Monday, August 30, 2010

Plasmatic cheese from another universe.

I'm beginning to doubt the reason for my very existence. That, and I'm running out of names for my blogposts.

I don't know where exactly I am trying to get with my current situation. I have no job, I do not visit any kind of school. I have no income of my own, and by now, I am 17 years old. If this goes on, I'll be ending on the street, soon. Don't be fooled by the nice looks of my parents, my dad clearly told me "As long as you don't have a job, you don't even need to think about living here."
As my mother clearly does not get enough money anymore to take care of both of us, even that possibility fails.

Now don't you all come here and say "Yeah, then go get a job."
If it were that easy, I'd have one already. It's not like I didn't try. I admit I didn't even try that hard, but I put a lot of effort in it, and all for nothing. I am unable to find any of the jobs I would like to do around here, since they're either taken, too far away or non-existing. And everybody tells me that I must not ever do some kind of job which I won't like. The heck am I supposed to do, then? I still haven't gotten a reply on the application I've send out regarding the newspaper. I might be able to get that part time job, but still, it'll be just a part time job.

Come to think of it, I wrote this post because I felt lonely. I'm not saying I don't have any friends. I do have quite a few, and I'm proud to have those. But still, you guys aren't always there when I need you. Right now, the only people around are Kumiko and Crimson, because it's in their timezone, and even they are busy being away or playing. I usually stay up this late, which means I don't really share the same sleeping times as you other guys. It's a shame, really. Also, pretty much people deleted me for various reasons. I don't know why, but it was probably because of a lacking conversation. Even though I tried to chat with most of them, they were mostly away or did not reply. It's not my fault, so, whatever.

On my adventureous quest to find a fitting picture for today's blog I found out that you find just as much pictures about Nazrin when searching for the keyword "cheese" as when you search for her actual name. A funny coincidence. Well, she is a Mouse-Youkai after all, so I can't blame anyone. I've been watching Naruto on and on and have finally reached the newest episode. Now, I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode, a new arc will start, and that also means there will be a new opening! I can't wait! I've also played Pokémon, since I don't do much other things nowadays, but I've played less than usual because even that gets boring if there's nobody to play with.

I think I still wanted to say something just now, but I forgot it the moment I wanted to type it. I wonder what it was... Was it important? I can't tell anymore. I'm sure I'll let you guys now once I remember it. Anyway, see you around.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Greetings everyone, how've you been? I've been doing good!

Or so I'd like to believe. Things've gotten quite... unpleasant. The reason for my absence was because of some unwanted mail last week. I was currently phoning with Cheo at that time, and we were just talking about how I'll get that job for sure, when I received their answer that they're not taking me in for it. I was pretty sad, and I really didn't really know what to do now. It was basically my last chance, and there it slipped just away. Naturally, I didn't feel like blogging at all at that moment. Recently many people were asking me "What's with your blog? You should post something!".
There you have it.

However I must say, no matter how depressing the last week was, it's fine again. My very last chance is to get at least a part-time job as soon as possible, so I'll be at least doing something. We'll see about that. Again, I've realized that they're some pretty awesome people around me, which I totally forgot about when I was sulking. I don't know if some of them are fine with me mentioning them here, but I'd like to at least mention some of the people who helped me to cheer up again, especially when I wasn't feeling so good. Some of those might even read this very blog.
Thanks goes to Mirodir, Kumiko, Eliz, CrimsonEcho(I will find out your real name, believe me!), Katie, Steve, Cheo, and alot more people who've just helped out a tiny bit. That doesn't mean all my other friends are less important, though, so don't you sulk now!

Even if, at some point, those guys really annoyed the heck out of me, I'm glad to have them around. Furthermore, I have continued watching Naruto: Shippuuden and I must say I'm loving this anime more and more! The storyline is unbelievable! Also, I've watched a bit of Highschool of the Dead, more about that in a later blogpost I suppose. Ah! Dustin, one of my old childhood friends is back again! He wasn't online for months and I was wondering where he left off, but it seems he was simply on vacation. Maybe I'll tag up with him, Vuur and Mechta for some more rounds of L4D2 in the future days.

At this point I'd also like to thank all my friends for still reading my blog. It's great to have you all around, and I'd like to keep you all as close as you are now! Maybe that will not happen, but remember, I won't forget any of you, ever! That's so far all I had to say, farewell!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boredom reigns~ Part 5

Did any of you guys every notice how often I say "It's been a while, I know!" at the start of those freaking blog posts? Kind of scared me when I noticed. Anyways, back to topic.

If there were any topic. Once again, your Emperor feels a little too bored and thought it might be nice to write another post around here. Since I don't particularly have any idea on my mind, I'll just give you a short review of the past week.

As I've told you, I played Sengoku Rance quite a lot, but I think after the 3rd time I completed the game, it's gotten boring. Not to say it's gotten less exciting, but I just lack the motivation to actually play it. I'm always like "What for?". Speaking of motivation, I've been watching Naruto more and more lately! By now, I'm at Episode 65. It's alot more interesting than I thought it would be. But that's a good thing after all, right? Oh, I also played a lot of Pokémon SoulSilver in the past days. I've had so much trouble with the Steelix being Level 35 and only getting scratches from my full force fire attacks. After some annoying training I managed to OHKO it, and I got really happy. While I was on my training, I suddenly encountered Entei. I was pretty surprised, but I kind of got the idea that capturing Entei would be my chance to finish off that freaking Steelbeast. So I spend 1 hour, I repeat, 1 goddamn hour in catching this Pokémon. Why? Because I'm stubborn as fuck. The Entei was Level 40 and had full HP, after round 1 it would instantly run away, meaning I had to catch that thing in the first round. You know how low the chance is to catch a Level 40 legendary Entei with full HP without any status changes? 1.59%.
I must've been nuts to try and catch it. But well, after 1 hour I eventually gave up on that idea.

Since I didn't have any further troubles in the game I kept playing until, of course, the emulator had to freeze and I wasn't able to save shit. Which made me angry. Really angry. So I gave up on playing Pokémon for the time being. However, I've played a lot more Warcraft 3 again, with all the funmaps it offers it always is a good choice if you want to have a game which you can play to pass time with your friends.

Also, I'd like to mention two more important people in my life, who recently (re)appeared. First one would be Cheo. She's unbelievable shy and that's also what makes her cute. She's been a friend of me for quite a long time, until she didn't come online anymore, which made me pretty sad back then. However, she came online again the last week and I was able to chat and phone a whole bunch with her. I'm really happy to have her back since I really consider her a true friend.
The second one would be Kumiko. Heh. I met Kumiko on Steam, we talked, and we liked each other. Kumiko's a lot different than me or many other of my friends, since he's pretty much "into real life". Meaning he's not online often and even if, we do not share the same time zone. However, I enjoy spending time with him despite that he can be a real asshole once in a while, but I'm not any different.

Look how much I wrote again! Geez, how come whenever I want to make something short, it turns out to be so much... Anyway! Have a nice weekend, everyone!