Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celebrate Cerebration

I'm sick.

Or at least I was sick the entire last week, acute bronchitis the doctor said. I was pretty happy when he told me to stay home for a week, although I did NOT expect me to be seriously sick like I was. It's over, or at least mostly over now. Monday I'll probably go to work again, as long as nothing unforseen happens.

So anyhow, greetings my fellow followers. I've been thinking much about this blog, and the layout of the blog. I've been thinking about moving, as in, moving somewhere completely different, making a new blog, or rent a homepage to make a new name for myself. The Great Rio has died down, a long time ago, actually. What's I'm treating upon are the remains of a past that I can no longer call my actual life, and thus, no longer my actual blog. It feels weird, but it's true. When I started this, I WAS The Great Rio, I was overconfident to hide the fact that I was actually drowning in self-pity. Now, I'm Ryou Takeshi, a different person, much more mature, yet still childish, that side will probably always remain. I've talked to some sort of psychologist not too long ago, talked about my life, where I want to go with it. Talked about myself, talked about pressure, talked about how childish I often am. She said it's good though. She said it's a good thing to still have this inner child. I've never thought of it like that. I've always thought of it like a burden, like something I don't want to have, something that makes me less of what I want to be. But I guess I've come to accept it. I've come to accept who I am, come to terms with myself about a lot of things that have been troubling my mind for eternity.

Recently, Miro showed me an old post of mine, it was a year ago, or so, I've talked about people in my life, gave a general outlook for newcomers what I'm actually talking about, and what my life really is like. Unless you guys mind it, I'll just do that again right now.

Off goes, I guess. I'm Pascal Kammer, usually called Ryou Takeshi by almost everyone now, still nicknamed Rio, or Glam occasionally since the name "Ryou" isn't available everywhere. I'm currently 18 years old and I'm happily... can I say engaged? I don't know. I have a girlfriend I guess, with whom I'm really happy with. She's kind, good-hearted, a little clumsy here and there, we get in lots of fights and she doesn't appreciate herself. But she loves me more than anything else in this world, and that's why I treasure her more than anything else myself. Her name's Lena Feldmann, I'm just taking the liberty to tell her real name, she's nicknamed Panda, and mostly called this way online. She's 17 right now, beautiful in my eyes, although she never thinks so herself. She has a hard life, it's easy for me to relate to her since, I, too, have had a rough life myself. But moving on.

Miro, always the second one in the list, for this exception, of course. I don't know where to start here, and I've said this probably a million times already, but yeah. He's my best friend, that's what he'll always be. We sure do fight a lot, too, and some days, heck, even weeks sometimes, we don't spend much time at all anymore. But we do have time to sit down and talk eventually. Reflect about our lives. I'm an egocentric bitch, I'll tell you that, but one thing's for sure, I'm proud of him. He walked literally the same path, but unlike me, he got a hold of himself and is living a pretty damn good life. He's got a sure job, something that's fun for him, he makes tons of money and still finds time to hang out in the internet. I envy him a lot, and I feel like sometimes I do him wrong with that, since he worked hard for what he has, and, well I can't say I haven't worked hard either, but I probably haven't worked hard enough. Or I've just had bad luck, let the fates decide that. He knows how much of a jackass I can be, but he's also changed and can be pretty much an asshole, too. What's actually funny here is that I'm thinking that might be due to my influence, so I guess I can't complain there. You just do your thing, I'll be rooting for you or something. Just don't... mention this post alright?

Down the list, Slein. Well buddy, what do I say? We share a common bond, he's a good friend and we have great times together, although they're mostly in games rather than outside. But we've gotten closer the past months so I guess that's a start. He's still an awesome friend as always, I appreciate his existance, and I'm glad he's around. Life would be a lot more boring without him, and I'd say aside from Mirodir, and obviously my girlfriend, he's one of the key figures in my life.

I guess... it's your turn now, Shade. Heck, what do I even say there. I'm glad you found your love, and I deeply apologize again for all the trouble I've caused you about it, it's just been kind of rough for me there, too. Again, we've known each other for a long time and still keep contact, and that's an amazing thing since usually the people I treasure most, I kind of lose contact with. That doesn't mean I stop caring, just, yeah, it's sad. But for you, wow, look at you go. You've grown so much, you've changed a lot. When we first met you were, and I'm not joking there, an emotionless blob. And now? Man, you're so tsundere I can't even describe it. You're so full of life, so full of emotion. I'm still sorry what happened between us, I screwed up, you know me. But it's helped you a lot, at least the time before and after that, and maybe the good things that have happened between us. I hope you and Sam are happy together.

