Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh life, thou art a heartless bitch

But we keep fighting, do we not? As long as we strive to stay alive that means we're fighting, fighting against the surge of waves in this ocean we call life.

Well, my life isn't as bad as it could be, I mean it is a little shitty that I have less money than I expected, and it is a little hard going to work and working for countless hours for a considerably meagre wage, but it's okay. It's not like life is full of bad things. I mean it mostly contains bad things, but as a human being even 25% good compared to 75% bad is "worth living for".

My colleagues aren't so bad, it's mostly somewhat fun to work there so I'm not all too angry about it. Sometimes things get a little annoying, but I think it all goes in a healthy balance. Helping out customers really is the best, it's amazingly fun and I usually feel great about myself when I've really helped out someone. Working inside the storage can get really tiring and eventually hurts your entire body, but it's a great feeling to have a challenge like that and you know that you've accomplished something today at the end of the day. I'm looking forward to the money I'll get for working a month there now, it's going to be my first wage so I guess it's just as special as your first kiss or something. Just a little thrilled is all.

So of course I am still an otaku and a gamer. That means I still watch anime and I still play games, or I play anime games and hit two birds with one stone. I haven't really watched any anime except for Naruto, but I did happen to watch a lot of cartoon, namely the Boondocks for any of you who might know it, and for any who don't, here's the intro.

It's an amazingly well made cartoon made by not a company, but people like you and me, it's about many things, usually involves black people and dark humor (Oh, that one was good) and it's pretty fun to watch. You'd think a series like this has about 10 episodes, but you're wrong, it features 3 seasons starring about 45 episodes in total, that is one heck of an amount for a free series.

Then, other than that, I played lots of different games, yet only two are really worth mentioning, Portal 2 and Ghost Trick. I enjoyed Portal 2 to the very last and it's an amazing game, the ending was just so awesome and the gameplay was as thrilling as I had hoped. But that's not too great because that was what I was expecting. It's much more amazing if a small DS game named Ghost Trick seems neat and turns out to be so incredibly fun and twisted that it's not even funny anymore. But I'm not really in the mood to talk about these games right now, I'm more in the mood for trailers, so I'll post trailers. Be warned, the Portal 2 video might contain spoilers, but it's just too epic to not show.

Portal 2 Ending Song

Ghost Trick Trailer

That's all you'll be getting from me today. I'm sorry that I don't update as often as I used to, but I'm pretty busy, and when I'm not, I'm taking my free time to get around to actually play a game for once. I'm thankful for anyone who's still really checking in. Keep it tight!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gotta move that gear up!


Life is so damn hard, it's not even funny anymore. My loan is meagre, my working times are ridiculous and the job itself isn't exactly what you call easy. I'd like to watch some animes, but when I come home it's around 9 PM, when I get to actually do stuff at the computer it's about 10 PM, and then there's about 10 people who want something from me so my actual free time starts at 11 PM, and I want to go offline at around midnight. Sigh.

There's people all around who I really like to spend time with, but my current situation barely leaves me time to do the latter. Of course there's always Mirodir, but there's many, many more, and I'm just going through with them all because I think that's something I haven't done in a long time, and some of you might cheer up when I mention you. Let's start with the person I just mentioned, Miro.
Well, sir. I've known you for around 4 years now and you've always been a key part of my life, something I cannot abandon, a friend for all the time I'd say. It's often that I don't exactly know what to do when you're not around. Games are less fun when they aren't played with you and life seems sorta boring. That doesn't mean all my other friends are worth less, not at all, but it sure as hell means that a life without you would be something I wouldn't dare think about. I sure hope this doesn't sound gay, because you are totally not my type, but I thank you for being there all these years.

Next on the list is, well, Albi. I would call you by your real name but you know, it's on the blog and I still don't know if you like that or not. You're someone I know almost as long as Mirodir, and amazingly enough, without spending as much time with me as he did, are undoubtedly just as important as he is. You are a key person in my life and without you life would certainly take a roll downhill. We never spend much time, and we don't get around to talk much, but when we do we surely talk for hours. Literally. About anything. I enjoy that. Being with you is so much fun, I can't actually describe it. During all these years, without us really talking, you've been secretly, more or less, reading this very blog without any obligation whatsoever. I really thank you for existing.

From here, I can't exactly say who's next, because Albi and Miro make about my only "real real life friends", so they are no doubt on top of the list. But let's start from the bottom. I've had many friends, but only a few are still regularly chatting with me. One of these is Kumiko. You know who you are. We rarely get the chance to talk, but I hope your life will get better again. You're a very good friend, and it's always been fun doing stuff with you, I'm really glad we can still talk the way we could back then, and I don't ever want that fact to change. I'm also taking this chance to tell people about your blog. It's great, and a shame I don't have much time to check it out, from time to time I skip through the endless pages, I like the humour you put up there, and it's always awesome to read through your blog entries.

