Friday, July 30, 2010

Game Facts - Sengoku Rance

Hey everyone! It's been a while, I know!

Well, that's because I was playing Sengoku Rance all along, non-stop. This game has had something which really forced me to play, and still somehow does. Since most of you don't know this very game, it's my duty to introduce this game to you.

Sengoku Rance isn't the first part of the "Rance" series, but by far the best one. I know, I did not want to talk about Hentai games, but Sengoku Rance is a game where you ignore the fact that there's nude women scattered all around the place because the actual gameplay is way more fun than looking at the naked bodies of all those beauties. Not like it'd be any bad to add sex to a game, if it weren't for the 18+ tag. I have to be pretty careful about what I show to you regarding this game, so I decided to show the Opening and a simple gameplay action.

It takes place in the medieval Japan, you are Rance and you've basically come to Japan to fuck all women there. Sounds cool, yeah. Since I don't want to go into detail, I'll make it short. You have a province in Japan, you have an army, and you want to conquer Japan. Easier said than done, since there's quite some harsh enemies, but with such an amazing fighting system, which is actually just as simply as genius, it's even fun to lose sometimes! The game surely features about 50 characters, about almost all coming with their own little storyline, and you're able to recruit and fuck all of them. Well, at least the girls. Almost every commander you fight against can be recruited, some have really nice and unique abilities and some just look awesome.

I think I can't really say much more to the game than this if I want to make it short. Have some!

And here some gameplay!

And before all of you go like "That's Japanese! I can't read that!". There is an english patch available, which can be found here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rio's Randomness~ Part 6

Yo! It's been a while, I know, I know. I just don't always feel like blogging, but you should know about that. It's not like I don't want to, it's more like that, especially recently, there's always a lot of stuff going on and after all that, I just don't feel like writing about my day anymore.

I've basically reunited myself with all those old friends I had back then, you know, that streaming site, Randaris-Anime. Did I tell you about it? Not like many of you are going to visit it, anyway, but still, most people are somewhat okay there. Some are really weird, though...
Also! It's german, so you won't understand a single bit of it unless you manage to read that language. Which is kind of obvious... isn't it?

As for the games, I've played a lot of Warcraft 3 again, fan maps of course, and mostly with those I hang out in Teamspeak all day. It's pretty funny, yet sometimes utterly boring. Also, like everyone else I know, I've played Alien Swarm. Yeah, that new free Alien Shooter thing on Steam. I like it. It's gotten boring again, though. After finishing the campaign about 5 times and maximizing my level, I just don't feel like playing it all over again. Say... do you guys like Pokémon? You do? Well, so do I! Of course not the crappy animes they created, because those are far away from being any good. I'm talking about the games! And, of course, the fighting system! The variety of creatures, the amount of attacks, and possibilities in the games... that always gets me! I'm already looking forward to the next one. However, that was not why I mentioned it! Recently, Mirodir showed me some kind of Battle Simulator software, called Shoddy Battle. It's a JavaScript which lets you create your own Team out of almost all Pokémon and fight against other folk! It's pretty fun, since it comes with a very descriptive database, containing many strategies and builds you can use to improve your Team.

Talking about Pokémon and its anime, I've also watched anime recently again. Yes, I have! I'm proud of it, too, since it's been a time I last watched an anime. This time, it was Clannad, and I'm very impressed of how good the characters are, you just have to love them all! I didn't quite finish it, I think I'm at half of it, but while watching Clannad, I suddenly felt like watching Naruto, too. I started with watching Naruto, since I'm basically up-to-date when it comes to the normal one. I'm so far at episode 5 of Shippuuden, I'll see how it goes on and'll let you know!

I guess that's about all I had to say, I think I'll talk some more about the people I play all day with, and describe them a bit here, since by now, they surely are somehow a part of my life. Anyway, farewell friends, see you next time!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Miro's Comeback!

What are you saying? You don't know him? I'll show you!

