Friday, November 18, 2011

That wretched life of mine

Hey, y'all.

It's been a long time since my last post. How have you all been? I sure hope you've been alright.

I haven't.

There's actually happened so much stuff between that I'm having a very hard time thinking back. I'll have to reread my last post to see what I've already said and what I haven't, but later.

I'm close to actually getting a job soon, but that still stands in the stars, I haven't heard anything new and at "work" it's also just been a constant sitting around, doing nothing. I've had really bad headaches today, tension headaches, which lead to the fact that I have now an appointment at a neurologist. Well at least my constant cold seems to have neutralized itself.

I've played quite some games, I guess. I can't remember. I think Sequence, Sonic Generations and L.A. Noire. Aside from Skyrim of course. Sequence is a pretty cool, very original role playing rythm game, you should check it out, costs less than 5 Dollars as far as I know. Sonic Generations is probably as of now the most hyped Sonic game ever, and with good reason. Not only is it incredibly fun like any other Sonic game up until now, it even features the reworked older 2D Sonic maps which many have been missing. I really liked it. And for L.A. Noire I have waited almost half a year, since it wasn't released on PC. But now that it is, it's great, amazing, and fun, but I haven't finished it because Skyrim got in the way. Skyrim is probably the longest role-playing game I have ever played in my entire life. I think it's safe to say I have spent more than 72 hours (!) into it and I haven't finished all side- nor the main quests. It's incredibly addicting and but it isn't repetitive at all since there's so much quests, and not just "Be a dear and go fetch me 20 wolf pelts", no, actual fully scripted side quests that feel more fulfilling than the main quest at some points. But not to get too much into it, I'm sure it's hyped enough already, and I'm just saying you all should check it out.

I've finally finished Nichijou a few hours ago. It feels good to finally have that behind me, but now I'll have a problem deciding which anime to start and finish again. Also I've finally finished Homestuck, but that was also weeks ago. I'm still in love with it as I've always been, it's simply the greatest story I have ever experienced, nothing that I've read or seen was quite like it. I don't mean to convert anyone of you, since I've already tried that, but you should, and by that I really mean should, at least read Act 1 of it before you even dare to judge it. Act 6 has just started a while ago and the hype just doesn't stop. Everyday I feel myself thrilled in awaiting of the next page.

Since I'm such a big fan, though, I'll let you have a shorter trailer, and not 13 minutes like the last one.

Now, to my life I guess. I've recently had a bad fight with Shade and after that with Sam, which lead to the fact that both of them deleted and blocked me for good now. Why? Well it's a little awkward discussing that in the open, especially since it might very well be misunderstood by a great many of you, but let's get down to business. Mirodir has a girlfriend, or has had one, I'm not sure if they are together anymore, but let's start there. Mirodir has always been my best friend, and by that, I mean that we both care for each other. Now, his girlfriend is no good for him, I think I've told him that, and I think he may know that, but yet he stays like a loyal dog out of the sewers and worships her. In the past, she's already broken his trust, I think more than once but I'm a little vague on that, however it was clear that this can not be a lasting relationship. So when I had the chance to talk to her, I became to know her. Let's just say I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by her intellect, but aside from that, I guess she was nice to talk to. It was that time when I had the idea of testing her faith by flirting with her, of course I had no real interest since I have a loving girlfriend already, but she of course did not know that, and didn't exactly say no right off the bat. One thing came to the other, we talked some more, she said she'd think about it and the night ended. Now, I would've told my girlfriend as well as Mirodir about the plan of this, but both were already offline. So the next say, I'd say shit exploded. She told Mirodir about this, of course Mirodir didn't believe me when I said I was just testing her (Although he did say he believes me but he didn't act the part), and my girlfriend was utterly shattered about the fact that I didn't tell her about this (But as I've said I would've, but was unable to). So we had a big fight, all of us, Sam talked to me when I flipped out and went offline, she was curious so she asked my girlfriend, girlfriend tells Sam the story, Sam tells the story Shade. I'm but all too sure that during this happy mail delivery a few details may have gone missing, which also explained why Shade flipped her shit at me when I made a joke at her (That joke being "You sure have a lot of money" when she played Skyrim right at the release). So we fought, and I guess I bitched back when she bitched at me about this whole situation, and since the past between me and Shade wasn't all too rosy, she said "Fuck this" and blocked me (Later stating I do not deserve another chance when I talked to friends to ask her how she's faring) but alright, continuing. So I was mad, and went ahead and bitched at Sam for telling Shade, which led to Sam being pissed off and blocking me as well. So I went to another friend of them, which I actually got to know more than I had, namely Dale, out of confusion I may have accidently stirred shit up some more, and Dale blocked me as well. Later on, Miro still couldn't shut the fuck up about the matter with his girlfriend towards my girlfriend saying things like (Hurr hurr Rio is such a bad friend don't you want to see the log) when I've already pasted her the entire log of Skype (The log he had was of Chatango, which quite honestly, didn't exactly change the whole thing) so me and my girlfriend fought because I said that I hate how Miro can't shut up, so out of anger at Mirodir for yet again causing fights between me and my girlfriend (Yes we'll all remember the posts I have made about this with my past relationship, it's all in this blog), I went ahead and got rid off Miro, in all messengers I could think of. Now that I think about it I may have forgotten about Skype, I'll check on it later.

So there you have it, that's the story that's happened, that's what's been driving me insane the last week, because as you all know, Shade was a very important friend of mine, and it really hurt losing her. Sam was a pretty good friend as well, but with her I can at least understand it because I wasn't nice to her as of late.

I'm not sure what I'll do exactly, I'm still left to wait. I haven't given up on them, but I understand it'll take time more than anything. I'll have to rework the banners on the side as well, but that can wait. Kumiko has a blog now, and I'd like Dale to get more attention once we've resolved the issue, so a complete list of links will probably be Shade, Dale, Kumiko, Sam and my girlfriend. But, again, that requires us all to hang out again, as well as a little thought on the matter.

Suppose that's all I have for now, I'll let you know if anything urgent comes up. Until then, stay sharp.

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