Friday, November 18, 2011

That wretched life of mine

Hey, y'all.

It's been a long time since my last post. How have you all been? I sure hope you've been alright.

I haven't.

There's actually happened so much stuff between that I'm having a very hard time thinking back. I'll have to reread my last post to see what I've already said and what I haven't, but later.

I'm close to actually getting a job soon, but that still stands in the stars, I haven't heard anything new and at "work" it's also just been a constant sitting around, doing nothing. I've had really bad headaches today, tension headaches, which lead to the fact that I have now an appointment at a neurologist. Well at least my constant cold seems to have neutralized itself.

I've played quite some games, I guess. I can't remember. I think Sequence, Sonic Generations and L.A. Noire. Aside from Skyrim of course. Sequence is a pretty cool, very original role playing rythm game, you should check it out, costs less than 5 Dollars as far as I know. Sonic Generations is probably as of now the most hyped Sonic game ever, and with good reason. Not only is it incredibly fun like any other Sonic game up until now, it even features the reworked older 2D Sonic maps which many have been missing. I really liked it. And for L.A. Noire I have waited almost half a year, since it wasn't released on PC. But now that it is, it's great, amazing, and fun, but I haven't finished it because Skyrim got in the way. Skyrim is probably the longest role-playing game I have ever played in my entire life. I think it's safe to say I have spent more than 72 hours (!) into it and I haven't finished all side- nor the main quests. It's incredibly addicting and but it isn't repetitive at all since there's so much quests, and not just "Be a dear and go fetch me 20 wolf pelts", no, actual fully scripted side quests that feel more fulfilling than the main quest at some points. But not to get too much into it, I'm sure it's hyped enough already, and I'm just saying you all should check it out.

I've finally finished Nichijou a few hours ago. It feels good to finally have that behind me, but now I'll have a problem deciding which anime to start and finish again. Also I've finally finished Homestuck, but that was also weeks ago. I'm still in love with it as I've always been, it's simply the greatest story I have ever experienced, nothing that I've read or seen was quite like it. I don't mean to convert anyone of you, since I've already tried that, but you should, and by that I really mean should, at least read Act 1 of it before you even dare to judge it. Act 6 has just started a while ago and the hype just doesn't stop. Everyday I feel myself thrilled in awaiting of the next page.

Since I'm such a big fan, though, I'll let you have a shorter trailer, and not 13 minutes like the last one.

Now, to my life I guess. I've recently had a bad fight with Shade and after that with Sam, which lead to the fact that both of them deleted and blocked me for good now. Why? Well it's a little awkward discussing that in the open, especially since it might very well be misunderstood by a great many of you, but let's get down to business. Mirodir has a girlfriend, or has had one, I'm not sure if they are together anymore, but let's start there. Mirodir has always been my best friend, and by that, I mean that we both care for each other. Now, his girlfriend is no good for him, I think I've told him that, and I think he may know that, but yet he stays like a loyal dog out of the sewers and worships her. In the past, she's already broken his trust, I think more than once but I'm a little vague on that, however it was clear that this can not be a lasting relationship. So when I had the chance to talk to her, I became to know her. Let's just say I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by her intellect, but aside from that, I guess she was nice to talk to. It was that time when I had the idea of testing her faith by flirting with her, of course I had no real interest since I have a loving girlfriend already, but she of course did not know that, and didn't exactly say no right off the bat. One thing came to the other, we talked some more, she said she'd think about it and the night ended. Now, I would've told my girlfriend as well as Mirodir about the plan of this, but both were already offline. So the next say, I'd say shit exploded. She told Mirodir about this, of course Mirodir didn't believe me when I said I was just testing her (Although he did say he believes me but he didn't act the part), and my girlfriend was utterly shattered about the fact that I didn't tell her about this (But as I've said I would've, but was unable to). So we had a big fight, all of us, Sam talked to me when I flipped out and went offline, she was curious so she asked my girlfriend, girlfriend tells Sam the story, Sam tells the story Shade. I'm but all too sure that during this happy mail delivery a few details may have gone missing, which also explained why Shade flipped her shit at me when I made a joke at her (That joke being "You sure have a lot of money" when she played Skyrim right at the release). So we fought, and I guess I bitched back when she bitched at me about this whole situation, and since the past between me and Shade wasn't all too rosy, she said "Fuck this" and blocked me (Later stating I do not deserve another chance when I talked to friends to ask her how she's faring) but alright, continuing. So I was mad, and went ahead and bitched at Sam for telling Shade, which led to Sam being pissed off and blocking me as well. So I went to another friend of them, which I actually got to know more than I had, namely Dale, out of confusion I may have accidently stirred shit up some more, and Dale blocked me as well. Later on, Miro still couldn't shut the fuck up about the matter with his girlfriend towards my girlfriend saying things like (Hurr hurr Rio is such a bad friend don't you want to see the log) when I've already pasted her the entire log of Skype (The log he had was of Chatango, which quite honestly, didn't exactly change the whole thing) so me and my girlfriend fought because I said that I hate how Miro can't shut up, so out of anger at Mirodir for yet again causing fights between me and my girlfriend (Yes we'll all remember the posts I have made about this with my past relationship, it's all in this blog), I went ahead and got rid off Miro, in all messengers I could think of. Now that I think about it I may have forgotten about Skype, I'll check on it later.

So there you have it, that's the story that's happened, that's what's been driving me insane the last week, because as you all know, Shade was a very important friend of mine, and it really hurt losing her. Sam was a pretty good friend as well, but with her I can at least understand it because I wasn't nice to her as of late.

I'm not sure what I'll do exactly, I'm still left to wait. I haven't given up on them, but I understand it'll take time more than anything. I'll have to rework the banners on the side as well, but that can wait. Kumiko has a blog now, and I'd like Dale to get more attention once we've resolved the issue, so a complete list of links will probably be Shade, Dale, Kumiko, Sam and my girlfriend. But, again, that requires us all to hang out again, as well as a little thought on the matter.

Suppose that's all I have for now, I'll let you know if anything urgent comes up. Until then, stay sharp.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The improbability of the probable.

I oughta learn to make titles. I swear everytime I go and write a blog post I sit at least 10 minutes in front of the white box, thinking "What the fuck do I name this thing?"

So, hello everyone. It has been a long time since we last had the chance to talk. How have you guys been holding up? Everything going alright? I sure as hell hope so!

My life's been a constant up and down as always, now that I'm in a relationship even more so since we constantly fight about the smallest of things, it's so silly! But we always make up in the end and as long as I know that I can make her smile, I don't care about any other detail. So Lena was here two weeks ago (Heck, has it been that long ago already? What was I doing last week?!), and we had tons of fun. We also had just as much drama, that be said, but it was totally worth it. With her arrival, Dungeon Defenders came out as well, so when we bought it, we played it. And when I say played it I mean we appropriately played the fuck out of this game and no blood nor sweat could bring up apart from leveling like we didn't know any other task in life.
It was really fun.

I'm not about to go into detail as to what Dungeon Defenders is about, just check out this here game trailer I found while browsing the internet and check it out. I love it, she loves it, and I've been playing it for weeks now!

Moving on, a bunch of stuff has happened. I wrote countless applications during my stay at "work", looking for mostly restaurant and hotel related jobs as the people who know me on Twitter already know. Now, it's not exactly what I was dreaming about, but it looked okay, I guess. The problem was, there's constant pressure from where I go to "work", and they, obviously, want me to get a move on regarding this issue. I feel like I'm constantly changing choices where and as what I want to work as. Just now recently, after doing one of those job tests I found out that mechatronic technician is a job which doesn't look bad either. Lucky for me, my mom knows a guy who works for probably the most advanced and well known company which is looking for apprentices. And they're even looking for chemical lab assistants, which was, as most of you know, the job I was first looking for. This might be the end of my long quest to find a job. Or, as always, just another dead end in the path I call life.

Oh well! I wasn't quite as active on Twitter and Tumblr these past weeks, as well as Blogger, and I'd like to apologize to all of those who have been more than eagerly awaiting my next post. I cannot promise it won't happen again, since it's always a motivational thing that's going on. It depends on my mood entirely. So even if I have nothing to say and am in the mood, I'll blog.

Uh, animes, right. Been watching some more Conan and Nichijou. Kind of have been neglecting Naruto since it's just filler after filler, and it's pissing me off. Hopefully that ends soon. I have been reading hundreds of pages of Homestuck and I am loving it so much. I have become one with the fandom, yet I have not fully reached its capacity. (And with that I mean I still haven't caught up with the newest pages.) To show off my fandome (and more importantly, convince more people to watch this series) I have a video here which I'd like all of you to see.