I am talking about my probably best friend, Mirodir! He went to France last week, yes, just one week, and I missed that bastard more than anything else. Even though I had lots of fun when I played games and watched videos with all sorts of people, nothing can replace him. I never really missed him, because he actually was always there, everyday you just saw him coming online and were like "Oh, it's just Miro." But I really realized how much he meant to me, and even if it sounds unbelievable gay to say so, and I will kill him if he thanks me for writing about him like that, I just have to say that.

Now that he's back, I can finally tell him all the stuff I wanted to tell him, can play all the games I wanted to play with him, and am finally not feeling all too bad anymore. Of course, without Ichirin, life's a bit more boring by now, but Mirodir has never let me down in the past years, and I've known him for I think about 4 years by now.

Come to speak of him! You have to check out his blog. I know he's not updating it, and I know he's not as awesome as I am, but he's a friend of me and thus an important part of my life, and I demand that you respect him just as much as me! Also, I'm doing this to force him to be more active. With more viewers he just has to do something. And he will. Watch and learn.

Anyway, folks! Have a nice day, and see you next time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life ain't that bad

I know. I should be depressed and sad by now, but recently I've realized a few things which kept me alive.

First, there's a lot of stuff which is fun and worth living for, even if it's just that tiny amount of joy it sure makes up for all the sadness in my life. Second, there's plenty of people who have it worse than I do, I'm crying about being lonely and having a shitty life, but really? I don't think I deserve the right to cry about that. And last, well, I know that this will end someday soon. I don't know how long this'll last, but it won't last forever. Which I cannot say to all the other people who have worse lives. Who knows when their pain will end?

Anyhow, even if I'm often lonely, bored to the extreme, and feel like crying constantly, I'll get over it. Maybe the girl I had a crush on suddenly has a boyfriend, maybe the people I spend most time with are unavailable, and maybe I have nothing else to do than to waste all my time sitting in front of a screen, but guess what? It could be worse!

Imagine if I were like, really poor, like even more than I already am, and we'd have no internet. Boy, would I be screwed. Or if I'd live in some bullshit country, where there's no actual system like you know it. Like living in Vietnam or something. People there really have it hard.
I should stop complaining so much about my life and try to find happy parts in it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anybody there...?

Recently, I've been very lonely. Ever since me and Tasha broke up I've been having this feeling. But about the time I met Ichirin, things started to get fun again. I actually started playing games again. I started playing games again I usually don't play. And the reason for that was Ichirin. It was so fun playing with him, but I never noticed that he was the fact it was so much fun. Usually I thought it's because of the game, and Ichirin is an extra. But I was wrong.

When Ichirin and I had that fight, things started to change and life became really boring again. I suddenly didn't know what to do with all that free time I have now. I mean, I still had Mirodir, I started spending more time with him again, since we always were friends and all. And from that moment on, everything kind of started making fun again. But Miro had to work everyday and he was always online pretty late which means I had no idea what to do in the time where he wasn't around. And well, right now Mirodir's on holiday in France, which means I have basically nobody to do anything with me. Red and Vuur are constantly not there, wondering what the heck they're doing so long, but then again I know that they're often working pretty hard and long. Lukas, my cousin, is currently the only one spending time with me. He's the only one who talks to me when he comes online and plays a game or two with me. But he isn't so much into game so that's just about 2 hours of my day.

You can't imagine how many hours I sit in front of my screen, waiting for someone to chat me. Yeah, it's easy to start conversations, but I once want people to think of me first when they chat me, I want them to think "I wonder what Rio is doing...". It's a silly thing to desire, but yet that's really all I want and I only want it because I feel so lonely.

Since my mother is currently in hospital for whatever reasons, I'm all alone at home, too. Sometimes I feel like crying, and I'm just walking around in my house, doing nothing. Whenever I want to call someone, I get rejected, not the evil way, just a kind "I currently have no time, I'm sorry, we talk later!". It's not that I'm angry for that. It just hurts.

