり びゃくれん

Nickname: Byakuren

Species: Magician

Abilities: Magic

Age: Unknown

Location: Temple of Myouren

Relationships: Ichirin Kumoi (Follower)
| Minamitsu Murasa (Saved youkai)
| Shou Toramaru (Follower)
| Myouren Hijiri (Younger brother)
| Nue Houjuu (Living at her temple)

Byakuren's sibling Myouren was a famous monk. Myouren's days were spent easily tossing around enormous pots that contained great storehouses and curing sick people's illnesses in remote places. Byakuren, getting along in years, learned Buddhist magic from Myouren. She normally lived on Tobikura, which was packed with Myouren's Buddhist power, and so naturally Byakuren gained power of her own. However, Myouren died before Byakuren. The bereaved Byakuren started to fear death greatly. She obtained the power to regain her youth, but rather than a Buddhist art, it was something more like black magic. After having mastered the power of youth and left behind a normal creature's lifespan, the next thing she came to fear was someday losing her power. The only way to lose that black art was for Humanity to reject it entirely.
In other words, if youkai ceased to exist, she wouldn't be able to sustain her own power. And so, she honored youkai. She pretended to be a great youkai exterminator, but actually saved the youkai behind the scenes. She had great respect for youkai, but not because she disliked humans. In the beginning, it was born from her own greed, but as she learned of the difficult past the youkai had borne, she began to think she needed to do something to help them.

Byakuren's Theme

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boredom reigns~ Part 4

Actually, it's not even boredom, I just don't have anything better to do. And I don't want to always look totally emo when I'm making posts, so I decided to tell you something less depressing. I could've named it "Rio's Happiness", but I noticed my last "Boredom reigns~" post is miles back, so rather do that. First off, I know my life sucks and can be very hard at times, but would I still keep on living if it would be like that all the time? Hell, no. So here I go telling you a bit about the good things that happened in my life, once.

With the thing about my girlfriend, excuse me, ex-girlfriend, she called and we had a talk, she read what I wrote, something I did not expect, and now it's kind of settled. I mean we might be no longer together, however we still care for each other and that is what matters most, I suppose. So I'm feeling a bit better than usual. I've actually managed to not cry this day, maybe it'll stay like that! That'd be awesome.

Also, this will be the first time I'll introduce you to a rather new person in my life. Wriggle. That is atleast how most people call him. I will not tell his real name since he might not want it. Anyways, Wriggle. Since I suppose you'll be reading this, I can also talk to you. We might not know each other for a long time, but at least you cheered me up like nobody else did in the past few weeks, you also were the one I spend the most time with in the past weeks, we played a lot together, you introduced me to some very nice friends of you, too, and we even talked via phone. I just wanted to thank you for all the time you've been there for me, even if it's not much and our friendship may not last forever, at least you'll always have a place in this very post.

I have also been thinking about changing my link boxes you see on the right. However I seriously do not want to go through all the effort with searching matching pictures and put some letters on them. So I'll just leave it for now. Maybe if someone of you guys find 4 matching pictures, then please tell me, I'll take a look at them! 3 should do, too!

For now, farewell everyone, I hope you enjoyed this post since it will be one of the few posts where you see me happy! Or at least I think so. Maybe I'll make these kind of posts more often now! Who knows?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I hate my life! :D (Part 4)

Did you really think Part 3 was the last one? I can assure you, even this will not be the last time you see me hating my awful life...

Anyways, maybe I should tell you what actually happened. Did I tell you about my precious girlfriend? Hell, I think I did. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met in my entire life, and I would give up everything to keep it that way. Well, to make it short, we broke up. Yes. And now my whole life seems to be a mess, I'm crying constantly without even wanting to, I'm feeling almost all the time depressed and I cannot even sleep well anymore...

I think of her all the time and I can't concentrate on any other thing in life, this is really the most painful time ever, I don't even wish my greatest any such suffering. It's not like it is anyone's fault that we broke up, it was for the greater good. We fought often and someday it was just too much to take for her, I'm not really the perfect person so I cannot blame her for her decision...

And well, I've tried to avoid contact with her, since I cry everytime when we talk, and not just some tears, it's really showering out of my eyes and I try hard to stop it but it keeps coming. Guess what? Even right now my eyes are wet again, but it's better than usual...
Recently we started talking more again, but that's now even worse because often it feels like she's got better stuff to do, or is unavailable because she's talking to someone.
Like, she knows this very guy which is probably a very good friend to her, and she calls him "Honey" or at least did once, and talks to him so often, that it just rips my heart out and lets it explode to pieces...

I cannot say how close he is but I can imagine that there soon will be something going on between them, if not already...

Well, folks, thank you for listening, let's just hope I won't wake up tomorrow anymore...