With that, I'm out. See y'all.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrate Cerebration

I'm sick.

Or at least I was sick the entire last week, acute bronchitis the doctor said. I was pretty happy when he told me to stay home for a week, although I did NOT expect me to be seriously sick like I was. It's over, or at least mostly over now. Monday I'll probably go to work again, as long as nothing unforseen happens.

So anyhow, greetings my fellow followers. I've been thinking much about this blog, and the layout of the blog. I've been thinking about moving, as in, moving somewhere completely different, making a new blog, or rent a homepage to make a new name for myself. The Great Rio has died down, a long time ago, actually. What's I'm treating upon are the remains of a past that I can no longer call my actual life, and thus, no longer my actual blog. It feels weird, but it's true. When I started this, I WAS The Great Rio, I was overconfident to hide the fact that I was actually drowning in self-pity. Now, I'm Ryou Takeshi, a different person, much more mature, yet still childish, that side will probably always remain. I've talked to some sort of psychologist not too long ago, talked about my life, where I want to go with it. Talked about myself, talked about pressure, talked about how childish I often am. She said it's good though. She said it's a good thing to still have this inner child. I've never thought of it like that. I've always thought of it like a burden, like something I don't want to have, something that makes me less of what I want to be. But I guess I've come to accept it. I've come to accept who I am, come to terms with myself about a lot of things that have been troubling my mind for eternity.

Recently, Miro showed me an old post of mine, it was a year ago, or so, I've talked about people in my life, gave a general outlook for newcomers what I'm actually talking about, and what my life really is like. Unless you guys mind it, I'll just do that again right now.

Off goes, I guess. I'm Pascal Kammer, usually called Ryou Takeshi by almost everyone now, still nicknamed Rio, or Glam occasionally since the name "Ryou" isn't available everywhere. I'm currently 18 years old and I'm happily... can I say engaged? I don't know. I have a girlfriend I guess, with whom I'm really happy with. She's kind, good-hearted, a little clumsy here and there, we get in lots of fights and she doesn't appreciate herself. But she loves me more than anything else in this world, and that's why I treasure her more than anything else myself. Her name's Lena Feldmann, I'm just taking the liberty to tell her real name, she's nicknamed Panda, and mostly called this way online. She's 17 right now, beautiful in my eyes, although she never thinks so herself. She has a hard life, it's easy for me to relate to her since, I, too, have had a rough life myself. But moving on.

Miro, always the second one in the list, for this exception, of course. I don't know where to start here, and I've said this probably a million times already, but yeah. He's my best friend, that's what he'll always be. We sure do fight a lot, too, and some days, heck, even weeks sometimes, we don't spend much time at all anymore. But we do have time to sit down and talk eventually. Reflect about our lives. I'm an egocentric bitch, I'll tell you that, but one thing's for sure, I'm proud of him. He walked literally the same path, but unlike me, he got a hold of himself and is living a pretty damn good life. He's got a sure job, something that's fun for him, he makes tons of money and still finds time to hang out in the internet. I envy him a lot, and I feel like sometimes I do him wrong with that, since he worked hard for what he has, and, well I can't say I haven't worked hard either, but I probably haven't worked hard enough. Or I've just had bad luck, let the fates decide that. He knows how much of a jackass I can be, but he's also changed and can be pretty much an asshole, too. What's actually funny here is that I'm thinking that might be due to my influence, so I guess I can't complain there. You just do your thing, I'll be rooting for you or something. Just don't... mention this post alright?

Down the list, Slein. Well buddy, what do I say? We share a common bond, he's a good friend and we have great times together, although they're mostly in games rather than outside. But we've gotten closer the past months so I guess that's a start. He's still an awesome friend as always, I appreciate his existance, and I'm glad he's around. Life would be a lot more boring without him, and I'd say aside from Mirodir, and obviously my girlfriend, he's one of the key figures in my life.

I guess... it's your turn now, Shade. Heck, what do I even say there. I'm glad you found your love, and I deeply apologize again for all the trouble I've caused you about it, it's just been kind of rough for me there, too. Again, we've known each other for a long time and still keep contact, and that's an amazing thing since usually the people I treasure most, I kind of lose contact with. That doesn't mean I stop caring, just, yeah, it's sad. But for you, wow, look at you go. You've grown so much, you've changed a lot. When we first met you were, and I'm not joking there, an emotionless blob. And now? Man, you're so tsundere I can't even describe it. You're so full of life, so full of emotion. I'm still sorry what happened between us, I screwed up, you know me. But it's helped you a lot, at least the time before and after that, and maybe the good things that have happened between us. I hope you and Sam are happy together.

Now, here's where my list, actually, kind of ends. I know... hundreds of other people I could name here, and would end up forgetting someone. I'll still just faintly name some of the people I enjoy my everyday life as for now.

Timmy, heck, I don't even know the rest of your name right now. You get me so mad sometimes, and I just hate you then, but in all actuality, you're a fine guy, you're fun, cool to talk to, and yeah, that's pretty much all I can say about that. You probably don't even read this blog.

Next on the list, again, this list is no ranking, it's just how they come to mind, is Albi. Yeah, girl. I don't know what to say here. We've kind of, sadly enough, outgrown each other a bit, and that makes me really sad. Maybe it's because you're not Steam, maybe it's because you're not Teamspeak, I can't tell, but I don't really talk to you at all anymore... I'll never forget our meeting, it sounds pretty weird and shit, but that day was magical. I had so much fun, and I've had deep feelings for you the most of my lifetime, but I can't change a person, nor can I change its thoughts. You didn't want more, and so it was. It was sad, I guess, I cried about it, too. But I've moved on, but I'm glad I've shared this experience with you. We should definitely get in touch again, someday. I won't forget you that easily.

I am so making this blogpost longer than I wanted to, sigh. I guess this one goes out for all my Twitter and Tumblr friends, who are not really friends, but more or less colleagues and acquaintances. Just a quick shout out for Füschlatz, who's a really cool guy and shares the love for Touhou just as I do. Also Hiroto Sumi, which is a really good friend whom I can trust and share interests with. As well as TsunTaiga, or for that fact, Jakka-Jon, who really got me into a great group of people in Skype and is generally a really cool person to hang out with. Paul, of course, who's an amazingly fun guy I really love to chat and talk to. And Myrhh, who I got to know and love playing League with, you're cool, too. And most importantly, Dreamcrytsall, who, frankly, I got to know years ago, but rebonded more or less in Twitter with. She's also the main person when it comes to retweeting the crap I say. And of course, a thanks to all my 91 followers as of now, you guys are awesome, I love that you like what I have to say. And as for Tumblr, I don't even know half of you guys, I just see that I reblog your stuff, and you reblog mine, so we're all cool. A big thanks to you, too.

I suppose that's that. That is one hell of a big text wall. I've been thinking of remaking my blog on Tumblr, and just linking everyone here to there, but then again, is that a good idea? I mean, I don't know. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, as I think it's really a big thing for me. Should I keep this blog? Should I rent a homepage and start a new? Or should I make a Tumblr account for my new blog appearance? Leave your thoughts in the shout, in the comments, or contact me privately.

So, just to finish this off because I've recently got really hooked into Touhou (On that note, I'm uploading my favorite Touhou themes to Tumblr almost daily), I guess I'll link another video, but this time not Touhou related, but the opening to my currently favorite anime of all time.

As well as one of the funniest scenes in the entire anime, it doesn't take long either.

Well, that's all from me, Nichijou is the best shit I've watched in a long time, hope you guys try it out. We'll see each other... I don't know, soon? No idea!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A generic scramble of life

Let me just make a quick list about the things I'll say before I forget them.

Minecraft, League of Legends, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Twitter, Tumblr, Real life.

Or something.

So anywho, greetings, it's been a long time and I still don't feel like typing a post, but when I think about how long it's been it just makes me sort of sad because I do want to keep you updated but on the other hand I think "Oh what's the point." That is also my general outlook on life.
But more on that later.

So I played Minecraft 1.8 Pre-release just the last few days, pretty neat, new features, cool, looks as awesome as ever and still gets boring as fast as always. I'm looking forward to 1.9, though, where they actually add NPCs.