When times are hard like this you usually see who's really your friend and sticks to you, and the currently only "person" doing that is Sandy. Yes, Sandy. Sandy is the name of my cat, and for some reason she really wants to be close to me now. Whenever I leave the room she instantly follows me, she always tries to couch around me, and when I sleep she even sleeps on or next to the bed. At least someone is worrying about me. That's a good thing. That made me feel much better.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Touhou Time! Poll Review

Yeah. To make it short, the poll was fucked up. I knew not many would vote in there, but I didn't know out of 100 people daily, only 7 persons care about my posts. And also, those are friends, so no freaking random person did ever bother looking into this kind of shit. That makes me rage. Actually, it just makes me angry and sad, but that's as worse.

Well, 5 said they want the post, 2 said they don't. Or something like that. But you know what? I'm dissapointed. Really. I didn't ask for the opinion of my friends, I asked for the opinion of everyone. And if only my friends vote, it was so obvious most wouldn't want me to stop posting. Could've just decided by myself from the start. So for now, I won't be posting anymore reviews of Touhou Characters any time soon. I'll think about it, and I'll think about how I make people actually care for this blog.

Also, today's weather was a total bitch again. I was playing Sims 3 again with that new add-on, and played for about 4 hours and saved somewhere between. Well, somewhere after 4 hours my computer suddenly crashed because it was too hot, again. That's some bullshit, because now I even lost the mood in playing that game. Because I would need to do it all over again. This game seriously needs an autosave.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nothing lasts forever

Indeed, this title seems to fit my whole live-style for some reason. But of course, like always, there was a recent event that triggered the decision to post something.

Yesterday was the first day I didn't tell Ichirin a common "Good night!". Well, that is, if you do not count the times he wasn't available, since he was available this time. Short version, me and Ichirin had a fight about some things concerning me, some things I already knew and I still need to change otherwise this won't be the last friend I lose. We basically broke up our friendship, which is sad, since it was great spending time with him. But I guess that's how things are. There's no point crying about it too much, since it's my fault. Oh well.

Also, since we're at it, the heat also doesn't seem to be lasting forever, since it got a lot colder the past days, which rocks since I'm able to play Prince of Persia and all other games as long as I want. Too bad those games ALSO do not last forever, Prince of Persia is glitching around and freezes at certain times and Dead Space has an unbelievable annoying camera bug which makes the game unplayable.

Also, Engineer Update is coming soon! I'm really looking forward to it, also it's more motivation to play TF2 in the following days! More than usual, that is!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Greetings, again! Today, it's a bit of a useless and senseless post, and I actually wanted to post it right after I woke up, but there was so much happening today, so I just went with the flow. Right after I woke up, I felt a breeze. Wind. Cold, refreshing wind. The past days it's been incredible hot outside, making my room to something similar to a cooking pot. I swear, there's surely 30°C or more in here.

So sleeping also is kind of... Well, you get the point. But this morning, my mom seemed to have opened the window while I slept, and I felt a breeze I haven't felt the past weeks. Everytime you opened the window, there was just hot air coming inside, so it felt amazingly good this time.

Due to the hot tempatures, well, it was very hot in here, causing my computer to get really hot, too. And some know what happens if a computer gets 100°C. Yeah, it shuts off. So, everytime I played Singularity, it crashed after 30 minutes. And recently that has happened with Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, too. Usually I have a fan here to cool me down, but I'm afraid that doesn't help my computer so much. I'll just hope it gets a bit colder in the next days, because I'm sick of this heat.


Transformice. A title which doesn't make too much sense when you know what the game is about. You basically are a mouse and need to get some cheese and bring it to your hole. Sounds easy? There are a lot of obstacles to hinder you doing so, also, sometimes you can't get to the hole. If it weren't for the shaman. The shaman is a special sort of mouse which can spawn all sorts of planks, boxes and anvils in order to help his fellow mice achieve their goals. However, being shaman is not always as easy as it sounds, not just that the controls are something you really have to get used to, the other mice won't make it easy for you to build, because sometimes they just don't go where you want them to, so you can't help them.

I better get you guys a gameplay video, there's a lot I can't describe and is easier to show.