Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Game Over, man! Game Over!

'Sup, everyone!? Hope you all are doing just fine, because I'm so going to roll out another blog post right now. Hope y'all ready.

So! Stuff's been tight these last days, yo. My mom was in hospital for about 1 or almost 2 weeks and she's coming home tomorrow again. I'm not entirely sure what exactly was wrong with her, all I know is that it's got something to do with her pancreas. When I visited her this weekend she seemed very alright, though. We conversed about what's happened and well, I brought her new clothes and spare money because at that time we both didn't know how long she'll be there. Basically I've been living on my own, I didn't really cook much stuff or rather, at all. All I ate was basically made of dough. Pizza, Bread, Noodles. Well, and soup. It usually tasted all just fine, so I can't complain. I also managed to finally get another meeting with REWE, and now I'm eagerly awaiting their response, again. Wish me luck!

I've been broadcasting a lot of games these weeks, too. Why? Well when you're alone and nobody will come over and complain about how loud you are talking it sure makes up for a good broadcasting chance. "But wait", you will say now, "when you're broadcasting you're not talking. When I last saw your broadcast I only heard ingame sound.". Well, my dear friend, that is stuff for the past, because from now on my streams will contain 100% delicious Rio voice, 24/7. You better tune in next time.

Ah, broadcasting, that sure brings up memories. When I think back, the possibility to stream what you play live was one of the sole reasons I've started using Xfire so frequently. And, well, the stat tracking. Over the course of months I've found about many different methods to show people what you play right now. Some are easy, some are more difficult. But they all seem to work. Just not for me.

Xfire was always one of the best, it barely lags when you choose a reasonable quality, and even if you choose low, it's not as low as other hosts broadcast the video. The less cool part about Xfire was that you had to have the game supported by Xfire, so livestreaming individual releases, let alone your Desktop, was basically impossible. Eventually I figured out how to manually add games to Xfire to be able to stream them, but you still could not broadcast anything which didn't have Direct X support. Back then, Xfire was using the Dyyno broadcasting software, a software which was also able to be used without Xfire, and worked a lot better that way. You could drag the Icon anywhere and broadcast it without any problems, even your Desktop. By now, it still is about the second best, and that's only because I'm not able to configure the quality and thus lag while broadcasting. And there's a lot of ads for people watching.

Right now, Xfire is using the Livestream broadcasting software, this software is a lot more common and rather well-known, however it's not exactly as good. You can configure the quality and all, but it still lags way too much for me. There's, of course, plenty of other softwares I've encountered, XSplit, and Own3d for example. But after all my travels I am still using Xfire, just because it does exactly what I want it to do. Well, most of the time.

Enough of the reviewing! You're here for some hot Rio action after all, right? Right. Well, I've played games, as always. Mostly the usual stuff, but also Dead Space 2 and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Weird choice of games, hah. I'm not a big fan of horror games, but playing Dead Space 2 during day or broadcasting it was a lot of fun for me. I'm still not finished. And I've always loved RCT 1 and 2, but I've never come around to play the 3rd part, but I'm glad I did, it's great.
As for animes, Detective Conan sure is long, but I also haven't watched too many episodes, thus I'm still not finished with Lucky Star either. So much to watch, so less time.

Oh, and before I forget, Happy Valentine everyone! Do you have someone who loves you? If not, a shame, if yes, that's great! I myself seem to have some people cheering for me, it's almost scary again. But a great thanks to Crimson for this awesome present! And for all the others who feel for me but I'm not able to feel back, I'm sorry. I love you all, just not exactly the same. <3

I guess that's it, folks. Did you like it? I loved it. I love scrolling up and seeing how much I wrote. It's one of my secret fetishes. See you around, guys, keep it cool!