LoL has always been a topic on my blog, I guess, well that's little to no surprise considering it's the game I play most. Riven is coming out tomorrow and Dominion was delayed YET ANOTHER TIME. Riot sure did its job crushing the hopes and dreams of their entire playerbase. Again.

On the note on games, I can't even list what I played. Did I mention Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Fuck, I think I didn't, man how long has it been already. It's an awesome game, very stealthy, yet allows you to decide if you're more of a friendly or more of an aggressive war-machine. The boss fights are plain stupid and ridiculous, except for the last one, which was, with all due respect, a fucking joke.

I feel like I should go into more detail about the games I play and the things I do because I personally think it's making my blog look really uninteresting. I mean I give no reviews, I don't talk much about the things, just casually mention them. I don't know, personally I find that sort of lame.

I also played Dead Island, you know, that new Zombie Survival game on a beach. Yeah it's cool, had some trouble getting the Multiplayer to work with some friends, will try to fix that to actually get into it, since all I've been doing is playing Singleplayer and that is sure to bore out after a while.

Twitter is also one of the best things ever happening to me, I've gotten so much into it, met so many new and nice people, I can discuss things, tell news, or just spout complete nonsense and at least someone is sure to read it and like it. I have amassed 85 followers by now, for me, that's a big leap that I was definetely not expecting to happen, or at least to happen this soon. I'm aiming for 100 this month, and the more I get, the easier it should be to gather more. I always was a very egocentric person as most of you already know, so it's a good feeling to see people being interested in me, I mean, literally seeing it. Here it's just "Yeah, uh, there were 40 people on your blog today" and I'm like "lolk" because I can't really control if those 40 gave a shit about what they saw here. With Twitter, they reply, they answer, they give their opinion, they hear my opinion, it's just a whole new level. I'm having a very similar experience with Tumblr, I've amassed a lot more followers, mainly through Twitter, and it's a good feeling to see people reblog stuff you've blogged, because it shows interest.

People may have noticed I have added a Twitter box and I have removed the playlist. Well the reason for Twitter is mighty obvious, as for, I became a tad scared about the legal rights, and about the problem with blogspot shutting this thing here down if they get a hold of it. So I'd rather just try to find something else instead of risking my entire blog.

So yeah, that "work" I go to everyday is as unfulfilling as always. I mean at least it helps me have a rythm in life, it helps me to become less lazy, helps me to hopefully find an interesting job for me. I've accepted my position in life, or at least I'm a lot more comfortable than I used to be now. I guess that's good or something. Met a bunch of new people, too. As in, real life people (Although I also met many online people, too), but what's more is, that those real life people actually are, at least partly, like me! I mean, they watch anime, some play games (Other than Counter Strike and World of Warcraft hurr durr, in actuality, League of Legends), and they understand and respect my general idea of life! Or at least they try!

I guess it's okay, for now. My life that is. Although we're still having money issues, the money I get from going to "work" really helps out as a backup safe. And I can actually buy stuff without having bad feelings about it! Although, still, I have to limit myself most of the time and pass.

Suddenly I also feel like I have so much to do and so less time. I mean there's Twitter, Tumblr, games, girlfriend, Skype, the internet, my story (which, admittedly, I haven't written on for ages, but I still think about it) and yeah, it's sort of hard to decide what I should do. I mean, spending time with Lena is a must, Twitter is very addicting and time-consuming, so I have to be careful when to use it, Tumblr is only useable when people posted stuff, Skype is literally just as time-consuming as Twitter as I'm in a chat which spams messages every now and then, and the internet is still a place I tend to enjoy lots. So usually what happens is that I play less. A lot less. Apparently, though. I don't know, life is still very dull, however not as dull as it used to be.

Hah! See! I just wanted to finish talking, so when I scrolled up to check the picture, I saw I still haven't mentioned Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, which... essentially means the very same. So I've watched it, yeah, and I have to say it's just as awesome as I always expected, moreso, it's one of the best animes I watched in a very long time. It's very brutal and the storyline is amazing, I'm currently stuck at episode 10 because I have this syndrome where I rarely watch once I near the end of an anime. It's so painful!

Also I have Katalasticism. Not diagnosed, however, pretty obvious for everyone to see. It mixes right in with my high amount of childish behaviour despite my age. Which, kind of makes me a little sad when I think about it. It's funny how you guys never experience any of that, unless you know me outside of this blog!

Also, a random music video because I feel like it.

Those are my two favorite themes of the new Touhou game, right after Mamizou, obviously. I also like Toyosatomimi's appearance, and I can't help but to imagine her as the nemesis of Youmu. (You know, both wield swords of all characters)

Oh well!

I guess that's all I have for today, I will really, really try to post more! Keep it up everyone, and I'll see you next time.

P.S. : The picture I used for this blog is from an amazing artist I found, which name I already forgot, but which I credited on Tumblr so you can scroll through my posts there to see more of him, that aside, expect to see more of him on this very blog! Or her, I don't know!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's over 90000!

Alright! It's finally happened! Maybe due to me being derpy I haven't noticed earlier, but I've recently just hit 100000 views on my blog! That's amazing!

When I started out with my blog, I was pretty sure I'd be damn happy if a few 1000 were going to read this, but now look at all the way I've gone. Sure, I know that 50% of those opened this page for a second and closed it, and 25% haven't stayed longer than 5 minutes. Maybe another 15% scrolled down a few pages, but that leaves us with at least 10% of people who at least casually sometimes check my blog for updates and like to read it. And I like that.

I would give you a price, but theoretically you are just a number, and I wouldn't know what sort of price to give to such an occasion. A game? Music? Reviews? I don't know.

So anyways, Gamescom happened and my girlfriend went there, hope she's having a great time, I'd love to tag along but it's way too far for me, and I don't have the money to go there. She said she's bring me a souvenir, I found that cute. Riot Games is there currently, they gave out Nasus Riot K-9 skins on Twitter, and now here's the good part. Have I told you I won a Fullmetal Pantheon skin on Twitter recently? Twice? Yeah I gave one to Mirodir because he hasn't won any. Now guess what, I didn't get no Nasus skin, but Miro got two. Coincidence much?

Naturally I played Games, too. Namely Bastion and From Dust. Bastion is an amazing 2D hack 'n slay with a brilliant, breath-taking storyline. Let me just post you my absolute favorite track from the game.

When I heard that song ingame, I stopped moving and was blown away by the beauty of this game. Her voice is so amazing, and the moment when it played ingame... I have nothing to say to that. Listen, be amazed.

As for From Dust, it's a lot like Black and White, you play "God" but instead of manipulating objects, you manipulate the earth itself, you take sand, water and lava to form ground and solve different level puzzles to help your tribe survive and populate this world. It's pretty beautiful and unique, but the controls are a pain in the ass.

Other than that, I wouldn't know right. Hope you guys are doing fine. We'll see each other!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Demise, Disorder, Delight


So, as I expected the money project was a stupid idea. It probably made me look bad and needy, AND I didn't get anything out of it. But whatever.

So I was playing... what was I playing? Frankly nothing out of the ordinary, or at least nothing I can remember right now. Well except for the new Touhou: Ten Desires. It's the 13th game out of the series and I'm really glad ZUN still keeps up with the Touhous. I guess the popularity has now reached a level that within days there's fanart of all new characters, and some of it looks really neat.

So I've been having a cold since about Friday. And a bad one, I've been constantly reaching for tissues, my eyes sometimes started to tear, and I kept taking all different sorts of medicine, which didn't really help I think. I have basically not been able to play at all, since the shit is driving me crazy, it's gotten a lot better by now but tomorrow I need to go to the provision again.

I am not good at Touhou, but as I've mentioned, I played it. I really love the ideology and the music is beautiful. I apparently only managed to reach Stage 6... on Easy. It's a shame since that way I did not unlock the music for my favourite Touhou, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, the Extra Stage boss. Good thing we have YouTube for these kinds of problems.

Mamizou's Theme

In other news, I traded lots of items in Team Fortress 2 because it seemed to be the easiest thing to do besides doing nothing. And on my journey, I met a certain someone which name is Crucifox. Now originally he would be just one of the many traders I trade with, but he just happened to be the one to trade my Bill's Hat (very valuable hat in the game) against keys (some sort of currency in the game). So I was like "Hey, I don't want to lie to you, this hat might be my way up to the trading empire so I want to make profit out of it." Funny story, he is a very dedicated and skilled trader, and my enthusiasm made him take an interest in me, so we talked a lot about trading, he eventually made me trade with him, he actually overpayed me as a nice gesture. We keep in contact, yesterday we talked a lot on Skype as he wanted to explain to me how to easily and properly sell the items he sold me. As we were talking he talked to his friend in the background, and they were mumbling something about "Ever looked up to a Yordle?", so I was "Hey, wait, Yordle, you play League?", "Yeah I play League", and basically that is how we both found out we play League of Legends, which we happily celebrated in a game which we lost so we played another one that we won.

