Friday, March 25, 2011

I don't like this so called "Real Life"


My feet hurt, my head is about to explode, I feel like I don't want to live on anymore. Funnily enough this is just the first day of my work.

So I got a job now, awesome, it's actually an okay work, you do the usual stuff you do in a shop and yeah, no big deal. But there's a catch. There's always a catch. I have to drive there by train and bus, which doesn't (or shouldn't) really take longer than 30 minutes, but it's still a pain to pay the train. (Sorry, that had to be.) I'm working 163 Hours a month, that's about 37,5 Hours a week, and all that for 400 Euro currently, which is incredibly less but that's about to change once I'm out of the trainee phase, since I don't have the job just yet (remember, always a catch). If I don't do anything stupid in 3 months I'll have the job. If I can last that long. As I've said, 400 Euros, I'd say half of that are wasted for actually REACHING my work and getting home in a month, so we have 200 Euros left. That's a little less but at least something, OR SO YOU'D SAY. The fucking Federal Employment Office stopped giving us the money it kept giving us up until now because I have a job now. So basically, EVEN THOUGH I'M WORKING, we have even less money than we already had, so fuck you life. Of course I'll need to look into this matter, things just can't be right this way. I'ma have to make clear that I want the way I'm driving to what they call "work" paid and just because I'm earning money doesn't mean that money can instantly just taken away again.

Even my eyes hurt for no apparent reason. I don't think I have much else to write, it's great that I have a future now, but if you ask me it's not looking any brighter than before.

As for the rest, I played Sims Medieval which came out a while ago, seems like a pretty neat game and it's fun, but it's way too limited and definetely not worth the price as a standalone game. Would've made a neat clever add-on, but like this it's a big no-no. I also watched one 1 hour episode of Conan and Naruto, I didn't get the chance to do much of that because I played a lot of games and when I didn't do that I was outside doing stuff in real life. Mostly because I'm forced to.

I guess that's all for now, uh, yeah. You guys just stay safe or something.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If you wish upon a star

Well holy moly everyone. So many things happening. Good and bad things, I might add.

So first. Shit. Youtube deleted my account because they're being complete assholes my account has violated the terms of use for the third time by uploading content which is copyrighted and does not belong to me onto YouTube. Sucks. Know what sucks more? Right. My Youtube Google account is linked to this very blog.

Now I suppose most of you have already figured the possible reasoning behind my sentence. Exactly. This blog was blocked for the last days. Heh. Blog. Blocked. Funny.

Anyway, I had to "verify my account" via a code that's being sent to my mobile phone. How fortunate that I do not own one. So I took the one of my mother which ended up not working, for weird reasons. So since I couldn't go to sleep like this, I tried and tried different solutions to do this, and I ended up telling Jenny about this issue and she was friendly enough as to let me borrow her mobile phone so I could send her the code and enter it. The day was saved. So everyone who likes reading the blog, drop by her blogs to read through them a bit or drop a thank you somewhere! She's got a blog which is linked here however she rarely updates that one, so you might be off better reading her livejournal.

Hooray. So Thomas visited me yesterday and gave me my broken DS back and we ended up doing manly things playing games and stuff. As a side note, a friend of a friend of my mother repairs (what's the plural of DS...?) for free, so it might get fixed again. UNLESS IT EXPLODES. RANDOMLY. So as we were chilling and stuff we came to talk about whether or not I found a job yet and shit. And just as I was saying "Nope, nobody really said yes yet" I got a call from these guys asking me if I'm still interested in the job. No, really, it literally sounded like begging. I liked it. So of course I said yes and now I have to go there at Monday 11 AM. Hum.

Other than that I started watching Shaman King and I've got to say I'm impressed. It's a whole lot better than I imagined and the drawing style isn't too bad, even though it could be better. It's tense and interesting, keeps me entertained when I watch through it. Conan had to wait this week and Naruto, well, one episode a week as always.