Now, here's where my list, actually, kind of ends. I know... hundreds of other people I could name here, and would end up forgetting someone. I'll still just faintly name some of the people I enjoy my everyday life as for now.

Timmy, heck, I don't even know the rest of your name right now. You get me so mad sometimes, and I just hate you then, but in all actuality, you're a fine guy, you're fun, cool to talk to, and yeah, that's pretty much all I can say about that. You probably don't even read this blog.

Next on the list, again, this list is no ranking, it's just how they come to mind, is Albi. Yeah, girl. I don't know what to say here. We've kind of, sadly enough, outgrown each other a bit, and that makes me really sad. Maybe it's because you're not Steam, maybe it's because you're not Teamspeak, I can't tell, but I don't really talk to you at all anymore... I'll never forget our meeting, it sounds pretty weird and shit, but that day was magical. I had so much fun, and I've had deep feelings for you the most of my lifetime, but I can't change a person, nor can I change its thoughts. You didn't want more, and so it was. It was sad, I guess, I cried about it, too. But I've moved on, but I'm glad I've shared this experience with you. We should definitely get in touch again, someday. I won't forget you that easily.

I am so making this blogpost longer than I wanted to, sigh. I guess this one goes out for all my Twitter and Tumblr friends, who are not really friends, but more or less colleagues and acquaintances. Just a quick shout out for F├╝schlatz, who's a really cool guy and shares the love for Touhou just as I do. Also Hiroto Sumi, which is a really good friend whom I can trust and share interests with. As well as TsunTaiga, or for that fact, Jakka-Jon, who really got me into a great group of people in Skype and is generally a really cool person to hang out with. Paul, of course, who's an amazingly fun guy I really love to chat and talk to. And Myrhh, who I got to know and love playing League with, you're cool, too. And most importantly, Dreamcrytsall, who, frankly, I got to know years ago, but rebonded more or less in Twitter with. She's also the main person when it comes to retweeting the crap I say. And of course, a thanks to all my 91 followers as of now, you guys are awesome, I love that you like what I have to say. And as for Tumblr, I don't even know half of you guys, I just see that I reblog your stuff, and you reblog mine, so we're all cool. A big thanks to you, too.

I suppose that's that. That is one hell of a big text wall. I've been thinking of remaking my blog on Tumblr, and just linking everyone here to there, but then again, is that a good idea? I mean, I don't know. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, as I think it's really a big thing for me. Should I keep this blog? Should I rent a homepage and start a new? Or should I make a Tumblr account for my new blog appearance? Leave your thoughts in the shout, in the comments, or contact me privately.

So, just to finish this off because I've recently got really hooked into Touhou (On that note, I'm uploading my favorite Touhou themes to Tumblr almost daily), I guess I'll link another video, but this time not Touhou related, but the opening to my currently favorite anime of all time.

As well as one of the funniest scenes in the entire anime, it doesn't take long either.

Well, that's all from me, Nichijou is the best shit I've watched in a long time, hope you guys try it out. We'll see each other... I don't know, soon? No idea!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A generic scramble of life

Let me just make a quick list about the things I'll say before I forget them.

Minecraft, League of Legends, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Twitter, Tumblr, Real life.

Or something.

So anywho, greetings, it's been a long time and I still don't feel like typing a post, but when I think about how long it's been it just makes me sort of sad because I do want to keep you updated but on the other hand I think "Oh what's the point." That is also my general outlook on life.
But more on that later.

So I played Minecraft 1.8 Pre-release just the last few days, pretty neat, new features, cool, looks as awesome as ever and still gets boring as fast as always. I'm looking forward to 1.9, though, where they actually add NPCs.

LoL has always been a topic on my blog, I guess, well that's little to no surprise considering it's the game I play most. Riven is coming out tomorrow and Dominion was delayed YET ANOTHER TIME. Riot sure did its job crushing the hopes and dreams of their entire playerbase. Again.

On the note on games, I can't even list what I played. Did I mention Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Fuck, I think I didn't, man how long has it been already. It's an awesome game, very stealthy, yet allows you to decide if you're more of a friendly or more of an aggressive war-machine. The boss fights are plain stupid and ridiculous, except for the last one, which was, with all due respect, a fucking joke.