Speaking of League of Legends, the guys from G4TV made a Fullmetal Pantheon skin giveaway, and I won, technically one in a million, one of the skins they were giving away. Technically because in actuality they had multiple events and I just happened to be in an event which was very early, so I did not have many enemies who participated alongside. Just wanted to give a shoutout to them for being so awesome as to give me a skin.

I have made a meme about League of Legends, it's called the "Bad LoL Player Meme" and is featured by a bad picture of Twitch and an image background. The images feature various facepalm situations in League of Legends. It's rapidly gaining fame, and is now even on Whether or not it will be accepted there remains unknown. The original League of Legends thread can be found... I think it's here.

Also I just wanted to drink some tea to improve my physical condition, but writing this blogpost made it cold now so I'm genuinely pissed off. But I guess I'll manage.

Aaaand I want more people to follow me on Twitter! I have started to do a lot more there, even changing appearance and background for that purpose. Check it out, yo!

I guess that is it for today again, folks. I don't have much else to say, make sure you check out the blogs of my friends on the side, also Panda's blog is currently down as she's having problems with her Laptop and the site seems to be screwing around, she can't change it right now, doesn't mean it's gone forever, though.

Alrighty, farewell.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Money, Money, Money

So, as you guys know, I'm a little short on cash.

Well, basically, we're not that low on cash, but we do have trouble managing every now and then, especially my close friends know that. Before you're going to judge my decision I'd ask of you to firstly read this blog post and think about the entire situation me and my mother are in.

My mother makes roughly 400 Dollar in her job, we get a little assistance by my father, mainly because he is forced to, the FEO pays us a little money as well, but that's about it, I don't have the exact values right now, but our rent alone is roughly 500 Dollar. Then there's all the other stuff, phone, internet, food, things around the house here and there. And then there's the cost of bus and gas we're using to get me to locations far, far away in order to find me a job.

Honestly, if it weren't for the money my uncle (Best uncle ever by the way, he's priest and all but he's really awesome) sends us about every few months we'd have to move out.

So as I was helping a friend of mine with the correction of a rather long-to-come story of his, or well, helping is a wrong word, I was correcting it, you see, he isn't all too good at English grammar and the sort, so he asked me to look over it and offered payment. Now I'd gladly do it for fun to help him out, but I do need the money so I said, why not. So as we were talking he mentioned I could make a Donate button for my website. So I thought about it, and actually, that does not seem like a bad idea at all. The thing I'm most concerned about, though, is, that it might make me look bad for expecting people to drop their money here. I don't wish to use people, but it's not like we wouldn't need it. And nobody's forced, right? For all it's worth, they can still decide. All my friends know this is not a bad act, and the ones who don't think so probably don't like me too much anyways.

So here we are, donate as much as you want, but don't overdo it. Small donations are fine, but I'll feel bad if you guys donate too much, I'll probably remove the button then. I could not live with the guilt seeing someone dump all their money because they are worried.

Also, I will thoroughly mention EVERYONE who donates money to me, as long as they leave a message and their name along with the donation. I'm by no means just using anyone, so I will really, really thank you if you do support me.

And fuck you guys wouldn't believe how much perverted pictures you find while searching for tags like "money" or "treasure". Oh my god.

Well, that is it so far. Again, thank you for your time, just reading my blog is all the support I need. I love you guys. See you around!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something Nifty

So Lena was finally here.

I'm not entirely sure what to say, I'm a little mixed with emotions and all. It was awesome and amazing and all that, but I'm also really sad that she left again. We originally planned for her to stay two weeks, but it all turned out a little different, her laptop broke and my leg was cankerous on the side so we couldn't really go outside either, we still did somewhat and the weather outside was shitty, too, but I had to show around at least a bit. And did I mention cankerous sounds like kangaroos in my head?

So, what did we do, well. We, of course, did couple-stuff. Do this, do that, saying sweet stuff, making out, the usual, I won't go any more private than that because, you guessed it, it's sorta private. While I'm really open minded and wouldn't mind sharing everything with the world, I do not know her views and I'm thinking she wouldn't approve of it. So, we also played League of Legends, mostly me, sometimes her, showed her pretty much all of my games, which wasn't too much because I just recently formated my external, but still a bunch. Spore, Gleam of Force, The Last Remnant, Serious Sam, Swords and Soldiers, Street Fighter IV, Poker Night at the Inventory, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, you know, "games". Really anything.

So aside from that, I showed her a little around the city, and she told me she has a fascination with churches, how they're built, the structure, the desingn. Can't blame her, they are usually pretty impressive and a lot of money flows into the building itself. But we both happily agreed that god is non-existant.

So she was as amazing as I've thought, we spent a lot of time together, had a lot of fun, and really love each other just as much as we expected. She was cuter in reality than I had expected, which is of course a big plus, and I don't know what else to say, really. I might be making another blogpost when I feel like it. Or maybe not.

Thanks for reading! See you soon. Or not.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friendship is blasphemy!

Friends come and go, I suppose.

To commemorate this epic event, I felt like putting up new pictures for some of my closest friends' blogs.
If you're not listed in those three, because one of them is me, that doesn't mean you're not important, it means you have a blog that I either do not know of, or do not read often enough. If you do write in a blog and know about this here, feel free to chat me about it and I'll make sure I mention it!

I just thought the characters fitted too well to not use this opportunity, and the good thing is we actually do know all each other. I like it, and I hope everyone out there likes it as well. You can check out the pictures on the sidebar to the right.

Other than that, yeah, check them guys out, they write awesome stuff and the kind. Life's still pretty meh-ish, looking forward to seeing Lena next week and stuffs. League of Legends finally released Leona, after a week delay, geez. But she's fun to play and has really awesome mechanics.

I really need to start watching anime again. I've watched a little Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika, as in, 2 or 3 episodes, as well as some random anime I've seen on Nami's Tumblr which was really fun, but I forgot its name already.

Enough talk, have a good one.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

I feel bad about the fact that I write less and less on this blog. Maybe the magic is just out of it? I've blogged some pictures on Tumblr and used a lot of Twitter. It's just so much easier and faster to use, especially when I'm up there in that damn FEO thingie and have to spend 7 1/2 hours looking for "work" which is not available because lab assistants aren't really needed around these parts. So, the result is that I spend about 7 hours posting stupid stuff on the League of Legends forums, tweeting crap around Twitter and of course surf around the internet, memebase and the kind.

I was sick last week. Meaning I could've basically posted everyday last week, but yet I didn't. Wonder why that is, though. I went to the doctor because of some stomache issues and the kinds. Turns out I don't have any harmful viruses, though. And fun fact? Seems like I have hemorrhoids. Not big 'a deal, though. So yeah, my stomache still acts up every now and then, but it's usually like that, and unless it gets really bad again, I'm staying away from the doctor.

Me and Lena are doing great. Sure, we fight every now and then, but we're in love and easily forgive each other again. We talk daily, obviously, usually 1 to 2 hours. I'm glad I have her and her support. She'll try to visit me about next week or so, if there's no further complications. It's not entirely sure how long she'll stay, but probably 2 or 3 weeks. We don't have much planned what to do, then, I guess the usual couple stuff. Oh and we'll probably play some games, too.

Yeah, about games... and since I've mentioned the last week, too, I've been busy playing a certain game. And by busy I mean I literally played it 24/7. With Riot delaying the Leona release, I had nothing much to do, so I decided to download and play one of my favourite RPGs which I never really got the chance to actually play through. I apparently can't tell you the amount of time I've spent in this game by now, since the ingame time isn't really accurate, for some reason it keeps resetting, but I'll judge my time about 50 or 60 hours of gameplay. I haven't finished yet, and dumb me kind of skipped one or two small side quests because the game won't let you do them after you've reached a certain point in the story line.

Here's some gameplay:

I think the gameplay pretty much explains itself. There's a lot of depth in the game, as to how classes change, and how abilities are learned, for these kinds of things you'd be good to check out the official inofficial wikia.

