Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gotta keep walkin'

Just imagine it WOULD be Saturday today. This was supposed to be written at saturday but I was too tired to write a whole Blog Post by then, so I simply delayed it.

SO, yeah, main reason for me to write this post was to tell you that I actually had real life this saturday. YES UNBELIEVABLE I KNOW. No, it wasn't because there was an Otaku meeting right in my town (though that would be reason enough, too), no, I met a girl I've known for... 3 years? I mentioned her before, no idea how, though. I may have said "Albi", which is a nickname she had because of her name "Albtraum", German for "Nightmare". I'm not sure if she's fine with the fact that I say her real name, so I better don't, she'll be embarassed enough that I do a whole post because of her. And she'll probably punch me next time we meet.

So anyways, we met. I pretty much spent all my spare money on that meeting, too. I thought it would be worth it. Well, we live pretty close to each other, so we figured it might not hurt to actually meet once. And so we did. Oh, and just so you know, we're not together or anything. We spent the whole day walking in that city, it was fun, really. Usually I hate walking, and my feet hurt after a few hours because I'm not used to it, but just talking with her totally made up for it. I really like talking to her, I think she's one of the few people out there who can really appreciate me, and she actually laughs about the nonsense I talk about (Well, she talks nonsense herself that I laugh about, so I guess we're even). We went into a few stores here and there and browsed through various shops, one being a certain bookstore which she knows from her own town, which is where we spent at least 1 hour. She likes to read, so it's probably obvious that she likes these kind of things. It's not like it was boring, they had a lot of Mangas, too. I know, I said I don't like Mangas, but it's the closest thing to Anime an Otaku can find in this cold, cold world (Aside from DVDs, but I haven't seen those anywhere.) The day was much fun, and I loved spending time with her. And I know you're reading this, I hope it was just as much fun for you.

Other than that, Poker Night at the Inventory came out, and I love it. And since I'm such a lazy person, I'll just summarize it. It's Poker with 4 people out of different games and series. Epic. I wrote a full recommendation on Steam, if you want to read more about it. To read it, you need to have an account, though. You can see it here.

Long story short, that's all I have for now. I'll do my best to keep you guys up to date regarding my life. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The playlist has returneth!


Yes! I know! It's totally insane, because it WORKS! Now you can listen to all music I listen to, anytime! You can even download it, but I'm not too sure if that's legal! Anyways, I found this neat site called box.net which lets you share your applications, including music, which is so insane! It's like what I've been looking for so long! But it's white! MY EYES. THEY HURT.

Right now, I only completely uploaded my K-ON Album, I'll continue to get more stuff up there that you can eventually listen to. It's easy to navigate, just choose the Album and pick a song you like.

This is just a quick update to introduce the new and amazing EXTRAORDINARILY WHITE Playlist. I hope you all have a good time, and enjoy it. That's all for now, dewa mata!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I tried to think of something catchy, but nothing came to mind.

Yo, how's everyone doing? I hope you're all fine, otherwise you can't read my blog.
Just kidding, I'm really worried about you! Or am I...?

Nah, kidding again. Well, where to start this time... Oh, right, the artist. Do you see the picture above? If not, I'll explain it to you, it's uh... a black haired, fox lady with a purple at her hands and eyes, wielding a slightly unusual weapon which resembles some sort of mix between mace and scythe. Half her face is covered in a black scaled substance. Weird stuff when you come to think of it. I found this artist, Shirogane Usagi recently on gelbooru when I was staring at almost every picture in there. I was so amazed, I downloaded half of them at the first sight. He does great stuff, and I'm sure there's more coming. Above picture is also my current desktop background, in case you've been wondering about that.

Why am I posting today? Because I've got to visit the dentist in an hour and got nothing else to do right now. Also I've been reading through comments in my blog. You know, it's neat if friends comment on your profile, but somewhere, somehow, their minds have already been tainted with an opinion of you, meaning, they like you, they'll post a nice comment. Usually, 'course there's always exceptions, but usually it's like that. I think you should value you those comments and treasure them. But what really catches your attention, and what really makes you smile out of nowhere, is when there's a stranger commenting on your blog and telling you to keep up the good work. It was so out of nowhere, and so unexpected, I just don't know. You can tell they really mean it, because they've got no other opinion of you. They don't know you, basically, and still say that. Of course I'm just that sort of stranger. I found a blog while, while back and started reading it randomly, commenting and hoping for a sign, because as it seemed, the blogger stopped blogging. Well about a month ago I noticed that there's been new posts and I read them eagerly. I don't know why, I don't know that person, but I wish I did. I somehow like the way he blogs. Oh, and to quickly show you what I mean, you might want to click here.