I feel like I should go into more detail about the games I play and the things I do because I personally think it's making my blog look really uninteresting. I mean I give no reviews, I don't talk much about the things, just casually mention them. I don't know, personally I find that sort of lame.

I also played Dead Island, you know, that new Zombie Survival game on a beach. Yeah it's cool, had some trouble getting the Multiplayer to work with some friends, will try to fix that to actually get into it, since all I've been doing is playing Singleplayer and that is sure to bore out after a while.

Twitter is also one of the best things ever happening to me, I've gotten so much into it, met so many new and nice people, I can discuss things, tell news, or just spout complete nonsense and at least someone is sure to read it and like it. I have amassed 85 followers by now, for me, that's a big leap that I was definetely not expecting to happen, or at least to happen this soon. I'm aiming for 100 this month, and the more I get, the easier it should be to gather more. I always was a very egocentric person as most of you already know, so it's a good feeling to see people being interested in me, I mean, literally seeing it. Here it's just "Yeah, uh, there were 40 people on your blog today" and I'm like "lolk" because I can't really control if those 40 gave a shit about what they saw here. With Twitter, they reply, they answer, they give their opinion, they hear my opinion, it's just a whole new level. I'm having a very similar experience with Tumblr, I've amassed a lot more followers, mainly through Twitter, and it's a good feeling to see people reblog stuff you've blogged, because it shows interest.

People may have noticed I have added a Twitter box and I have removed the playlist. Well the reason for Twitter is mighty obvious, as for, I became a tad scared about the legal rights, and about the problem with blogspot shutting this thing here down if they get a hold of it. So I'd rather just try to find something else instead of risking my entire blog.

So yeah, that "work" I go to everyday is as unfulfilling as always. I mean at least it helps me have a rythm in life, it helps me to become less lazy, helps me to hopefully find an interesting job for me. I've accepted my position in life, or at least I'm a lot more comfortable than I used to be now. I guess that's good or something. Met a bunch of new people, too. As in, real life people (Although I also met many online people, too), but what's more is, that those real life people actually are, at least partly, like me! I mean, they watch anime, some play games (Other than Counter Strike and World of Warcraft hurr durr, in actuality, League of Legends), and they understand and respect my general idea of life! Or at least they try!

I guess it's okay, for now. My life that is. Although we're still having money issues, the money I get from going to "work" really helps out as a backup safe. And I can actually buy stuff without having bad feelings about it! Although, still, I have to limit myself most of the time and pass.

Suddenly I also feel like I have so much to do and so less time. I mean there's Twitter, Tumblr, games, girlfriend, Skype, the internet, my story (which, admittedly, I haven't written on for ages, but I still think about it) and yeah, it's sort of hard to decide what I should do. I mean, spending time with Lena is a must, Twitter is very addicting and time-consuming, so I have to be careful when to use it, Tumblr is only useable when people posted stuff, Skype is literally just as time-consuming as Twitter as I'm in a chat which spams messages every now and then, and the internet is still a place I tend to enjoy lots. So usually what happens is that I play less. A lot less. Apparently, though. I don't know, life is still very dull, however not as dull as it used to be.

Hah! See! I just wanted to finish talking, so when I scrolled up to check the picture, I saw I still haven't mentioned Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, which... essentially means the very same. So I've watched it, yeah, and I have to say it's just as awesome as I always expected, moreso, it's one of the best animes I watched in a very long time. It's very brutal and the storyline is amazing, I'm currently stuck at episode 10 because I have this syndrome where I rarely watch once I near the end of an anime. It's so painful!

Also I have Katalasticism. Not diagnosed, however, pretty obvious for everyone to see. It mixes right in with my high amount of childish behaviour despite my age. Which, kind of makes me a little sad when I think about it. It's funny how you guys never experience any of that, unless you know me outside of this blog!

Also, a random music video because I feel like it.

Those are my two favorite themes of the new Touhou game, right after Mamizou, obviously. I also like Toyosatomimi's appearance, and I can't help but to imagine her as the nemesis of Youmu. (You know, both wield swords of all characters)

Oh well!

I guess that's all I have for today, I will really, really try to post more! Keep it up everyone, and I'll see you next time.

P.S. : The picture I used for this blog is from an amazing artist I found, which name I already forgot, but which I credited on Tumblr so you can scroll through my posts there to see more of him, that aside, expect to see more of him on this very blog! Or her, I don't know!