I guess that is so far all I can say? I'm glad I'm still alive and kicking, things could be a lot better but what can I say, I've always expected me to kind of fail at live, and so far I'm still right. But hey, I have a girlfriend, life is still reasonably okay and I'm not starving either.

We'll be seeing each other in the next post, I guess. Farewell!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Nybble is half a Byte.

Hard work. I don't like it, nobody does.

I've found a job, more or less, they're willing to take me if I can prove that I'm worth taking etc. the usual stuff people do before they're willing to hire someone or so.

Well, I went there. Since yesterday, actually. Well, it's a pet shop, so I have a lot to do with them animals there. Not that I'd mind, not at all. Plus there's a really cute apprentice as well, she looks cute and she's so much fun to talk with, she told me alot about my "boss", so to make it easier for me to actually get an apprenticeship as well. I can't say I dislike the whole situation as such... but there's always a catch.

I've been thinking alot lately, and really, the only thing I do there is clean the cages, clean the floor, and clean shelves. I've been wondering if it's like that in any job offer as a retailer, and if it's really the job I'm looking for...
I don't like being yelled at after cleaning the whole shop, just to be told to simply clean it again. Do you know how much work it is to unload a whole shelf full of dogfood, about as big as the wall of my room, cleaning it, and loading it again? It took me ages, I was on the edge of flipping out, I swear. If she would've come over and told me I am supposed to do it all over I would've probably just took my bag and left.

There's so many jobs out there, I hear people talking about how much fun their job is all the time... it can't be too hard to find something like that for me, can it? I think I should just throw this one.

Well. After this last sentence I basically stood up and cried. Yeah, it's embarassing, and I don't really know why, but I went to my mother and cried, explained her the situation and whatnot. She understood it quite well, to my surprise. I've decided to ditch this "opportunity." I mean, what for? If I get the job, what then? I'm not happy with it, I'm not happy working in this job. I need another job... I'll try to get a chance to test other jobs, perhaps one I've originally planned to but was too afraid and too lazy to actually ever test... labotary assistant.

Thought about a lot of things. Maybe I'm just lazy? Maybe I'm just not willing to work? What if I'm just a crybaby and the job is easy? Things like that went constantly through my head as I was crying. I don't know if I'm dumb, but honestly, if a job makes you worry so much about life, it tends to be a bad choice to continue on that path, right?

As you might judge by that, I've felt very miserable. It hurts me to give up on the job, it feels like those two days were just wasted like that... I've grown to like that girl in particular, too, I even thought I might hang out with her outside of the job, she might be a very cool friend, but I'm supposing I'll pass out on that, too. I think I actually had a mental breakdown, I can't tell... are you supposed to know when you had that?

I don't even want to talk about games or anything right now... I've played some, sure, but I'm so out of my mind right now I... I just don't know.

I've started writing a story a while back, it's about a boy and a girl, a somewhat tragic story but I really don't want to spoiler anything if I really intend to finish it someday... Maybe I'll do just that tomorrow... or maybe not...

My head hurts, but it's no headache, I feel sick, but I don't feel like throwing up, and I feel miserable and relieved at the same time, my emotions are somewhat spinning crazy right now and frankly, I don't know what to say. I'll just call it a day.

Good Bye.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Frankly, Good Sir, I do not know.

Life is so confusing.

I mean, somehow it's easy, and somehow it's not. How is that even possible? Quite some stuff happened, and I don't know where to start. I'll probably forget half of it again

So first off, sorry that I haven't written in such a long time. I can't say that I don't have any time, but then again, I can. I certainly have more to do than I've had before, but less than when I was working. So I'm in this activity of the FEO again, and it's fine so far. Next week or so I'll change activities again. They said I'm supposed to get more money as support then, too. We'll see about that. As for my free time, a lot of League of Legends. Like, a lot. Oh and I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend. Her name's Lena. Yeah. I know. Where do I start...

We've met a few weeks ago, due to Slein, she was more or less a friend of him. She was really in love with him, like, a lot. And yeah, I knew Slein, he's not certainly the best with most females, I've heard and experienced a lot of stories about him and girls. So eventually, I got to talk to her. She cried, a lot, because of the way he treated her. He made it clear that he has no interest, and that really broke her heart. Being as chivalrous as I am, I was there for her, let her cry and told her things will be fine again. Eventually we got closer that way, talked more, spent more time together. It was cool. And yeah, one day we sort of, kinda started a relationship. Just this time it was different from my first relationship. I made it very clear, thoroughly reminded her of the fact that there might be times that we're not talking for a long time, that I am not always going to spend time with her, since, yeah, I'm a gamer, I play a lot of games, and I just need a lot of Ryou-time. Against all odds, she agreed to these terms, saying she's fine with it and can live with it, as long as I'm not gone for weeks and spend a little time with her on every other occasion. We decided we keep our relationship secret for now, don't tell people about it, see for ourselves how it goes. If it goes well, we can stay like this, if it doesn't, we know what to do.
Judging by this, I'm sure you guys can guess how it went. We decided that things look pretty fine so far, and we'd like to continue this path.

At this point I can also mention it to you, Albi. Yeah, I sort of gave up on you. You know I loved you for a long time, sure, there were times when I've put that aside, but I've really tried to get closer to you regarding that. All my efforts failed, spending time with you did no good, talking about it with you was more or less a nuisance since you felt more annoyed by it that pleased, and even meeting you in real life didn't do us no favors. You simply couldn't handle love, not that I blame you, but it was just really... hurtful. Now I can never say I will truely ever give up on you, I will always keep you in my heart, I don't know why. I love Lena, and I've already talked to her about it, but I just want you to know as well that even if you'd decide for me now, it's too late.
Just to clear things up, I don't want any more lies in my life.

Eh, enough about that. I've played Dungeon Siege III, waited years for it to finally come out, and I can't say it was worth the wait, but the game was so amazing, I really loved it. Could've sticked to the old ways more, but it still rocked. I think I also finished Fable III, I just noticed I haven't even mentioned that, boy, is it really that long ago since I made my last post? Geez, that's an eternity.

I've rediscovered my love for the artist Shirogane Usagi, boy that guy draws some great stuff. Or girl, I don't know his gender. But they rock! The picture above is one of his works again. I found it appealing, somehow. I've also uploaded about 20 pictures of his to gelbooru from his pixiv. Or her pixiv. And I've edited a lot of tags on gelbooru. I kind of think it was a waste of time. But it was sort of fun...

I guess that's all I can say so far. Oh, and one thing, my darling has a blog of her own, make sure you check it out right about here.

I have also decided to put up a Twitter, just for the sake of it. You might wanna check that out, too.

I will also rework the links on my blog, I don't think Jenny still needs to get linked to her blog, I don't talk to Ichirin anymore, and now that my girlfriend has a blog she'll needs to be mentioned on this blog, too. I'll work on it, I promise!

Until then, you guys just keep doing whatever you do. Keep it tight!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hydrogenetic Suction Cups of Chaos

This blows.

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't written in days, but I haven't really been in the mood for my usual bliggety bloggan'. It's just become so incredibly dull since I lost my job. Oh, you didn't know? My bad.

Yeah, the end of the month my job ended because, well, I've run into some troubles there. I wouldn't entirely say it's my fault, though, even my parents and friends agree that their reasoning was somewhat bland, but it's not like I can do anything against it. So here I am again, at the start, I've already visited the Federal Employment Office like I was supposed to, have already looked for other job opportunities around, and still haven't received any rejections or acceptions.

I've... well, I've sulked a lot, let me tell you. But I guess I'm over it by now. It's not half bad, I like not doing anything and wasting my time with no precious future right up ahead. I'm an Otaku and a gamer, I can live my life again. That's the good side. The bad side is that we now have even less money, the internet is screwed up as fuck because of some unknown reasons, the router just keeps resetting itself randomly, we're guessing it has something to do with the changing of our telephone numbers, and my parents pressure me even more now to finally get a job. It's perfect, really.

Of course I have friends that support me, that always feels a little better. Even though I sometimes think they don't even mean it but just say it so I cheer up. But whatever's fine, I guess. I've got no choice in the matter.

I've been watching a lot of American Dad, and some Boondocks. I've realized the sole reason I was watching anime was because I just needed something to do while I eat, so I might as well watch different shows. I still watch Naruto every Thursday, and I still have a lot of other animes I want to watch... I just can't bring up the motivation for them, though.

