Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's over 90000!

Alright! It's finally happened! Maybe due to me being derpy I haven't noticed earlier, but I've recently just hit 100000 views on my blog! That's amazing!

When I started out with my blog, I was pretty sure I'd be damn happy if a few 1000 were going to read this, but now look at all the way I've gone. Sure, I know that 50% of those opened this page for a second and closed it, and 25% haven't stayed longer than 5 minutes. Maybe another 15% scrolled down a few pages, but that leaves us with at least 10% of people who at least casually sometimes check my blog for updates and like to read it. And I like that.

I would give you a price, but theoretically you are just a number, and I wouldn't know what sort of price to give to such an occasion. A game? Music? Reviews? I don't know.

So anyways, Gamescom happened and my girlfriend went there, hope she's having a great time, I'd love to tag along but it's way too far for me, and I don't have the money to go there. She said she's bring me a souvenir, I found that cute. Riot Games is there currently, they gave out Nasus Riot K-9 skins on Twitter, and now here's the good part. Have I told you I won a Fullmetal Pantheon skin on Twitter recently? Twice? Yeah I gave one to Mirodir because he hasn't won any. Now guess what, I didn't get no Nasus skin, but Miro got two. Coincidence much?

Naturally I played Games, too. Namely Bastion and From Dust. Bastion is an amazing 2D hack 'n slay with a brilliant, breath-taking storyline. Let me just post you my absolute favorite track from the game.

When I heard that song ingame, I stopped moving and was blown away by the beauty of this game. Her voice is so amazing, and the moment when it played ingame... I have nothing to say to that. Listen, be amazed.

As for From Dust, it's a lot like Black and White, you play "God" but instead of manipulating objects, you manipulate the earth itself, you take sand, water and lava to form ground and solve different level puzzles to help your tribe survive and populate this world. It's pretty beautiful and unique, but the controls are a pain in the ass.

Other than that, I wouldn't know right. Hope you guys are doing fine. We'll see each other!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Demise, Disorder, Delight


So, as I expected the money project was a stupid idea. It probably made me look bad and needy, AND I didn't get anything out of it. But whatever.

So I was playing... what was I playing? Frankly nothing out of the ordinary, or at least nothing I can remember right now. Well except for the new Touhou: Ten Desires. It's the 13th game out of the series and I'm really glad ZUN still keeps up with the Touhous. I guess the popularity has now reached a level that within days there's fanart of all new characters, and some of it looks really neat.

So I've been having a cold since about Friday. And a bad one, I've been constantly reaching for tissues, my eyes sometimes started to tear, and I kept taking all different sorts of medicine, which didn't really help I think. I have basically not been able to play at all, since the shit is driving me crazy, it's gotten a lot better by now but tomorrow I need to go to the provision again.

I am not good at Touhou, but as I've mentioned, I played it. I really love the ideology and the music is beautiful. I apparently only managed to reach Stage 6... on Easy. It's a shame since that way I did not unlock the music for my favourite Touhou, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, the Extra Stage boss. Good thing we have YouTube for these kinds of problems.

Mamizou's Theme

In other news, I traded lots of items in Team Fortress 2 because it seemed to be the easiest thing to do besides doing nothing. And on my journey, I met a certain someone which name is Crucifox. Now originally he would be just one of the many traders I trade with, but he just happened to be the one to trade my Bill's Hat (very valuable hat in the game) against keys (some sort of currency in the game). So I was like "Hey, I don't want to lie to you, this hat might be my way up to the trading empire so I want to make profit out of it." Funny story, he is a very dedicated and skilled trader, and my enthusiasm made him take an interest in me, so we talked a lot about trading, he eventually made me trade with him, he actually overpayed me as a nice gesture. We keep in contact, yesterday we talked a lot on Skype as he wanted to explain to me how to easily and properly sell the items he sold me. As we were talking he talked to his friend in the background, and they were mumbling something about "Ever looked up to a Yordle?", so I was "Hey, wait, Yordle, you play League?", "Yeah I play League", and basically that is how we both found out we play League of Legends, which we happily celebrated in a game which we lost so we played another one that we won.

Speaking of League of Legends, the guys from G4TV made a Fullmetal Pantheon skin giveaway, and I won, technically one in a million, one of the skins they were giving away. Technically because in actuality they had multiple events and I just happened to be in an event which was very early, so I did not have many enemies who participated alongside. Just wanted to give a shoutout to them for being so awesome as to give me a skin.

I have made a meme about League of Legends, it's called the "Bad LoL Player Meme" and is featured by a bad picture of Twitch and an image background. The images feature various facepalm situations in League of Legends. It's rapidly gaining fame, and is now even on Whether or not it will be accepted there remains unknown. The original League of Legends thread can be found... I think it's here.

Also I just wanted to drink some tea to improve my physical condition, but writing this blogpost made it cold now so I'm genuinely pissed off. But I guess I'll manage.

Aaaand I want more people to follow me on Twitter! I have started to do a lot more there, even changing appearance and background for that purpose. Check it out, yo!

I guess that is it for today again, folks. I don't have much else to say, make sure you check out the blogs of my friends on the side, also Panda's blog is currently down as she's having problems with her Laptop and the site seems to be screwing around, she can't change it right now, doesn't mean it's gone forever, though.

Alrighty, farewell.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Money, Money, Money

So, as you guys know, I'm a little short on cash.

Well, basically, we're not that low on cash, but we do have trouble managing every now and then, especially my close friends know that. Before you're going to judge my decision I'd ask of you to firstly read this blog post and think about the entire situation me and my mother are in.

My mother makes roughly 400 Dollar in her job, we get a little assistance by my father, mainly because he is forced to, the FEO pays us a little money as well, but that's about it, I don't have the exact values right now, but our rent alone is roughly 500 Dollar. Then there's all the other stuff, phone, internet, food, things around the house here and there. And then there's the cost of bus and gas we're using to get me to locations far, far away in order to find me a job.

Honestly, if it weren't for the money my uncle (Best uncle ever by the way, he's priest and all but he's really awesome) sends us about every few months we'd have to move out.

So as I was helping a friend of mine with the correction of a rather long-to-come story of his, or well, helping is a wrong word, I was correcting it, you see, he isn't all too good at English grammar and the sort, so he asked me to look over it and offered payment. Now I'd gladly do it for fun to help him out, but I do need the money so I said, why not. So as we were talking he mentioned I could make a Donate button for my website. So I thought about it, and actually, that does not seem like a bad idea at all. The thing I'm most concerned about, though, is, that it might make me look bad for expecting people to drop their money here. I don't wish to use people, but it's not like we wouldn't need it. And nobody's forced, right? For all it's worth, they can still decide. All my friends know this is not a bad act, and the ones who don't think so probably don't like me too much anyways.

So here we are, donate as much as you want, but don't overdo it. Small donations are fine, but I'll feel bad if you guys donate too much, I'll probably remove the button then. I could not live with the guilt seeing someone dump all their money because they are worried.

Also, I will thoroughly mention EVERYONE who donates money to me, as long as they leave a message and their name along with the donation. I'm by no means just using anyone, so I will really, really thank you if you do support me.

And fuck you guys wouldn't believe how much perverted pictures you find while searching for tags like "money" or "treasure". Oh my god.

Well, that is it so far. Again, thank you for your time, just reading my blog is all the support I need. I love you guys. See you around!