Aya, I'm not sure how you want me to call you, it doesn't matter anyways. We've been through much, and after all that happens, I'm so glad you are still here. You've really helped me out a lot of times, and I wouldn't ever want you to just disappear. You're a close person to me, and maybe even a tad more important than all my other friends. I know there were times it wasn't like this, but with the situation we're currently in, I'm thinking things are fine just how they are right now, and it's probably for the best. Thanks.

Crimson. It's funny to call you like this around here when I was so used to call you by your other names. But that's the name that is most fitting and it's also the name you had when we first met. We've had a lot of fun in the past, and even though we had some pretty bad fights I still like you as much as ever. We're not exactly friends right now, I know that, but it meant a lot to me to hear you're still reading my blog. I'm not sure if you'll read this, too. But I sure hope so. You're a part of my life like everyone else. I really don't want to completely lose you.

Face, Facey, Facelord. I don't like calling you like that because it sounds awkward, but you never left me a choice, did you? Boy, I don't even know you that long, but I think it's almost been about half a year, hasn't it? We used to chat more, sure, but I still like our occasional conversations. It's awesome to hear your account has been unbanned again. Don't mind all the haters, they just don't know shit about you. I'm really glad to have you around, even though you're sometimes an asshole. But that's how you are. I'm also an asshole sometimes, so we're even. Peace.

Arzi, good lord. I don't know, we've known each other for quite a long time indeed. We never chatted much, and when we did it was usually because of a third person, right? Fun times, why yes. But you're a good person, a really good one. I'm glad to know you, and it's fun to ramble about things with you from time to time. It's also neat to play LoL with you. We should totally do that sometime again.

God, I actually wanted to eat, by now my foods already cold, oh well. James, I still have a hard time believing that's your name, but so be it. God, we haven't really ever talked much, but you've really earned yourself a place in my heart. I've never seen such a kindhearted person in my life, you're the sort of person who'd take a bullet for a complete stranger. And the weirdest part is that you're into guro. God. You're really awesome. Come online more often, I'd need you around again.

Sooner or later it had to come down to this. I'm officially declaring it. Nishi, you're a good friend of me, too. I never admitted it, really, and I'm always being an asshole around you, but that's just because I love how mad you get when I am. You're an awesome person, and I really played so many games with you. Actually, when it comes to games, you're the person I spend most time in games with right after Miro. That's a little something. Oh, and of course you're my soulmate. The only real lolicon I know besides me. Little girls are just something different, aren't they?

Elizabeth, my. I'd wish you read this blog, because it's really something I want you to know. Even though I probably told you, I have the feeling you never really understood. It's a shame we never really talk, but you're a really important friend to me. I've talked about many different things with you, and you're always fun to hang out with. I know just someday you'll be gone, I really don't want that day to happen.

Ichrin, my friend. I wonder how've you been? I really do apologize that I can never get around to read your blog, it's just really not in my time. But I'm glad you still check out this shit! You're a great person, and have been a great friend in the past. We never talk anymore, but occasionally chat which is just fine! You stay safe, thanks for everything.

You probably wouldn't think I mention you, but here we go, Paru. You're a very good friend of mine, believe it or not. I really do apologize for not often chatting you, but look around, everyone's experiencing just that. I sure hope you're alright, you never tell me much, and it's been a while. I wish we can chat again, you're a really cool person.

Next one is probably, well, Slein. Or Niels, depending how you call him. Well, bud, you don't read my blog at all, but that doesn't matter since I still feel like talking about you. We've known each other for long, almost too long. I never really get to talk to you about private stuff, but you're very often around when me and Miro are playing something. No doubt, you're a friend of mine, and you're really dumb for buying so many games, knowing that I probably can't ever really pay you back. Thank you for, well, being there.

Ronrinesu, don't think I'd forget mentioning you. Still sitting in your corner all alone? I hope you're doing well. No matter how you put it, you'll always be a friend of mine. I sure hope these other two are treating you well, because you could use a little cheering up. Everything will be fine, remember. You're a great person. I really enjoyed the time with you, as short as it was.

I would also thank every single person in my group on Steam. There's some of you I especially like, you're the heart of the group and usually around when I do events. I know we don't chat and it's usually group-intern, but I thank you guys, you've made me happy and I had a lot of fun with you. Stay the way you are!

There's also a bunch of new people I've gotten to know, some of which are more important to me than others, but don't you feel left out when I did not mention you today. I just don't know you long enough to have an opinion about you, but I'm sure someday I will. Thanks for sticking with me.

I guess that's all I have to say, but before I go I still feel like posting some videos of songs and shit I often listen to, especially on my MP3 player (which is really crappy, but eventually does its job) when I go to work.