I have played so much League of Legends recently, it's not even funny anymore. It's like the only game that's remotely fun recently. Of course I've picked up Brink, too. That was pretty neat, nice customization, fun gameplay. But I guess I just can't get too hyped for anything because of all that's happened. I even bought the game from my own money this time, yay. But yeah, what can I say. Not much happened gaming-wise, just the usual random crap.

I... don't really know what else to say. I feel sort of bad because it's been such a long time, but I really don't know anything right now. I'll make up for it, someday, I promise. Maybe when something actually happens again and, yeah. Something like that. You guys just stay tuned. Love y'all.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh life, thou art a heartless bitch

But we keep fighting, do we not? As long as we strive to stay alive that means we're fighting, fighting against the surge of waves in this ocean we call life.

Well, my life isn't as bad as it could be, I mean it is a little shitty that I have less money than I expected, and it is a little hard going to work and working for countless hours for a considerably meagre wage, but it's okay. It's not like life is full of bad things. I mean it mostly contains bad things, but as a human being even 25% good compared to 75% bad is "worth living for".

My colleagues aren't so bad, it's mostly somewhat fun to work there so I'm not all too angry about it. Sometimes things get a little annoying, but I think it all goes in a healthy balance. Helping out customers really is the best, it's amazingly fun and I usually feel great about myself when I've really helped out someone. Working inside the storage can get really tiring and eventually hurts your entire body, but it's a great feeling to have a challenge like that and you know that you've accomplished something today at the end of the day. I'm looking forward to the money I'll get for working a month there now, it's going to be my first wage so I guess it's just as special as your first kiss or something. Just a little thrilled is all.

So of course I am still an otaku and a gamer. That means I still watch anime and I still play games, or I play anime games and hit two birds with one stone. I haven't really watched any anime except for Naruto, but I did happen to watch a lot of cartoon, namely the Boondocks for any of you who might know it, and for any who don't, here's the intro.

It's an amazingly well made cartoon made by not a company, but people like you and me, it's about many things, usually involves black people and dark humor (Oh, that one was good) and it's pretty fun to watch. You'd think a series like this has about 10 episodes, but you're wrong, it features 3 seasons starring about 45 episodes in total, that is one heck of an amount for a free series.

Then, other than that, I played lots of different games, yet only two are really worth mentioning, Portal 2 and Ghost Trick. I enjoyed Portal 2 to the very last and it's an amazing game, the ending was just so awesome and the gameplay was as thrilling as I had hoped. But that's not too great because that was what I was expecting. It's much more amazing if a small DS game named Ghost Trick seems neat and turns out to be so incredibly fun and twisted that it's not even funny anymore. But I'm not really in the mood to talk about these games right now, I'm more in the mood for trailers, so I'll post trailers. Be warned, the Portal 2 video might contain spoilers, but it's just too epic to not show.

Portal 2 Ending Song

Ghost Trick Trailer

That's all you'll be getting from me today. I'm sorry that I don't update as often as I used to, but I'm pretty busy, and when I'm not, I'm taking my free time to get around to actually play a game for once. I'm thankful for anyone who's still really checking in. Keep it tight!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gotta move that gear up!


Life is so damn hard, it's not even funny anymore. My loan is meagre, my working times are ridiculous and the job itself isn't exactly what you call easy. I'd like to watch some animes, but when I come home it's around 9 PM, when I get to actually do stuff at the computer it's about 10 PM, and then there's about 10 people who want something from me so my actual free time starts at 11 PM, and I want to go offline at around midnight. Sigh.

There's people all around who I really like to spend time with, but my current situation barely leaves me time to do the latter. Of course there's always Mirodir, but there's many, many more, and I'm just going through with them all because I think that's something I haven't done in a long time, and some of you might cheer up when I mention you. Let's start with the person I just mentioned, Miro.
Well, sir. I've known you for around 4 years now and you've always been a key part of my life, something I cannot abandon, a friend for all the time I'd say. It's often that I don't exactly know what to do when you're not around. Games are less fun when they aren't played with you and life seems sorta boring. That doesn't mean all my other friends are worth less, not at all, but it sure as hell means that a life without you would be something I wouldn't dare think about. I sure hope this doesn't sound gay, because you are totally not my type, but I thank you for being there all these years.

Next on the list is, well, Albi. I would call you by your real name but you know, it's on the blog and I still don't know if you like that or not. You're someone I know almost as long as Mirodir, and amazingly enough, without spending as much time with me as he did, are undoubtedly just as important as he is. You are a key person in my life and without you life would certainly take a roll downhill. We never spend much time, and we don't get around to talk much, but when we do we surely talk for hours. Literally. About anything. I enjoy that. Being with you is so much fun, I can't actually describe it. During all these years, without us really talking, you've been secretly, more or less, reading this very blog without any obligation whatsoever. I really thank you for existing.

From here, I can't exactly say who's next, because Albi and Miro make about my only "real real life friends", so they are no doubt on top of the list. But let's start from the bottom. I've had many friends, but only a few are still regularly chatting with me. One of these is Kumiko. You know who you are. We rarely get the chance to talk, but I hope your life will get better again. You're a very good friend, and it's always been fun doing stuff with you, I'm really glad we can still talk the way we could back then, and I don't ever want that fact to change. I'm also taking this chance to tell people about your blog. It's great, and a shame I don't have much time to check it out, from time to time I skip through the endless pages, I like the humour you put up there, and it's always awesome to read through your blog entries.

Aya, I'm not sure how you want me to call you, it doesn't matter anyways. We've been through much, and after all that happens, I'm so glad you are still here. You've really helped me out a lot of times, and I wouldn't ever want you to just disappear. You're a close person to me, and maybe even a tad more important than all my other friends. I know there were times it wasn't like this, but with the situation we're currently in, I'm thinking things are fine just how they are right now, and it's probably for the best. Thanks.

Crimson. It's funny to call you like this around here when I was so used to call you by your other names. But that's the name that is most fitting and it's also the name you had when we first met. We've had a lot of fun in the past, and even though we had some pretty bad fights I still like you as much as ever. We're not exactly friends right now, I know that, but it meant a lot to me to hear you're still reading my blog. I'm not sure if you'll read this, too. But I sure hope so. You're a part of my life like everyone else. I really don't want to completely lose you.

Face, Facey, Facelord. I don't like calling you like that because it sounds awkward, but you never left me a choice, did you? Boy, I don't even know you that long, but I think it's almost been about half a year, hasn't it? We used to chat more, sure, but I still like our occasional conversations. It's awesome to hear your account has been unbanned again. Don't mind all the haters, they just don't know shit about you. I'm really glad to have you around, even though you're sometimes an asshole. But that's how you are. I'm also an asshole sometimes, so we're even. Peace.

Arzi, good lord. I don't know, we've known each other for quite a long time indeed. We never chatted much, and when we did it was usually because of a third person, right? Fun times, why yes. But you're a good person, a really good one. I'm glad to know you, and it's fun to ramble about things with you from time to time. It's also neat to play LoL with you. We should totally do that sometime again.

God, I actually wanted to eat, by now my foods already cold, oh well. James, I still have a hard time believing that's your name, but so be it. God, we haven't really ever talked much, but you've really earned yourself a place in my heart. I've never seen such a kindhearted person in my life, you're the sort of person who'd take a bullet for a complete stranger. And the weirdest part is that you're into guro. God. You're really awesome. Come online more often, I'd need you around again.

Sooner or later it had to come down to this. I'm officially declaring it. Nishi, you're a good friend of me, too. I never admitted it, really, and I'm always being an asshole around you, but that's just because I love how mad you get when I am. You're an awesome person, and I really played so many games with you. Actually, when it comes to games, you're the person I spend most time in games with right after Miro. That's a little something. Oh, and of course you're my soulmate. The only real lolicon I know besides me. Little girls are just something different, aren't they?

Elizabeth, my. I'd wish you read this blog, because it's really something I want you to know. Even though I probably told you, I have the feeling you never really understood. It's a shame we never really talk, but you're a really important friend to me. I've talked about many different things with you, and you're always fun to hang out with. I know just someday you'll be gone, I really don't want that day to happen.

Ichrin, my friend. I wonder how've you been? I really do apologize that I can never get around to read your blog, it's just really not in my time. But I'm glad you still check out this shit! You're a great person, and have been a great friend in the past. We never talk anymore, but occasionally chat which is just fine! You stay safe, thanks for everything.