So, that aside, I've played EVEN MORE League of Legends recently. I still enjoy that game and won't give up so easily. But also, I've played the Tales of Monkey Island. No, not the old games (I already played some of them, though), I mean the new one. It's pretty neat, made my TellTale Games (Which I've come to admire, somewhat). The graphics are fancy, the humor is genius, and it's got everything what a good adventure game would need. If you like those kind of games OR the Monkey Island Storyline, you really want to check that shit out. Also, that game Two Worlds II came out. Yeah, well I've been getting so many stories about how awesome it is, I've really decided to test it myself. And... I'm not impressed. Sure, it has an almost open world like Fallout games, and the graphics don't look too bad. But the fighting system isn't really what you can call good. Remember Fable? A game that came out... I don't know, 2004? That game had a better fighting system than Two Worlds II. Seriously. And the game, IT HAS NO AUTOLOCK. Meaning, you have to face the opponent, your character doesn't actually lock the target to hit properly. Remember Zelda: The Wind Waker? That game had a better autolock system than this shit. Such small mistakes make you want to rage. The game has potential, but I seem to obviously fail to grasp it. Did I mention that there's literally NO EMOTION in the faces while they talk? Especially the main character. I should stop talking about this, bleh.

So yeah, Anime. Hm. Detective Conan, currently episode 205. And obviously Naruto Shippuuden, episode 185. Conan's as entertaining as always, can't wait to continue it, and Naruto's just been meh the past few weeks. Filler after filler, it's like they want us to drop the whole shit. Oh, and I've looked into Panty & Stocking. Yeah, uh, I'm not usually the person that follows hyped shit, but...

Anyway, that's it from me! I need to get ready for the dentist. We'll see each other next time. Well, seeing as in, reading. Catch you later!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Horrible Harrowing, everyone.

I figured it was about time I posted something again, since some of my friends worried too much about my after they heard I actually cried. Also, I hated that it gave my blog such a depressive look. Not like it's usually any different, but, you know.

So, yeah. What happened, let me think. It's been weeks, hasn't it? There's no way I can say not much happened, but I somehow feel like that's exactly the case. Let's see if I can't somehow summarize the things I've done.

About the work, I looked together with my mother through the newspaper, but there was nothing really fitting, most of the stuff required that you already knew what you're going to do. Such as a Call Center Agent, I applied for that. Or at least tried to. I called them, asked if it were okay if I'd apply even if I have no knowledge in such a job, and they said no. Their loss, I guess, probably would've been good at it. Hm, so yeah, still nothing new. I do intend to get things going though, so I'll tell the Job Center that I have no job to receive some extra support money to get along with my mother (something which I should've done moths ago already, but I was sometimes to lazy and everytime I tried, nobody replied there).

Anyways. I've been asked what I'll watch next, as for animes. I wonder. I definetely had something in mind a while ago, but I just can't seem to remember. For now, I'm still busy enough with Detective Conan, since it has about 500 Episodes and I usually just watch when I eat. Oh, and I just remembered what I was going to watch afterwards. Panty & Stocking, I think that's how it's called. Everybody I know seems to be talking about that now, it's rather famous, yet many people haven't heard about it. From what I've been told it seems like an anime I could grow to like, so I'll see into that.

Hm, about games. I've played much. Like, really much. Team Fortress 2 had a Halloween event going on, you were playing on a new map and there was a Boss Map spawning every now and then. Of course new Halloween achievements, too. Then, I played Fallout: New Vegas. I've been waiting so long for it, and by now I've already played and finished it twice and am not fully done. It was obvious that this was going to be just as genius as Fallout 3. You really should look into it. I love it. Another game I played, while still waiting for FNV release was Black and White 2. By now it's almost old again, but the graphics aren't too bad and the possibilities are still as amazing as they were when I first played it. Almost at the same time, Sims 3 released a new add-on, called "Late Night". For those who've played Sims 2 it's pretty much the same as Sims 2 "Night Life". Bunch of new features and stuff, and a new map, which was pretty neat. Also, a rather unknown game, but unbelievable epic nonetheless and just released recently, Shank. Now Shank is a game like any other Beat 'em Up with storyline, but it still didn't fail to amaze me. It's pretty much what you'd expect, and it was quite fun to play. I'd say the boss battles are a bit weird. They are usually incredibly hard and take you ages unless you figure out the trick to it, then they're too easy. The Blood Bowl Legendary Edition came out, too, and is just as awesome as the previous one. I think they doubled the amount of races available, and added some neat new stages to play on. Not something for anyone, but definetely something for me. And last but not least, League of Legends. Now I've been playing that a while now, and they just released the new champion LeBlanc. I guess that game never gets boring.

Phew, I didn't know I had to tell you that much about games, but I'm finally finished. Oh, and since I'm at it, Happy Halloween, I'm a bit late for that but I did not have the time (or patience) earlier on to do so. Don't hate me for it. Unless you already do. I guess then that's fine.

Oh, and just to quickly mention it, I haven't met many fun people this time, but at least someone, called Ronrinesu, which I recently started spending more time with. He's a weird sort, somehow really sympathetic, and he thinks my profile text in Steam is "wondrous". I felt a little honored so I chatted him up and that's how we met.

So, that's it for today. I hope I get around to write more, it looks so abandoned if the last post is weeks back. Farewell!