So I played and finished Dragon Age II and it's a very awesome game, albeit I have to say a few things about it that I did not like. For one, the races. You're bound to be human. That is not cool. Second, I didn't feel like the other party members gave a shit what you did with a certain party member, or not that I have noticed. Third, you don't "get around" as much as in the previous game, or I did not have the feeling you did. You have around 5 or 6 locations in the town and 3 or 4 outside, most of the caves, houses and shacks are repetitive and look exactly the same whenever you go inside of them. The quests were all well made and had a nice catch, the gameplay was fun and interesting and the graphics were splendid, really, but every corner looked like the same. Of all the bad things, of course, there are good things. I really liked the new "talent tree", it was much easier to use, you had so many options with each class and it never felt boring. The new combat system is... hard to use, I find. It's nice that everything goes so fast, I like that, but it's hard to right click and enemy if your "attack" button is the same button as to move the camera, and your enemies jump like they have an audience with the president.

And yet more gaming news, sorry for those who're not interested in this kind of stuff, I'm still going to do it. Darkspore. Who knows it? Not many I suppose. I came into the Beta which also ends this weekend, Slein was friendly enough to bring me, Miro and him keys out of some sort of magazine, so we ended up playing and it's the best thing humanity ever made. Well, not quite, but you get the point. It's like Spore and Diablo II. Or III, graphic-wise. You can literally create everything at your creature except the actual body and figure, meaning you can add spikes, weapons, horns, shields, shoulderpads, you can change the size of each one of these things, making almost every player with the same hero unique because they all look different. On top of that, you can even change the colour and pattern of your hero. ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!
The game costs quite some money, so I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to get it. But it's definetely worth the price.

God, I am so sure I forgot to write something but I think I forgot what it was... when I read through it, it sounds like I mentioned everything... Hm. Oh well.

Oh, and a side note, Japan has had a Tsunami attack shit. If you've got too much money on your hands, drop some of that here so these guys aren't having too much of a hard time. After all, they're making the precious animes. What would we do without them? Bleh, just kidding. Support if you can.

That's it again, my, I wrote this much. Also, what do you guys think of the picture? God, I love it. It's so awesome.

See y'all!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tanjoubi Omedetou!

Yo! How's everyone doing? Great? That's so nice! So am I.

... is what I'd like to say, but I've been feeling miserable these past days. Stuff's happened, as always, I still don't have a job, and well, I'm the still the useless unloved Otaku I always was. The fact that I have birthday today isn't going to change that fact.

I visited the Federal Employment Office today and they gave me some sort of work I will have to do for the next 4 months so I get approved for further assistance regarding money. Meaning if I don't do it I get no money at all, and if I do it I have the chance to get my money as well as a chance to find a job. It's annoying, since it's early and lasts long, and as far as I know we're not going to do anything up there other than, well, talking about stuff. It's going to be extraordinary boring, but it's probably good to get used to my future work, if there will be any.

As for my birthday, well, Slein gave me Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Miro will probably buy me something, too. Even though I haven't even asked either one of them for anything. Plus I probably won't have the money to ever get them something. So, yeah, from my family so far I've gotten 200 Euro, while 100 are supposed to be for clothes, and I guess I could use new ones, but I doubt I'll buy those. I'll see into it. Though I must say I've never gotten this much money from my family. Must be because I'm getting 18 or something. Other than that it's a very regular day, nothing special.

I've played a lot of Getamped 2, the gameplay is great and it doesn't lag as bad as the first one. Plus the customization with skins in this game is simply genius. It's finally March, too. That means a lot of games are going to get released. Pokémon Black and White for one, as also Dragon Age II, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Total War: Shogun 2. Many more, of course. It's like THE release month. It's great because we were lacking games for quite a time now. I'm really looking forward into playing most of them, it's going to be a little tricky now that I have to "work" starting from the 14th, but it'll work out.

I watched more Conan and am thinking about whether to or not to watch Shaman King. I've watched it in TV ages ago and liked it, and the general genre is Shounen plus it has 64 episodes or so. It'd be pretty neat, but yeah. So much animes, so less time.

I honestly don't know what to say else. I guess since I'm at it, might as well thank you guys for continously reading this crappy blog of a crappy person like me. I'm also sorry that I'm not writing as much as I used to be. Sigh. Life goes on.

Catch you later, guys.