You probably wouldn't think I mention you, but here we go, Paru. You're a very good friend of mine, believe it or not. I really do apologize for not often chatting you, but look around, everyone's experiencing just that. I sure hope you're alright, you never tell me much, and it's been a while. I wish we can chat again, you're a really cool person.

Next one is probably, well, Slein. Or Niels, depending how you call him. Well, bud, you don't read my blog at all, but that doesn't matter since I still feel like talking about you. We've known each other for long, almost too long. I never really get to talk to you about private stuff, but you're very often around when me and Miro are playing something. No doubt, you're a friend of mine, and you're really dumb for buying so many games, knowing that I probably can't ever really pay you back. Thank you for, well, being there.

Ronrinesu, don't think I'd forget mentioning you. Still sitting in your corner all alone? I hope you're doing well. No matter how you put it, you'll always be a friend of mine. I sure hope these other two are treating you well, because you could use a little cheering up. Everything will be fine, remember. You're a great person. I really enjoyed the time with you, as short as it was.

I would also thank every single person in my group on Steam. There's some of you I especially like, you're the heart of the group and usually around when I do events. I know we don't chat and it's usually group-intern, but I thank you guys, you've made me happy and I had a lot of fun with you. Stay the way you are!

There's also a bunch of new people I've gotten to know, some of which are more important to me than others, but don't you feel left out when I did not mention you today. I just don't know you long enough to have an opinion about you, but I'm sure someday I will. Thanks for sticking with me.

I guess that's all I have to say, but before I go I still feel like posting some videos of songs and shit I often listen to, especially on my MP3 player (which is really crappy, but eventually does its job) when I go to work.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I don't like this so called "Real Life"


My feet hurt, my head is about to explode, I feel like I don't want to live on anymore. Funnily enough this is just the first day of my work.

So I got a job now, awesome, it's actually an okay work, you do the usual stuff you do in a shop and yeah, no big deal. But there's a catch. There's always a catch. I have to drive there by train and bus, which doesn't (or shouldn't) really take longer than 30 minutes, but it's still a pain to pay the train. (Sorry, that had to be.) I'm working 163 Hours a month, that's about 37,5 Hours a week, and all that for 400 Euro currently, which is incredibly less but that's about to change once I'm out of the trainee phase, since I don't have the job just yet (remember, always a catch). If I don't do anything stupid in 3 months I'll have the job. If I can last that long. As I've said, 400 Euros, I'd say half of that are wasted for actually REACHING my work and getting home in a month, so we have 200 Euros left. That's a little less but at least something, OR SO YOU'D SAY. The fucking Federal Employment Office stopped giving us the money it kept giving us up until now because I have a job now. So basically, EVEN THOUGH I'M WORKING, we have even less money than we already had, so fuck you life. Of course I'll need to look into this matter, things just can't be right this way. I'ma have to make clear that I want the way I'm driving to what they call "work" paid and just because I'm earning money doesn't mean that money can instantly just taken away again.

Even my eyes hurt for no apparent reason. I don't think I have much else to write, it's great that I have a future now, but if you ask me it's not looking any brighter than before.

As for the rest, I played Sims Medieval which came out a while ago, seems like a pretty neat game and it's fun, but it's way too limited and definetely not worth the price as a standalone game. Would've made a neat clever add-on, but like this it's a big no-no. I also watched one 1 hour episode of Conan and Naruto, I didn't get the chance to do much of that because I played a lot of games and when I didn't do that I was outside doing stuff in real life. Mostly because I'm forced to.

I guess that's all for now, uh, yeah. You guys just stay safe or something.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If you wish upon a star

Well holy moly everyone. So many things happening. Good and bad things, I might add.

So first. Shit. Youtube deleted my account because they're being complete assholes my account has violated the terms of use for the third time by uploading content which is copyrighted and does not belong to me onto YouTube. Sucks. Know what sucks more? Right. My Youtube Google account is linked to this very blog.

Now I suppose most of you have already figured the possible reasoning behind my sentence. Exactly. This blog was blocked for the last days. Heh. Blog. Blocked. Funny.

Anyway, I had to "verify my account" via a code that's being sent to my mobile phone. How fortunate that I do not own one. So I took the one of my mother which ended up not working, for weird reasons. So since I couldn't go to sleep like this, I tried and tried different solutions to do this, and I ended up telling Jenny about this issue and she was friendly enough as to let me borrow her mobile phone so I could send her the code and enter it. The day was saved. So everyone who likes reading the blog, drop by her blogs to read through them a bit or drop a thank you somewhere! She's got a blog which is linked here however she rarely updates that one, so you might be off better reading her livejournal.

Hooray. So Thomas visited me yesterday and gave me my broken DS back and we ended up doing manly things playing games and stuff. As a side note, a friend of a friend of my mother repairs (what's the plural of DS...?) for free, so it might get fixed again. UNLESS IT EXPLODES. RANDOMLY. So as we were chilling and stuff we came to talk about whether or not I found a job yet and shit. And just as I was saying "Nope, nobody really said yes yet" I got a call from these guys asking me if I'm still interested in the job. No, really, it literally sounded like begging. I liked it. So of course I said yes and now I have to go there at Monday 11 AM. Hum.

Other than that I started watching Shaman King and I've got to say I'm impressed. It's a whole lot better than I imagined and the drawing style isn't too bad, even though it could be better. It's tense and interesting, keeps me entertained when I watch through it. Conan had to wait this week and Naruto, well, one episode a week as always.

So I played and finished Dragon Age II and it's a very awesome game, albeit I have to say a few things about it that I did not like. For one, the races. You're bound to be human. That is not cool. Second, I didn't feel like the other party members gave a shit what you did with a certain party member, or not that I have noticed. Third, you don't "get around" as much as in the previous game, or I did not have the feeling you did. You have around 5 or 6 locations in the town and 3 or 4 outside, most of the caves, houses and shacks are repetitive and look exactly the same whenever you go inside of them. The quests were all well made and had a nice catch, the gameplay was fun and interesting and the graphics were splendid, really, but every corner looked like the same. Of all the bad things, of course, there are good things. I really liked the new "talent tree", it was much easier to use, you had so many options with each class and it never felt boring. The new combat system is... hard to use, I find. It's nice that everything goes so fast, I like that, but it's hard to right click and enemy if your "attack" button is the same button as to move the camera, and your enemies jump like they have an audience with the president.

And yet more gaming news, sorry for those who're not interested in this kind of stuff, I'm still going to do it. Darkspore. Who knows it? Not many I suppose. I came into the Beta which also ends this weekend, Slein was friendly enough to bring me, Miro and him keys out of some sort of magazine, so we ended up playing and it's the best thing humanity ever made. Well, not quite, but you get the point. It's like Spore and Diablo II. Or III, graphic-wise. You can literally create everything at your creature except the actual body and figure, meaning you can add spikes, weapons, horns, shields, shoulderpads, you can change the size of each one of these things, making almost every player with the same hero unique because they all look different. On top of that, you can even change the colour and pattern of your hero. ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!
The game costs quite some money, so I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to get it. But it's definetely worth the price.

God, I am so sure I forgot to write something but I think I forgot what it was... when I read through it, it sounds like I mentioned everything... Hm. Oh well.

Oh, and a side note, Japan has had a Tsunami attack shit. If you've got too much money on your hands, drop some of that here so these guys aren't having too much of a hard time. After all, they're making the precious animes. What would we do without them? Bleh, just kidding. Support if you can.

That's it again, my, I wrote this much. Also, what do you guys think of the picture? God, I love it. It's so awesome.

See y'all!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tanjoubi Omedetou!

Yo! How's everyone doing? Great? That's so nice! So am I.

... is what I'd like to say, but I've been feeling miserable these past days. Stuff's happened, as always, I still don't have a job, and well, I'm the still the useless unloved Otaku I always was. The fact that I have birthday today isn't going to change that fact.

I visited the Federal Employment Office today and they gave me some sort of work I will have to do for the next 4 months so I get approved for further assistance regarding money. Meaning if I don't do it I get no money at all, and if I do it I have the chance to get my money as well as a chance to find a job. It's annoying, since it's early and lasts long, and as far as I know we're not going to do anything up there other than, well, talking about stuff. It's going to be extraordinary boring, but it's probably good to get used to my future work, if there will be any.

As for my birthday, well, Slein gave me Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Miro will probably buy me something, too. Even though I haven't even asked either one of them for anything. Plus I probably won't have the money to ever get them something. So, yeah, from my family so far I've gotten 200 Euro, while 100 are supposed to be for clothes, and I guess I could use new ones, but I doubt I'll buy those. I'll see into it. Though I must say I've never gotten this much money from my family. Must be because I'm getting 18 or something. Other than that it's a very regular day, nothing special.

