Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a sad world we live in...

I'm actually rather teary the second I'm writing this...

I feel terrible. All around me, people are having trouble with their life, some even wish they'd be dead rather than to continue living. They seem to have an even worse life than I do. I don't even know what to type, my head feels completely empty... It's really dragging me down.

I usually really want to cheer them up. Of course I want them to be happy. I'm trying to talk to them, help them, give tips, whatever comes to my mind, but it's usually all useless, they won't listen and stay as sad as they are... Sometimes I don't even have any tips and it makes it even more depressing. I just wish my friends could be happy.

I'm starting to cry the more I type... I feel horrible. Life might not be great for me, but if my friends are having worse problems and I'm not even able to help them, I just don't know anymore... Some of those mentioned people don't even read my blog. Those who read it... you know what I'm referring to. Maybe it's a special thing, maybe it's a person. Something in your life isn't going to way you'd want it to go, and it's eating you up from inside. I can imagine you spend countless nights crying your heart out, until finally falling to sleep from exhaustion, just to wake up the next day, knowing nothing will change.

Just so you know, it really gets me sad, too. To some I don't even mention it at all, to some I talk about it all the time. Whenever you're feeling bad, talk to me. Because if there's one thing that I hate more than my life, than it's the fact that others are having it worse.

I would really wish all of those mentioned friends would read this, each and every one of them. I think this is so far the only post I've been writing while crying, and frankly, it gets a bit annoying to rub your eyes every 20 seconds. This is going to be so embarrassing.

And to just round this thing up, nothing really happened. I looked for work, but there's nothing really good. I will try to get a job at REWE next year, for sure. The earlier I am, the better chances I have. Other than that, I finished Mitsudomoe and have no anime I really want to watch right now, except for Naruto which takes one week to release a new episode. Luckily, Mirodir mentioned Case Closed, or rather Meitantei Conan, today, so I'll watch this 300+ episodes anime for now, even though I'll not watch ALL episodes. Have been trying to get people to play League of Legends more. Without any success.

I guess that's it for me, my eyes seem to have calmed down and I can think clearly again.
See you, everyone.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hooray! I was so busy thinking of what to write in my new post that I almost did not notice that I've achieved 50000 views today! This is amazing, I've never ever expected my blog to be so famous, but obviously, I simply rock -that- hard.

It took me quite a while to look for a fitting picture. I kept looking around, surely browsed about 30 pages of pictures, and then went back and looked through all of them again just to find a picture that works well with my post. Of course it had to be something I have a relation to. Something that is funny to me, because I know it. But on the other side, it had to be something which is also funny for anyone who sees it. After I noticed that I spent 1 hour searching for a picture, I just said "Fuck this." and took a cute one I had. Hope you like it.

Anyways! It's great you guys still hang around here. Not much's happened except for the fact that I met a bunch of great new people. Also, guess what, I have still no job. Maybe I'm just a failure? Thinking about it won't help either. I'm getting sick of the fact that I mention that in every goddamn post in the last weeks. And I'm pretty sure it's starting to annoy you, too.
So, yeah, played bunch of games, L4D2 DLC "The Sacrifice" is out, and it brought some new stuff to that game, so I played that, too. This weekend League of Legends offers every hero to play because they won an award.

Oh, before I forget it. To celebrate this awesome event, I've thought of something. Nothing big, really, I'll just show you guys some music I usually listen to. One thing at the start, if you do not like J-Rock you probably shouldn't even bother listening to it.

Death Devil - Genom

Houkago TeaTime - Girls in Wonderland

And, because that's also one track I listen to, I'll just give you the opening of Mitsudomoe, even if it's the full version. It's apparently the only good one on YouTube.

Yes, I watch that kind of stuff. Deal with it.
See you next time!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Living on.

I guess there's always hope. Not that I'd find life worth living for again, but I guess all I can do is to hope for things to get better.

Some people do not seem to like the fact that I feel so bad, and at least for their sake I can try to cheer up a bit. Life was okay for now, I mean it's not like I'm suffering because of the fact that I get no job, I mean I have a perfect life for now, but still I won't have an easy life if I don't have any job in the future.

Pokémon Black and White is out in Japan, and I've played the Japanese version a bit. It's pretty awesome and just as fun as every other Pokémon RPG. Especially the fights make the whole game a alot more lively, since the sprites are all animated, constantly. I've seen, but of course, all of the new Pokémon, and there are quite a few pretty amazing ones. But enough about Pocket Monsters.

I've played a lot of League of Legends with Mirodir and the others recently, I've really grown to like that game again. I also played some Sims 3 while I was bored, and a whole bunch of Team Fortress 2. Especially because of the new Mann-conomy update, where they added the long awaited trading system, new items, and a shop where you can buy items. The good thing is, all items you can buy are not craftable, and you can find them all the usual way, with the same stats. I think that's a very good decision.

I... haven't really found a job, yet again. I'm still looking, but there's so much stuff which is no-good, and if I find something cool, something just doesn't work out for me to get that job.
My parents don't really like that fact, as you can probably imagine. My father is just really pissed off at me, and my mother is too worried about the fact that I'll ruin my life. Or so she thinks. Well, I can't do more than to just keep trying.

Anyways, yeah. Haven't made a blogpost in a while so I figured I might as well do that again. I really somewhat stopped caring for my blog since I lost a lot of motivation for obvious reasons. Oh, yeah, I've read a lot of stuff on TVTropes, a very interesting site with a very addicting impact. I really like it, but once you start reading you'll stick around for at least 30 minutes. I can't really think of much else that's happened. Oh, yeah. I recently visited the orthodontist again. Why? As I've recently noticed many of you do not know the fact that I indeed have braces. Nothing too new or interesting, except for the fact that they fucking screw my whole mouth, and I since a few days ago constantly bleed at least a tiny bit in my mouth. That thing's scratching my tongue open again and again, and I can't even stop it, I "have to get used to it".

Well, no idea what else to say. Have a new avatar in Steam. Traded alot of shit in TF2. Bought some heroes in LoL. Created new Sims in Sims 3. Started watching Mitsudomoe. Still suck at life.

Good luck in your life, see you around.