I've played a lot of Getamped 2, the gameplay is great and it doesn't lag as bad as the first one. Plus the customization with skins in this game is simply genius. It's finally March, too. That means a lot of games are going to get released. Pokémon Black and White for one, as also Dragon Age II, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Total War: Shogun 2. Many more, of course. It's like THE release month. It's great because we were lacking games for quite a time now. I'm really looking forward into playing most of them, it's going to be a little tricky now that I have to "work" starting from the 14th, but it'll work out.

I watched more Conan and am thinking about whether to or not to watch Shaman King. I've watched it in TV ages ago and liked it, and the general genre is Shounen plus it has 64 episodes or so. It'd be pretty neat, but yeah. So much animes, so less time.

I honestly don't know what to say else. I guess since I'm at it, might as well thank you guys for continously reading this crappy blog of a crappy person like me. I'm also sorry that I'm not writing as much as I used to be. Sigh. Life goes on.

Catch you later, guys.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game Over, man! Game Over!

'Sup, everyone!? Hope you all are doing just fine, because I'm so going to roll out another blog post right now. Hope y'all ready.

So! Stuff's been tight these last days, yo. My mom was in hospital for about 1 or almost 2 weeks and she's coming home tomorrow again. I'm not entirely sure what exactly was wrong with her, all I know is that it's got something to do with her pancreas. When I visited her this weekend she seemed very alright, though. We conversed about what's happened and well, I brought her new clothes and spare money because at that time we both didn't know how long she'll be there. Basically I've been living on my own, I didn't really cook much stuff or rather, at all. All I ate was basically made of dough. Pizza, Bread, Noodles. Well, and soup. It usually tasted all just fine, so I can't complain. I also managed to finally get another meeting with REWE, and now I'm eagerly awaiting their response, again. Wish me luck!

I've been broadcasting a lot of games these weeks, too. Why? Well when you're alone and nobody will come over and complain about how loud you are talking it sure makes up for a good broadcasting chance. "But wait", you will say now, "when you're broadcasting you're not talking. When I last saw your broadcast I only heard ingame sound.". Well, my dear friend, that is stuff for the past, because from now on my streams will contain 100% delicious Rio voice, 24/7. You better tune in next time.

Ah, broadcasting, that sure brings up memories. When I think back, the possibility to stream what you play live was one of the sole reasons I've started using Xfire so frequently. And, well, the stat tracking. Over the course of months I've found about many different methods to show people what you play right now. Some are easy, some are more difficult. But they all seem to work. Just not for me.

Xfire was always one of the best, it barely lags when you choose a reasonable quality, and even if you choose low, it's not as low as other hosts broadcast the video. The less cool part about Xfire was that you had to have the game supported by Xfire, so livestreaming individual releases, let alone your Desktop, was basically impossible. Eventually I figured out how to manually add games to Xfire to be able to stream them, but you still could not broadcast anything which didn't have Direct X support. Back then, Xfire was using the Dyyno broadcasting software, a software which was also able to be used without Xfire, and worked a lot better that way. You could drag the Icon anywhere and broadcast it without any problems, even your Desktop. By now, it still is about the second best, and that's only because I'm not able to configure the quality and thus lag while broadcasting. And there's a lot of ads for people watching.

Right now, Xfire is using the Livestream broadcasting software, this software is a lot more common and rather well-known, however it's not exactly as good. You can configure the quality and all, but it still lags way too much for me. There's, of course, plenty of other softwares I've encountered, XSplit, and Own3d for example. But after all my travels I am still using Xfire, just because it does exactly what I want it to do. Well, most of the time.

Enough of the reviewing! You're here for some hot Rio action after all, right? Right. Well, I've played games, as always. Mostly the usual stuff, but also Dead Space 2 and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Weird choice of games, hah. I'm not a big fan of horror games, but playing Dead Space 2 during day or broadcasting it was a lot of fun for me. I'm still not finished. And I've always loved RCT 1 and 2, but I've never come around to play the 3rd part, but I'm glad I did, it's great.
As for animes, Detective Conan sure is long, but I also haven't watched too many episodes, thus I'm still not finished with Lucky Star either. So much to watch, so less time.

Oh, and before I forget, Happy Valentine everyone! Do you have someone who loves you? If not, a shame, if yes, that's great! I myself seem to have some people cheering for me, it's almost scary again. But a great thanks to Crimson for this awesome present! And for all the others who feel for me but I'm not able to feel back, I'm sorry. I love you all, just not exactly the same. <3

I guess that's it, folks. Did you like it? I loved it. I love scrolling up and seeing how much I wrote. It's one of my secret fetishes. See you around, guys, keep it cool!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Post in 2011!

Anyone feeling any special already? I'm still feeling all the same. I would've posted a lot sooner but I just couldn't get myself to do it. Not all too much happened and I feel like I'm getting a little bit repeative.

I played games, yeah. Recently have gotten hooked up with Bloodline Champions again, but I guess I won't play it anymore since I've gotten sick of it already again. Funny how much stuff happens if you don't post for a while. Huh. Well a good friend, Ronrinesu to named, recently bought me some neat stuff, I guess you could call it a Christmas present. It was totally nuts, but he bought me Red Faction: Guerilla, Plants vs. Zombies, Plain Sight and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Guy must've been really drunk or something. I love you, thanks for the games!

Obviously I have been playing those a lot. Black Ops is just so addicting, I never thought I'd be playing it this much. So much customization, leveling system, and the gameplay is just always fun. I totally love it. Plain Sight was... neat? He played it with me and the gameplay is pretty well and original, apparently the game is so unknown that even on Steam nobody owns or plays it, so you have a really hard time getting into a server with actual people on it. Plants vs. Zombies, I love this game. I, of course, finished it already and am aiming for 100% Completion on it. It's nothing I can play all day but it sure is fun from time to time! Spent a lot of time in it. And, at the very last, Red Faction. Now I don't know what the fuck is going on but I was expecting people to actually play this shit online. The Singleplayer is fun, sure, but that wasn't the reason I wished for this game. Literally NOBODY is playing this game online and I must say that's pissing me off, because multiplayer in this game is just pure fun. Oh well.

As for animes, yeah. Conan. Still watching. Yup. Also I've started watching Lucky Star, oh bother. The anime is great, it's more of a Japanese sitcom. Totally not what I was expecting but some moments are priceless, really. Also, I've been told to watch Baka to Test Shoukanjuu, I actually wanted to watch that someday anyhow, but forgot about it. Thanks to Tharatriel for reminding me! Other than that, yeah, well. Not much I suppose. Naruto, I guess. OH FUCK TODAY IS THURSDAY. Lmao, I still have to watch the new episode! Talking about being random in his own blog post.

Uh, yeah. About real life, hm. I've been looking around, REWE told me they'll be inviting me so I can introduce myself. I guess that's a good thing, even though last time I didn't make it, I'll make this time count. Other than that, a friend told me that I shouldn't think so much about this. I mean I'm still young, 17 years old, so I should have a good time, whether I have a job or not. I guess she's right. I mean I can still get a job in 3 years, but if I was depressed that long I sure will miss out. I have to make the best out of it, I'm not the only one without a job and fate will sooner or later smile upon me. It just takes a while.

Well, sorry I don't have any more to talk about! You've been waiting so long and all you get is a lousy little text like this. I'm so sorry! I've also been broadcasting a lot recently in my Steam group, so make sure you check that out! I'd love to chat with some of you in Steam! See you around everyone!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!

That is indeed Japanese for Happy New Year! I thought doing the English title seems boring, also, I've had it last year. So why not go for Japanese?

Well, there's not much to tell you, I suppose. Not much happened, a new year began and I hope you guys all had a great time yesterday. Or today, depending on how you look at it. I also noticed that the anime Panty and Stocking might not have ended. Many streaming sites said that the 14th episode will air at Friday, like all the others, but it's already Saturday and it's not released. I'll see into that, dunno.

As for games, a friend bought me "The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom", an amazingly cheap and surprisingly fun game, I have to admit. 0,39€ for 3 hours of gameplay does sound neat, doesn't it? Other than that, no new games, played Global Agenda with Mirodir and some other stuff here and there.

I guess that's it again. I really don't have to say too much, and I'll inform you guys in some time soon again!